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What Happened To Kurt Cobain? The Drain You Singer’s Tragic Death Cause

Drain You

Do you know how did Kurt Cobain die? Yes, we are talking about the Drain You singer who is making headlines with the speculation where people want to know how he got his vocal style from John Lennon. Well, keeping this aside, people were left in shock after the news of Kurt Cobain’s premature death came out. It was not expected, and the cause remains a question to many. 

Starting from the basics, Kurt Cobain was majorly known for being the founder of the rock band Nirvana. He even served as the lead vocalist and the guitarist of the same. Some of Kurt’s hit songs, which are still cherished by millions of people worldwide, are listed as- Something in the Way, In Bloom, All Apologies, Stay Away, Love Buzz, Negative Creep, etc. Being his fan, you must listen to his studio album, Nevermind. 

Coming back to Kurt Cobain’s sudden death, the mishap took place when he was just 27 years old. Wait, what? Yes. Several years have passed, but some fans still can’t believe that the Nirvana founder is no more with us. What happened to him? If you are looking for how did Kurt Cobain die, here are the details. 

How Did Kurt Cobain Die

Kurt Cobain

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Kurt Cobain’s Death: What Happened? 

It was on 5 April 1997 Kurt Cobain passed away at his home. The major cause behind his sudden death was suicide by gunshot. His body was rescued from his home in Seattle, Washington, after three days or so. Another surprising part was an electrician found the body as he went to fix the security system. That man was reportedly named Gary Smith. 

Talking more about the incident, people were much aware of the fact that Kurt Cobain was addicted to drugs. He reportedly mixed champagne and the drug Rohypnol and went into a coma. Following that, he was nearly dead. He was knowing that his fans thought it to be induced by an overdose of heroin. 

It was previously reported that Kurt Cobain tried to kill himself several times. So, it was not his first attempt. In 1991, the Nirvana founder said he didn’t believe in guns. But the cops confiscated four guns from him. 

Meanwhile, Kurt Cobain opted for rehabilitation in Los Angeles. But, he left the place without informing his family, which later appointed a detective. Well, it later didn’t help as he didn’t return then. Then, what about the gun he finally used? Kurt Cobain reportedly convinced one of his friends to get him a gun. In addition to that, the singer told him that he needed it for self-protection. 

How Did Kurt Cobain Die?

Kurt Cobain

When Kurt Cobain returned home on the day itself, the singer left a suicide note. A part of it said, “better to burn out than to fade away.” Well, in case you don’t know, that’s a lyric. To be more exact about it, a gunshot wound was made to his head. Not forget to mention, Kurt Cobain’s drug addiction was accompanied by mental illness too, and that was pathetic. 

When Gary saw Kurt, the former thought him to be asleep. But later, the electrician found the gun, which was pointing at his chin, and figured out that something was wrong. Little did you know, Kurt, at that time, was the father of a one-year-old daughter, Frances. It must have been pathetic for her to lose her father at such a young age. 

After proper investigation, a high concentration of heroin and a small amount of diazepam were found in his body. So many years have passed, and it still upsets people. We are hopeful that Kurt’s wife and kid are all in good health. Life never stops for anyone, and one must move on happily.

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