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Bad Girlfriend Episode 4 Release Date: How Will Ji Soo Handle Office Romance With Her Two Boyfriends?

Bad Girlfriend Episode 4
Bad Girlfriend Episode 4

Bad Girlfriend Episode 4 is coming soon to start a new chapter of Yang Ji Soo’s double love life! The latest episode has finally initiated the main plotline. It shows how Yang Ji Soo simultaneously harbors feelings for her team leader Yoon Tae Oh and coffee shop part-timer Moon Ji Ho. However, unlike her previous relationships, this time is different. After all, her feelings for both male leads nowhere near where she can choose only one of them. And hence, Yang Ji Soo decides to do what her heart wants!

Besides her love dilemma, the drama shows a glimpse of Yang Ji Soo’s past relationships. From the beginning, she used to be the center of attention. Thus, she used to have boys fall for her. However, her present relationship with Yoon Tae Oh and Moon Ji Ho is different. Yang Ji Soo knows that what she is doing is inappropriate. Nevertheless, she accepts both male leads’ feelings. Since this is the main storyline, we will see how Yang Ji Soo navigates her work life and relationship with her two boyfriends in Bad Girlfriend Episode 4!

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Recap Of Ep 3 – Ji Ho Joins Ji Soo’s Workplace

Episode 3 of Bad Girlfriend reveals how Yang Ji Soo’s love life turns in a new direction. This new chapter begins with her team leader Yoon Tae Oh and part-timer Moon Ji Ho confessing their feelings. However, a twist occurs when Yang Ji Soo accepts both male leads’ feelings and begins dating both simultaneously. There is nothing wrong with being in multiple relationships, but the problem lies when one hides the truth. And that’s what Yang Ji Soo does this time.

Bad Girlfriend Episode 3 recap

Ep 3 featuring Ji Soo, Tae Ho and Ji Ho

Instead of sharing her true nature and letting them decide, Yang Ji Soo accepts Yoon Tae Oh and Moon Ji Ho’s proposals. Therefore, Episode 3 shows how Yang Ji Soo begins her two relationships. During office hours, she becomes Yoon Tae Oh’s girlfriend, and during off-hours, she becomes Moon Ji Ho’s girlfriend. However, the truth can’t be hidden for long. Yang Ji Soo finally understands the severity of her situation by seeing Moon Ji Ho at her workplace. It seems Yang Ji Soo’s double office romance is ready to take place since it turns out Moon Ji Ho is the new designer she will be working with. Hence, with this new revelation, how will Yang Ji Soo continue her double trouble in Episode 4 of Bad Girlfriend?

What To Expect In Ep 4?

After seeing Moon Ji Ho joining Yang Ji Soo’s company, there is much more to look forward to in Bad Girlfriend Episode 4! Finally, Yang Ji Soo will see the gravity of her two-timing relationships. Her non-exist problems will emerge since she will work with her current boyfriends, Yoon Tae Oh and Moon Ji Ho. Since it’s a 12-episode series, it’s too early to reveal her two-timing relationship. Therefore, the upcoming episode will probably focus on how Yang Ji Soo finds a way to deal with her boyfriends. Maybe she will seek help from her best friend, Kwak Hyeon Hoo. Thus, it will be interesting to see how Yang Ji Soo handles her newly formed relationships with both boyfriends working at the same place!

Bad Girlfriend Episode 4 release date

Ji Ho joining Ji Soo’s company and meeting Tae Oh

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Bad Girlfriend Episode 4 Release Date

Bad Girlfriend Episode 4 will be released on 14 July 2022 at 6 pm KST on KOKTV YouTube. Finally, the drama is ready to start the central plotline. Therefore, in the upcoming episode, we will see what Yang Ji Soo will do after knowing Moon Ji Soo joins her company? Thus, to see how Yang Ji Soo handles her tangled office romance, watch new episodes of Bad Girlfriend every Tuesday and Thursday!

Watch Bad Girlfriend Korean Drama Ep 4 With Eng Sub Online – Streaming Details

The South Korean drama Bad Girlfriend is broadcasting on KOKTV YouTube and Naver TV at 6 pm KST for South Korean viewers. In other countries, Ep 4 will be out on the same day at 6 am in the USA, 3 pm in the UK, 2:30 pm in India, and 7 pm in Australia. Besides, the drama is available on Rakuten Viki with English Subtitles for international viewers.

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