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Gap The Series Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Gap The Series Episode 10 trailer
Gap The Series Episode 10: Release Date

The air date for Episode 10 of Gap The Series is out, guys, and you don’t have to wait to learn about the same. Fans of the Girls above’ Love series, you’ve come to the right place as we’ll be revealing the release date and viewing information for Gap The Series Episode 10. Per our custom, a review of the previous episode is required, so here it is.

Everyone new to the program needs to be aware. A constant stream of incidents marks Mon and Sam’s friendship. However, given the previous struggles the two have had and the impending finish of the show, it is critical to assess their current romantic relationship. It was worth waiting for when they made their love known to the world.

A recap of episode 9 of GAP The Series

The ninth episode picks up where the last left off, with Mon stunned as Kirk proposes to Sam at the wedding. Sam watches her shed many tears before turning his head away. She then makes her way to Mon’s house, stops, and tries vainly to ring his doorstep.

Gap The Series Episode 10 trailer

Gap The Series Episode 9’s recap.

Mon continues to think about Sam after arriving at the office the next day to find it empty. She also receives a pleasant surprise from a coworker who commends her for attaining a significant career milestone. Sam’s absence from the office has been reported to Mon.

Sam tells Mon to go after she calls to see if she’s okay. The next day, however, Sam fires Mon for meeting the goals, shocking everyone in the office. Sam grants Mon another extension after another employee tells her she only has 24 hours remaining.

Yuki, Tee, Jim & Kade console a heartbroken Mon. Mon’s friends try to aid her and phone Sam to see what is happening among them. They claim that Mon could have been fantastic at Tee’s company to make Sam jealous; Sam responds that he can’t recruit Mon and then departs. Mon prepares to bid Sam go and thanks her for being her inspiration.

Gap The Series Episode 10 trailer

Gap The Series Episode 9’s recap.

Sam adds that they must stay in the present because she is no longer minimizing Mon, which doubts Mon’s genuine identity. In any event, Mon says she’s decided to stop. Sam confronts her and says she doesn’t hate her; she likes her.

They started a conversation in the cafe and agreed to go on dates after professing their feelings. With a hug, the discussion came to a lovely end. However, their pals keep them updated on their relationship’s current challenges.

Gap The Series Episode 10 Release Date

The most current episode of GAP The Series, the cutest sentimental Thai drama series, will be shown on your TVs soon. Gap The Series Episode 10 will release on January 28, 2023, at 10:00 am EST,

Channel 3 Channel in Thailand will broadcast the GAP Series episode. The said show or GAP The Series episode lasts approximately 55 minutes.

Gap The Series Episode 10 trailer

Gap The Series Episode 9’s main cast.

Starting at 0:00 am ET in the US, 3:30 pm GMT in the UK, 11:30 am NT in Canada, 8:30 pm IST in India, and 2:00 am AEDT the following day in Australia, viewers can follow the series live. To find it out when it shows debuts in your area, check the schedule.

GAP The Series Episode 10: Where and How to Watch

The most recent episodes of GAP The Series debuted on Broadcaster 3, the primary Thai channel. The easiest place to view the show is on the IdolFactory Youtube page, @IDOLFACTORY. Each episode of the show is available on the channel in various sections.

Each episode contains four segments in its screenplay and narration, which is quite useful. But if you sign up for GMM One, you might also watch it there. Consequently, there are numerous ways to stay up to date on the show, so make sure to. Happy streaming!

Who will feature in the ninth episode of GAP the series?

Becky Armstrong will mostly portray Mon, and Freen Sarcha Chankim will portray Sam. The only characters on whom the story centers are the two main protagonists. Heng Asavarid will portray Kirk (in a side role).

Irin Urassay will portray Yuki in a few significant parts. Chompoo Potid will play Song, while Saros Nekkham will play the supporting role of Nueng. Noey Natnicha would additionally serve Nueng at this time. 

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