Mashle: Magic And Muscles Chapter 131 Release Date: The Mysterious Warrior Who Uses The Greatest Creation In All of Humankind

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Mashle: Magic And Muscles Chapter 131
Mashle: Magic And Muscles Chapter 131

Mashle: Magic And Muscles Chapter 131 reveals Doom vs. Mald’s mystery. Rayne and Finn rose to help Mald after realizing that Doom had emerged from the ground after Mald used sand to bury him. Kaldo, Lemon, and the talking robot are yet to arrive at the battle room. Kaldo is struggling with turning the key, but he is too close. He realizes that using some pace will take them an hour. 

The chapter begins with Kaldo figuring out how to turn the key in an hour. If he fails to turn the key in before an hour, many things will be destroyed. Kaldo hopes everyone holds on a little longer since it might take him time to turn the key. Doom is yet to use 50% of his power since he has revealed that he is using 16% of his power.

The battle get intensifies inside the battle room, where 3v1 begins. Doom has no worries that the trio believes that they can defeat him. Mald gets in the middle while Rayne and Finn cover his left and right side. The trio points magic sticks toward Doom, who is not surprised. Doom wonders if they are playing a magic game since they are using a magic stick that does not affect him.

He summons a Giant Razor Blade and flat mid-air. Doom looks at the trio as if he is looking at insects. He realizes that the trio must be punished for their sins since they have buried his brother, and he can’t tolerate anyone beating his brothers.

Mashle: Magic And Muscles Chapter 131

Mald realizes something, and Rayne notice that Doom has summoned an X. Mald wonders why Doom has summoned that weapon and tells the two that they wil flank Doom. He realizes he has seen something that might help them expose Dom’s weakness. 

Previously on Mashle: Magic And Muscles Chapter 130

Doom moved from above and clashed with Mald in mid-air, but they both got pushed back due to the pressure of their attacks. Rayne appears above Doom and sends flying swords. Doom notices the rain of swords, but he decides not to dodge them since his body is imbued with magic that makes it hard as steel. He chose the gap between his legs, and Mald appeared behind him.

Mald realizes that he is in Doom’s blind spot and believes that he will ko Doom in a blink of an ayes. But before Mald even moved, Doom wielded a Giant Razor Blade that almost cut Mald’s head. Mald was lucky since he predicted the attack before in landed and dodged in the nick of time. Rayne attacks and Mald manages to move away from the danger zone.

They realize that Doom is protected at an angle of 360 degrees, and if one gets in that zone, one will get destroyed. Mald continues to use sand attacks against Doom. But Doom appears above Mald’s head, who realizes that a single slash will kill him. Mald had an option and jump, and the Giant Razor Blad cut the ground in half.

He admits that Doom is fast, but they must not let Doom close the distance between them, or they will die before they even make Doom bleed. Finn realizes that Doom is planning to kill Mald, and he is not interested in him and Rayne. Doom wants to kill Mald since he poses a threat to the trio.

Rayne falls into a trap, and Doom grabs Rayne’s hands. Rayne receives a giant punch that destroys his face and begins to nosebleed. Finn helps Rayne escape danger, but they both get sent flying with a single slap. Mald interferes to help and stop Finn and Rayne from getting injured. Rayne realizes that Doom is dangerous, and he manages to maneuver them into his mark.

He admits that attacking Dom from different sides is not working since Doom always punishes them with heavy strikes. Mald wanted to say something, but he blocked an attack meant to kill Rayne. Mald admits that Doom is too strong since he has yet to break a sweat, even if it is a 3v1. He realizes their magic is drained from fighting, and the odds are stacked against them.

Mashle: Magic And Muscles Chapter 131
Mashle: Magic And Muscles

Doom looks at Mald, who asks if he is done. But they heard someone praising them that they had worked hard. Mald tells the mysterious warrior that he arrives late. The mysterious warrior tells Mald not to worry since he has arrived to settle the score with Doom. The mysterious warrior is revealed to be Ryoh Gran, who uses the greatest creation in all of humankind.

Mashle: Magic And Muscles Chapter 131 Release Date

Mashle: Magic And Muscles Chapter 131 will be released on 6 November 2022. Doom is impressed by Ryoh’s introduction since Ryo is the first guy to smash his face. Ryoh thanks Doom for the compliment since it makes him shine even brighter. Check out Mashle: Magic And Muscles Chapter 131 updates below. 

Read Mashle: Magic And Muscles Chapter 131 Online – Raw Details

You can read Mashle: Magic And Muscles Chapter 131 online on Viz and Mangalus. Ryoh vs. Doom continues in the next chapter of Mashle: Magic And Muscles. Doom realizes that a real challenge has arrived and is in a great battle. Let’s meet after Mashle: Magic And Muscles Chapter 131 is released. 

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