Where Does the Word ‘Jedi’ Come From? The Star Wars Term Explained

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The word “Jedi” is used more often today and was incorporated into the Oxford English Dictionary in January 2021 after the release of the “Star Wars” movie in 2019. It could be said that the word came into use from the movie itself. The word is used to describe a person who is a warrior. These warriors were famous in Greek Mythology which was aired as a series during the last 20th and early 21st centuries.

These series later became very popular because of these heroes known as “Jedi”. The series was also made in the form of cartoons and animations to draw the young generation’s attention to them. Jedi was initially used to describe long robes or concentrated galers. But over time, the meaning had evolved.

Where Did The Word Come From?

Every word that is used in our day-to-day lives has evolved from languages known or unknown to us. There were many languages during the Mediaeval Era or during the Norman Conquest, which has given us an entire range of words to seek.

Jedi as shown in The Star Wars
Jedi as shown in The Star Wars

Many writers or authors during those times simplified the words which were not written in any easy language. Those simplified words have been used by people for day-to-day speech.

Similarly, the word “Jedi” which seems to be heard for the first time in the Star War movies, is actually a word derived from the Japanese Language. The word is usually pronounced in the Japanese Language as “jidai-geki” which usually means period dramas.

Jedi can be termed today as a person who is extremely skilled at something, and reference can be taken from the Stat War movies. They can also be called as knights who fight for good and against evil to protect well.

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What Does The Word Actually Mean?

Well, with a lot of research and references, the word Jedi can be classified as a group of people. As seen in the movie of “Star War Galaxy,” it is termed to the people who are the guardians or protectors of justice and law and are very self-disciplined. The meaning had derived from the Japanese word itself, which meant the same.

Jedi in The Star Wars
Jedi in The Star Wars

George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, explains the term Jedi as “warrior monks who keep the universe in peace” without trying to be involved in violence until and unless it is the very necessity that has to be taken as last.

As in the Old Republic Era, the work of the Jedi was to bring peace into the galaxy and ensure that no crime was taking place or no hindrance was produced in the peacefulness of the galaxy.

What Was The Work Of The “Jedis” ?

The Jedi had their own moral values and systems, which said they shouldn’t be afraid as that leads to suffering. They justified it by saying fear gives birth to anger which leads to hate, and ultimately that hate leads to suffering. 

To this statement of theirs, they say that too many of these negative emotions would take away or swap ways of the people proclaimed as Jedi from their light side, from the side of their brightness to dark and bitterness.

Jedi symbol
Jedi symbol

Their sole intention should be to protect and defend the universe or the people all life and to make good use of their powers and skills for positive intentions and not for any negative ways. They should use their knowledge and power for good reasons only, which will benefit others.

Jedi’s real existence:

Well, as per known now, we can say it is a Japanese word representing the manly guardian-like figure and that the word first existence came into light with the Star War movie, after which there rose questions as to where the word came from.

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The word means the same in whichever language or origin we verify it from. Generally, a figure to protect the entire universe. The reference of the word is fictional, which has been derived from the inspiration of Greek Mythology and thus has been used in the same notion to date.

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