My School President Episode 9: Release Date, Spoilers & How to Watch

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My School President Episode 9 Release Date
Gunn During His Musical Performance (Credit: GMM TV)

The release date of My School President Episode 9 is near. Fans are highly excited to see what this romantic Thai drama has in store for them to enhance their glee this time. As everyone has already anticipated the plot of the next episode, find all the details on the release date and streaming guide here.

Released in December 2022, My School President is a perfect blend of compassionate love and faithful friendships. As Thai dramas always top the list when it comes to watching the best Asian BL dramas, even My School President has received deserving love from all around the world. So, what is this drama about?

My School President follows the story of the protagonists Tin and Gun, the boys with totally different personas who eventually fall in love with each other after having to spend some time together.

Tin is the president of a prestigious school in Thailand which earns all the honour because of the highly productive school clubs it owns. Tin gets appointed the work to oversee the functioning of all the extracurricular clubs representing the school and for the ones that do not function well, Tin gets the authority to discontinue them.

There is one club in the school that does not add any value to the school’s prestige which is the Chinzilla music club. Gun is a member of that club who has the utmost love for music. He tries his best the enhance the group’s capabilities to win the competitions but always fails.

Tin discovers this not so well performing group and tries to cease it. However, Gun who knows that his group can do well if given a chance becomes Tin’s servant in exchange for a last chance to perform well. Gun who dislikes Tin with all his heart eventually falls for him. Their fate brings them together but they encounter many hurdles that keep them away from each other.

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Eight episodes of My School President have already been aired and fans cannot wait for the next episode to release. stay till the end of this post with us If you want to know everything about the upcoming episode of My School President.

My School President Episode 8 – Recap

As we are already aware that Chinzilla, Gun’s music club has to perform well in the competition to keep representing the school in competitions, Episode 8 begins with all the club members practising diligently a week before the competition, however, Tin barges in between and asks every member but Gun to wait outside of the studio.

As very few people know that Gun and Tin are dating, everyone from Gun’s group thinks that Tin is going to punish Gun however he apologises to Gun for barging into their practice as other students of the school report the noise that they make in the music studio after 6 PM, which is prohibited.

My School President Episode 8
A Still From My School President Episode 8: Gun offers Tin to do anything for him in exchange for Night Stay at School (Credit: GMM TV)

Gun flirts with Tin to seek permission from the principal to practice even at night as it is allowed for other school clubs as well. As a result, Gun puts an amazing offer of doing anything that Tin would ask for if he succeeds in getting approval from his mom about Chinzilla’s night stay.

Tin gathers his courage and visits his principal mother to sign the approval papers. After a small debate, she signs the papers, only on the condition that Tin would supervise them at night. Tin feels ecstatic to watch Gun singing all night.

While Tin and Gun spend a romantic time in the swimming pool after Gunn gets mad at his team members for not performing well during the practice, Tin’s mom arrives at school to check up on the music group and Tin. Tin and Gun manage to escape before getting caught near the pool.

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Gunn and Tinn - My School President
Tin and Gun Spend Time Near Pool (Credit: GMM TV)

Tin and Gun spend the night together eating pork with friends, talking and dreaming about winning the Hot Wave music competition. However, Gun feels sad when he gets to know that Tin is not going to attend his competition because of the important meeting that his mom sets for him. Gun subsequently understands Tin’s career goals and wishes him the best.

The next day during the competition, Gun’s eyes look for Tin in the audience, and out of nowhere Tin arrives during the performance, baffling Gun and encouraging him to perform at his best. In the end, we see Tin and Gun sharing an adorable forehead kiss and hugging each other romantically.

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My School President Episode 9 – Release Date

The end that no one expected at all! Fans could finally see things moving forward between Tin and Gun. No one knows what is going to happen next but what we can know is the exact time and date when the latest episode of My School President is going to release. So, follow the watching guide given below to know when exactly the show is going to release in your region.

My School President Episode 8
A Still from My School President Episode 8: Protagonists Share a Hug (Credit: GMM TV)

My School President Episode 9 is Scheduled to release on Tuesday, 3rd February 2023, at 10.00 AM on GMM TV in Thailand. Follow the guide given below to know the release date and time in your region.

  • Eastern Time: 2nd February 2023, Monday, 10:00 PM
  • Pacific Time: 2nd February 2023, Monday, 07:00 PM
  • Indian Time: 3rd February 2023, Tuesday, 08:30 AM
  • Korean Time: 3rd February 2023, Tuesday, 12:00 PM
  • Japanese Time: 3rd February 2023, Tuesday, 12:00 PM

My School President Episode 9 – How To Watch

My School President will air in a total of 12 parts of which 8 parts have already been aired. The drama airs every Tuesday on GMM TV in Thailand with an approximate run time of 60 minutes. Those who live in Thailand and have access to GMM TV can directly watch the drama on TV at the time mentioned above.

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If you do not have any access to Thailand’s local TV channels, no need to worry because My School president will also be available on GMM TV’s official YouTube channel after a day of its release. So you can stream all the previous episodes and the upcoming episodes online for free on YouTube. Additionally, Bilibili has also made available all the released episodes for fans to stream.

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