Who is Camila Cabello’s Boyfriend in 2022?

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who is camila cabello dating in 2022
Who is Camila Cebello dating in 2022

Celebrity gossip and love life have been always everyone’s favorite topics. We all get curious to know who our favorite celebrity is hooked up to. Who they are dating? What is it that is trending about them and why? Here we are right back with one of everyone’s favorite topics celebrity gossip and love life. Over the few days, American singer and one of everyone’s favorites, Camila Cabello, has been much talk.  No, no, not for her upcoming album or her new song but for her personal life. Her fans and followers are all excited to know who the pop singer has been dating recently this year. Here in this article, we have answers to all the questions about who Camila Cabello is dating in 2022. 

Before we jump to get to know about Cabello’s love life, let’s have a look at her earlier life in deep. Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao known mostly as Camila Cabello was born on March 03, 1997 in Cojimar,Havana, Cuba. She is the daughter of Alejandro Cabello and Sinuhe Estrabao. She was brought up in the town of Cojimar in East Havana. Her father, who was born a Mexican, had moved to Cuba from Mexico. Camila has a younger sister named Sofia. Her family kept moving between Havana and Mexico and later finally moved to Miami, Florida, in United Nations. The family later obtained American citizenship in the year 2008.  She later attended the Miami Palmetto High School. When she reached the 9th grade, she left her school and studies to pursue her singing career.

Camila Cabello career 

Cabello took off with her career in the year 2012 through the show The X Factor in Greensboro, North Carolina, with Aretha Franklin’s Respect. Similarly, like her career, Camelia is doing extremely well in her personal life too. Camelia Cabello’s love life is quite interesting. It’s a series of several well-known names and personalities, starting from Shawn Mendes to Austin Kevitch. Before we jump to know who Camila Cabello is dating in 2022, let us have a look at her past relationships and dating history.

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Camila Cabello with Shawn Mendes

Camila Cabello’s past relationship 

Back in 2019, Camila Cabello dated well-known singer Shawn Mendes. They dated for almost two long years before they broke up in November 2021. Before the duo got into a relationship, they shared a beautiful unbreakable friendship. After years of friendship, they kickstarted dating. Unfortunately, they couldn’t go a long way together and broke up after dating for almost two years. They took it to their respective social media handles to declare their breakup.  Though the romantic relationship between the duo didn’t work and they couldn’t go a long way, they still made great friends together. Even after they broke up, they decided to be friends. After their breakup, both Shawn and Camila had music as their only emotional outlet.

who is camila cabello dating in 2022
who is Camila Cabello dating in 2022

Who is Camila Cabello dating in 2022

Recently this year, Camila sparked dating rumors with dating app CEO Austin Kevitch. Recently the two have been captured hand in hand. On August 6, this year, the two were spotted together cozily. Camila’s boyfriend, Austin Kevin, is the CEO of a private dating app, namely Lox Club in Los Angeles. Austin and Camila had few mutual friends. The two met each other through mutual friends. It was Austin who asked his friends to set him up with the 25-year-old Camila. In the photo where the couple has been spotted hand in hand.  In the photos, at a point, Camila was spotted kissing Austin’s cheeks and caressing his face.

Camila Cabello’s current boyfriend, Austin Kevin, is a founder of a dating app titled Lox Club. He came up with the app in the year 2020. He came up with dating apps to help people find love in non-cringe. Only the members can avail of the services. In December 2020, when Austin spoke about his app with vogue, he said that he came up with the dating app as a joke. He just came up with the app and was surprised when he received thousands of applications for the app. He was also surprised personally because he had never opened any dating apps ever but came up with his own.

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