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How to Watch The Forbidden Door Online?

How to Watch the Forbidden Door when it was released in 2009 and in cinemas? Well, here we have wrapped up all the details about the film including where you can watch it right now in 2022. The show employs the elements of psychology and thrill. Joko Anwar has directed this tale. The inspiration for the plot came from the novel written by Sekar Ayu Asamara. As for the box office results in Indonesia, the film did not perform well.

But internationally, the concept of the story gave rise to many critical acclaims. Some even claimed that The Forbidden Door is a project of which directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Pedro Almodovar would be insanely proud of.

The film revolves around Gambir. He makes sculptors of pregnant women. He is married but is having an affair with Talyda Sasonhko. She gets pregnant after the two develop relations with each other. After aborting the child, Gambir becomes very emotional for the baby that he had lost.

Thus, he takes the fetus and takes it to his studio. He cuts one of the bellies of his sculptors and puts it inside of his body. He also names the baby Arjasa so that the art would look real. Talyda and Gambir both marry later in the movie. More of the plot is described in the plot section of the article.

How to Watch The Forbidden Door Online?

A still of Gambir and Talyda from The Forbidden Door

The Forbidden Door – Where to Watch

The Forbidden Door is available to watch on Netflix. All the fans can subscribe to the platform in order to watch the film. Netflix charges 9.99 dollars for a basic plan that can only be worked on mobile phones. The standard plan costs 15.99 dollars. Then we have the Premium plan costing 19.99 dollars every month.

Another way to watch the film is to buy it on demand. It is available on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Google Play for buying and renting.

The Forbidden Door – Plot 

After marrying Taylda, Gambir’s career takes off. Arjasa is his most popular work. Although, this destroys his mental health. He starts getting dreams and visions. Gambir is exhibiting his work at Jimmy’s art gallery. While facing all these issues, he confronts him about changing his art motif. To this, Jimmy replies that he can not do so or else the reality of Arjasa will be revealed. It might even result in him facing criminal charges.

A few days later, he finds out a door in their house. Although, Talyda tells him not to open this door or else a wave of melancholy will consume him and end their marriage. After this, he starts getting notes around the house. These messages ask him to help them and a location named Herosase.

One day, he sees his friend Dandung coming out of the Herosase building. He becomes a member of the firm. Although, Bandung does warn him that this place is not suitable for the weak people. When Gambir walks in, he comes across a little boy being violently abused by his parents. Other than that, there are videos all over that depict suicide and rape. When he asks Dandung about it, his friend replies that cameras are placed all over the place by the Herosase company. Although, nothing can be done for all these victims. The next day, Gambir gets to know that the boy has died and he starts feeling guilt all over again.

Ending Explained

When his sculptor exhibition begins, Gambir overhears a few members of the Herosase company talking about the boy. They assume that the parents of that boy have been paid by the company. They also think they saw a video of the mother drowning the kid hoping that he is going to die soon. But when Gambir himself goes to the Herosase building, he finds out the truth. The boy takes a big knife and kills the entire family including himself.

He comes across the channel list where his house is also enlisted. He sees Talyda having physical relations with Dandung as well as Rio. She also tells Jimmy to give fake praises to Gambir about his art, especially Arjasa. Gambir gets really furious about this all and kills them.

After the deed is done, he walks over to the door that Talyda told him not to open. Inside, he sees the room where the abused boy used to be. Actually, this was all his imagination from the past. He is admitted to a mental hospital where Gambir developed an alter ego who is a sculptor.

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