Aliens Area Chapter 21 Release Date: What Happens Next?

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Aliens Area Chapter 21

Aliens Area Chapter 21 has a lot to answer, as the last chapter ended incompletely. The series looked like it came to an abrupt end before it could take off. But it can’t be helped, and popularity is one of the biggest reasons that the manga series continue to get published. It is a double-edged sword for the mangaka, as popularity can make a series go from few to a lot.

The examples in the short stories growing big would be Fire Punch, Death Note, Naruto, and such. While the manga ending early due to lack of popularity would be Earthchild, a recent series that grew in popularity in the first few but came to an abrupt end after it stopped doing well.

There is also the third case where the manga is offered a few chapters to begin and wrap up quickly. This was the case with Fire Punch, but the series got so popular that it went on to have eight volumes. This is not the case with Aliens Area, as the series saw an abrupt end. But, given the sudden end of the story and little explanation about what will happen in the future, the story deserves to be finished.

Aliens Area Chapter 21
CC: Aliens Area Manga

Aliens Area Chapter 20 Recap

Aliens Area Chapter 20 saw the Earth Force coming to the full realization of how important it is to monitor the aliens and protect the earth. The force had been busy with their work since the beginning without any thought for what the aliens might do. It took a full-out war for them to open their eyes to the reality they have been reverting their eyes from. In a way, this is where the story was leading up to and has hinted since the beginning, but at the same time, it can’t be denied the ending is an improvised one.

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Aliens Area Chapter 21 Spoilers

Aliens Area Chapter 21, if it were to resume, would introduce us to a new set of characters as well as a new direction for the series. And as we have stated before, the manga just ended abruptly, leaving a lot to be desired. If the sales of manga volumes were to go high enough to demand a sequel to the series, maybe there is hope for there to be another chapter of the series. And the author is also said to be someone who was doing well as a beginner, so there is hope. But then again, it could also be true that they have moved on and are already working on a new series. If either of the two happens, we will inform you here.

Aliens Area Chapter 21
CC: Aliens Area Manga

Aliens Area Chapter 21 Release Date

Aliens Area Chapter 21 is not slated to release as the series marked its end with chapter 20. However, there can be a bonus chapter that could be made available in the final Tonkoban of the series, which could easily be chapter 21. The mangaka or the company will also announce when that happens. As seen in one of the more popular manga, Bakuman, the mangakas thrive on the sales of Tankoban more than anything else. And for those collected editions, they write extra stories where they have fewer limitations and more freedom on what they want to right.

Where to read Aliens Area Chapter 21?

Aliens Area Chapter 21 and the entirety of the series are available on Manga Plus. Though the story is finished( for the time being), you can opt to get the Tonkoban volumes, as they will contain chapter 21 of the series along with personal snippets from the author. You can also read this series on Viz

What is Aliens Area about?

Tatsumi Tatsunami spends his daily life doing hard labor at multiple jobs to feed his family or what remains of it. His parents passed away years ago, and with no one to look after his siblings, he took on the responsibility. His life is rough, but he has people he can count on, and they count on him. Alas, his hard but peaceful life is toppled as his body undergoes transmogrification, and he learns about the world that is hidden in plain sight.

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