Ex Machina Ending Explained: How Did Caleb Fall For Ava?

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Ex Machina
Ex Machina

Ex Machina’s ending has twists to it, and we will explain it all. The film was released back in 2014. Alex Garland directed the movie. The story throws light on a computer programmer. He is taken into the service of a billionaire. The man is trying to build a human robot. He also tries to examine the thing and deduce if it has sentiments or not. Ex Machina was fairly successful among the watchers. It was made on a budget of 15 million dollars. Upon its release, the film grossed more than 36 million dollars around the world. It was even named one of the Best Independent films of the year and won an Academy Award for having the Best Visual Effects.

The cast of Ex Machina sees Domhall Gleeson reprising the role of Caleb Smith. When the film starts, this man is working as a programmer at the Blue Book. Blue Book is a search engine company which is owned by Nathan Bateman, whose character is enacted by Oscar Isaac. Then we see that Caleb wins a contest that awards him with a one-week visit to the house of the CEO of the company.

Nathan lives at his home with Kyoko, a servant. As described by his boss, Caleb understands that Kyoko does not speak English. When the two interact with each other, Nathan reveals about the robot he has been working on. Her name is Ava, and she has passed a variety of robotic tests. Although, he still wants to know if Ava is capable to have her own thoughts and feelings about various situations.

Ex Machina Ending Explained
A still from Ex Machina of Ava

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How Did Caleb Fall For Ava?

Ava is obviously a robot, but she is given the body and structure of a human woman. She only lives in her apartment. While Calen is staying and experimenting on her, he slowly starts to get romantically attached to her. Ava describes her feelings about going across the world and experiencing everything. Caleb, too has similar interests as he wants to explore the entire world. During one of their conversations, Ava tells Caleb that Nathan is not actually what he seems to be.

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Soon Caleb falls for Ava even more and starts helping her out. The ending is surely not what we expect it to be. Turns out, Nathan has been watching the two converse with a security camera powered by a battery. Caleb was selected for the project from the start in order to test Ava and whether or not she would be able to manipulate him or not which she has successfully done. Still, Caleb does not believe Nathan and tries to help Ava escape from the facility. Turns out, Kyoko is also an android. Nathan knocks Caleb unconscious and tries to seal Ava back into her apartment.

Ex Machina Ending Explained

Although, Kyoko and Ava attack Nathan and kill him. Kyoko is also damaged, and thus, Ava repairs herself by taking some of his parts and getting the skin of a real human woman. She then escapes the facility in a helicopter that was meant to take Caleb back home and locks the entire security system of the house.

This means that Nathan was right all along, and Caleb was just an experiment selected for his emotional nature. Caleb is now locked inside the facility, and we do not know what happens to him in the end. As for Ava, she flees to a beautiful and crowded city where she blends in with the crowd of people and starts living a normal life.

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