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Anushka Sharma’s Before And After Face: Explained

Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma Before and After, Credits: DNA

Anushka Sharma has been and is, therefore, one of the most iconic stars within the Bollywood industry, but Anushka’s face has transformed a lot in the years of her career, now that she is perfect with her face and figure, but that wasn’t actually the case with her, her face drastically had undergone some major transformation.

This article will therefore take a look at the major transformation that this actress had to go through and the transformation of her face that nearly shocked the whole world when the whole internet was flooded with memes. Who doesn’t have heard about Anushka Sharma? He is the biggest Bollywood star, from PK to some of the biggest blockbusters that she has given in the arena of cinema.

She has always been in much greater news from her love life to the cosmetic surgeries that she undertook in her past career, but so far in Bollywood, she is called one of the most relatable and the most natural actresses in terms of the work that she has done over the years.

Let us take a look at this article in order to get some information regarding what Anushka Sharma’s face had to go through.

How Did Anushka Sharma’s Face Transform Before And After?

Anushka Sharma’s faces hugely transformation was a very talkative and very popular one; her fans had undergone a very drastic change and specifically when we talk about her lips, which went through a huge transformation and on which huge jokes and memes were also made.

But the question is, what exactly happened? Well, it was back in 2014 when Anushka Sharma showed up on Koffee with Karan and saw the difference that she had on her face was clearly visible; therefore, it was noticeable that she had done some things on her face since her lips looked very plumped up which earlier used to be very thin which raised a lot many questions in fans minds.

The fact that that moment became a very different one for Anushka itself; she therefore, had to undergo a lot of hate, bullying, and other things on social media and even became the victim of memes everywhere around; she became the topic of gossip.

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma, Credits: Bollywood Hungama

But after he appeared on the show, she herself clarified and broke down the various rumors that came up there at that time involving the surgery and some techniques that she used on the lips. She herself confirmed and claimed that because of her role in the film that she was doing at that time, she had to undergo surgery only for her look.

She even stated that she would never use it, and therefore she is also against using any cosmetic procedure to attain perfection. 

At that time, it was also clarified that apart from the transformation that she did on her lips, her whole face was changed; however, those clarifications never got a serious end, but so far now, she is perfect, and therefore her face now looks a lot in a good place than the way it was earlier times.

Why Did Anushka Sharma Take A Break From The Industry After 2018?

Anushka Sharma is currently one of the biggest and one of the highest ones also in the Industry, but the fact that in 2018, she undertook a break and so far after 2018 she is not seen in any film up till now, well, it definitely doesn’t mean that she has quit Bollywood.

Her recent motherhood journey and her pregnancy prove the fact that she has been holding her professional acting career so far, but also, at the same time, she is a huge buzz since she is shooting a lot of trending films. 

But so far, fans now are very excited about the comeback that Anushka will be having with some of her new films that were hugely going to be a blockbuster. 

anushka sharma before and after face

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, Credits: Indian Express

Why Did Anushka Sharma Transform Into A Spiritual Woman?

Anushka Sharma and her husband Virat Kohli recently went to Mahakaleshwar Temple, and thus many of their pictures have been circulating and therefore buzzing the internet.

With these pictures of both of them transforming into full devotees, fans have been convicted that the couple is hugely devoted and immensely religious and cultured when it comes to worship, considering their recent visit to Golden Temple.

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