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Behind Every Star Episode 11: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Behind Every Star Episode 10 recap
Behind Every Star Episode 11: Release Date

The release date for Behind Every Star episode 11 is close, and the show’s followers are ready to learn more about the details. We will recap the show’s latest episode for the fans who missed the recent one before jumping to Behind Every Star episode 11’s release date and streaming guide. “After playing a very well-liked character in Squid Game, Ryung has suffered acrophobia.”

This is a problem because Na PD’s one piece of information about his upcoming highest project indicated that Joo would be placed at a high altitude. Joong tries to help her overcome her anxiety via counseling and virtual world games. Still, they do not even make much progress other than identifying the cause of her irrational fear of career inadequacy that she unconsciously equates with her famous death scene.

At the same time, Hyun gets bored with getting into the Korean movie industry, which puts an end to Je-relentless’s pursuit of him. To make matters worse, Hae-jun is great friends with Ah-Hyun and is more than eager to speak highly of Je-in. His assistance would make it impossible for her to succeed in the challenge Hae-jun set, and it would also be a source of pride for Je to bring Ah-Hyun to Methods Entertainment with her skills.

Behind Every Star Episode 10 recap

Jane, Ma and Kim from Behind Every Star Episode 10.

She does not need any Hae-jun to intervene like a hero in sparkling armor and carry out her wars in order to capture her interest and win her favor. For Ryung to connect with and speak with PD, Don also grudgingly goes to the opening. He swears he’ll try to prevent her from talking about the show and its traumatic experience while she’s there.

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Behind Every Star Episode 10 Recap

However, it is challenging because everyone wants to chat about her breakthrough role in the hugely popular show when they encounter her. Additionally, the fact that her co-star, Sung Tae, is the chairman of Methods Media and strangely resembles him doesn’t help the situation.

After becoming inebriated, Joo rescues a cat from a tree after Joong-don departs. She is imprisoned in the bush long enough to regain consciousness and recall her phobia of heights. She hangs there until Don persuades her to let go; physically and metaphorically, she believes that he will catch her.

Behind Every Star Episode 10 recap

Behind Every Star Episode 10 recap

She summons the courage to reveal her fears to Joong-don, though the touchdown isn’t as graceful in real life as in the VFX depiction of her psychological breakthrough. She was about to give up before Squid Game because she hadn’t gotten her big break and was worried that once she’d finished riding the current wave of success, she’d be forgotten.

As always, Joong-don gives her the comfort and reassurance she needs. Not only Joo-Ryung drank excessively on the night of the launch celebration. Je-in independently brought Ah to Methods Entertainment. Naturally, this results in a drinking competition, and Je-in becomes so drunk that she misidentifies Hae for Wookd when he mentions some additional beer goggles.

And she kisses him. After the kiss, Hae is so overjoyed that he instructs Tae-oh to lead the initiative with SY Studios, but Je-in is not pleased with her inebriated error. Fortunately, despite her headache, she recalls the kiss. “Je-in” believes D. Henney is the ideal choice for the lead role in the movie that SY Films and Methods Media has decided to co-produce.

Behind Every Star Episode 10 recap

Daniel from Behind Every Star Episode 10 recap.

Even so, Tae-oh seems uncannily hesitant to enlist Daniel in the venture. The producer does not have to deal with Henney. Tae-Oh admits to Hyun that he is to blame. Hyun, caught in the crossfire between Je and her dad, chooses Tae-Oh’s side and works to prevent a meeting between Daniel and Min-Su.

Behind Every Star Episode 11 Release Date

Behind Every Star episode 11’s release date is Monday, December 12, 2022. Behind Every Star episode, 11 will air on tvN at approx.—10:30 pm KST in South Korea. However, viewers staying in another nation can stream Behind Every Star episode 11 at nearly 7 pm IST, 12.30 am AEDT (December 13), 8.30 am EST,  5.30 am PT, and 1.30 pm BST.

Behind Every Star Episode 11: How To Watch

Behind Every Star Episode, 11 will be telecast on the channel mentioned earlier for korean audiences. The fans must cross-check their local area hours with those specified here to stream Behind Every Star Episode 11 with Viki.

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