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Who is Jaylon Ferguson’s Girlfriend? The Footballer’s Love Life Until His Demise

Here we shall discuss who Jaylon Ferguson’s Girlfriend was. What do we know about the footballer’s love interest and notable career? Starting from the basics, Jaylon O’Neal Ferguson gained quite a prominence by playing for the Baltimore Ravens, in 2019. He was always passionate about this particular sport and thus ended up playing the same for his college, more precisely at the Louisana Tech University. Talking about his position, Jaylon used to play as the defensive end and outside linebacker. It was in 2018 when he made it to the title of C-USA Defensive Player of the year.

Knowing a bit about his versatility on the football field, at this young age, people are very much interested to know who did he date or even if he was in a relationship at the time of his death. It’s been a few days since he has passed away and fans are not just shocked but disheartened. Since he was pretty young and was rising to fame, some people are already quite convinced that Jaylon had someone very special in his life at the time of his demise. Let’s dive into this article to learn more about Jaylon Ferguson’s Girlfriend if he had any.

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Jaylon Ferguson’s Girlfriend: The Footballer’s Love Interest At The Time Of His Death

Talking about his romantic interest at the time of his death, Jaylon Ferguson’s Girlfriend is named Doni Smith. To be more precise, the football wasn’t just dating her but was also engaged to the love of his life.

Jaylon Ferguson's Girlfriend

Jaylon Ferguson with his fiancee, Doni Smith

It is not known if Jaylon and Doni were planning to get hitched legally anytime soon. But, he used to share three children with her. If you are wondering about the identity of Jaylon Ferguson’s Girlfriend, Doni works as the top executive of a catering business. It is named the JOF Catering and is situated in Owing Mills, Maryland. Both of them were very much private about their personal lives and kept their relationship low-key. Thus, nothing much about how, when, and where did Jaylon meet Doni, is known to the public, making some wonder more.

The footballer was leading a pretty happy life with his fiancee and kids. Also, during his off-season, he used to spend most of his time with his family, as shared by him. Sadly, Jaylon Ferguson wasn’t destined to spend much time with his family. His sudden death badly affected Doni and it’s quite obvious. However, since all her children are pretty young, she needs to gather all of her courage to raise them well.

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Career & Others

Besides knowing the details of who Jaylon Ferguson’s Girlfriend was, and their relationship, fans are curious to learn more about him.

Moving on with his career, Jaylon Ferguson was quite young and played three seasons for the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL. Also, in the consecutive years of 2017 and 2018 respectively, he made it to the First Team All-C-USA. He was doing pretty well and gained quite fame for his playing style.

Jaylon Ferguson's Girlfriend

Jaylon Ferguson


Each of Jaylon’s fans is shocked by the sudden news of his death. Many are still not aware of the reason. It was on 22 June 2022 when Jaylon Ferguson passed away and he was then 26 years old. The police has made it questionable as initially there were no signs of trauma or any bad play. Even his team mates are mourning for the same. Moreover, the Baltimore Ravens has made a statement, saying “We are profoundly saddened by the tragic passing of Jaylon Ferguson. He was a kind, respectful young man with a big smile and infectious personality. We express our heartfelt condolences to Jaylon’s family and friends as we mourn a life lost much too soon.

Condolences to Jaylon’s family and friends. May his soul rests in peace. Hoping for the well-being of his children and loads of blessings!

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