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The Boys Season 3 Teaser Hints Towards New Villain – Season Breakdown

The Boys Season 3 is fast approaching and we can’t wait for some superhero mayhem. Everyone has their own trump cards up their sleeve, The Boys is Amazon Prime‘s trump card. In 2020 we saw a few shoes rise to the top and gain massive popularity, this was one of them. Money Heist, The Boys, Upload, Schitt’s Creek, were some of the shows that swept everyone off their feet and to directly in front of your screens binge-watching them while we slowly lose grip on time. These shows had the power to draw you in for hours in a single session.

So for people who don’t know much about the show, The Boys is an American superhero based Television Series made for Prime Video. Developed by Eric Kripke, the show is based on the comic which has the same name, published by DC comics. Being a superhero series and DC having something to do with it, the show was a guaranteed hit. But those are not the reasons why it had such popularity. The Boys didn’t have your usual run of the mill superhero stories, it actually had a very different and dark take to the whole concept.

So before we jump into The Boys Season 3 news let’s learn more about what has happened till now. If you’re just here for the season 3 news, just skip right ahead to the end of the article.

Season 3 Teaser – Introduction of New Villian


So this takes place in a Universe where superheroes are a common or household thing. It’s not just 1 or 2, the whole place is crawling with them. So with the abundance of heroes, Vought International has employed every single hero to work for them. Hence they have a proper job of looking after the world while getting paid.

But like everything that has to deal with money, corruption exists to the brim. Most heroes do their job correctly, but behind the scenes, they are self-centered, corrupt to the core, and mainly just plain arrogant. We can see the heroes taking advantage of the powers they have to exploit the world.

A ton of events takes place where several people realize how wrong this hero community actually is. They are causing even more trouble than they are supposed to solve. So in order to take down the corrupt heroes and Vought International in general a group of vigilantes forms a team called, yup you guessed it The Boys.

They go against the entire corrupt squad, but mainly the series follows the dispute against The Boys and The Seven. The latter being Vought’s strongest set of heroes. Just from this, we understand that the heroes are the villains and the sort of villains are the heroes, confusing? Maybe a little.

The Boys are led by Billy Butcher, a super cool character who hates everything and anything that has to deal with heroes. Billy is 1 of the things that makes this show amazing, his character and persona are so well done.

The Boys Image 1

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But Billy doesn’t have the spotlight to himself, every story needs a villain, well in this cause a hero/villain. The Seven are led by the most corrupt, violent of all Homelander. he is also an iconic character, his attitude, dialogues, everything is so powerful and just addictive to watch.

So the main first season sets the stage for the battle between the two big groups. The Boys plan to defeat Vought first by uncovering all of their dirty secrets and exposing them to the public. The Seven are trying to get rid of the pest boys and to do that they are also trying to get the government on their side.

Things get a little too complicated for both the teams when a guy from the Boys and a girl from the Seven falls in love. The second season gets much darker. In the first season, we know what the root for Billy’s hate towards the heroes is. his wife went missing and he is very much sure that Homelander has a part in all of that. In the second season, the heroes are able to get the support of the government, which puts a wanted level on the Boys.

Billy also finds out that his wife is indeed alive and is being kept captive by Homelander, who has also fathered a son with her. Everything takes a very dark turn from here, well that is not surprising, the whole series is very dark and violent. So season 2 has us follow Homelander for a bit as he tries to become closer with his son. The son has also some amazing superpowers which he inherited, and Homelander plans to put those to full use. Which would mean corrupting him so that Homelander can gain benefits in the future.

Becca hates this and will do everything in her power to keep the corrupted hero away from her child. The Becca character, Billy’s wife is an amazing part of the story. After going through so much and still having the courage to stand up to her attacker. Keep in mind she has no powers of her own and Homelander could easily be one of the most powerful beings. Becca is someone every viewer would root for.

This season we also see Billy trying his best to get back her wife but to no avail of sorts. The “of sorts” part can be understood better when watching the series in its entirety. We also see Stormfront poke his head in to make matters worse, much much worse. He reveals a lot of story turning plot twists, also his motive is revealed. He plans to team up with Homelandaer so he can push his message of white supremacy.

The season ended with a huge collision between the two opposing teams. Here Becca’s son was able to tap into his powers during all of them, but unfortunately, he accidentally kills Becca. Stormfront is also badly injured during this.

Season 3 – Plot

Well, the second season ended with a lot of cliffhangers, almost all of them in favor of the heroes, the corrupted heroes. The comics cant be trusted to get accurate information for the third season, as we have seen till now the show seems to take its own path. The series has drastically changed a lot of storylines like for example the character of Becca and her story is completely different in the stories. So when it comes to the third season we have to take guesses off what has happened in the previous seasons, and some things have been mentioned by the directors and actors.

One thing that the creator poked at was that Homelander would become even more unhinged in this season. The corrupted hero was surely unhinged to the max in the previous episodes, even more, hinged would mean that the Boys would be no match for him from now on.

The Boys Image 2

A much more violent and freaky Homelander would be so fun to watch and at the same time scary. The story in general would follow the boys and their fight with Vought as that hasn’t yet been completed. That is still a huge task that needs to be cleared, but it’s not an easy one.

Some other news we have is from the new castings. The show is famous for ripping off other characters in a parody sort of way, this time a new character will be added called Soldier Boy. He from the name we can guess would be a take on Captain America, a much more dark take. From the hints we have a new character will be very important this season.

Release Date Speculations

Unfortunately, there is no solid confirmation on when the third season will be out on Prime. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic things can be expected to get delayed a whole lot. With the virus going around the shooting and other things tend to get affected the most, even if shooting does take place it won’t be at the usual place.

If we are lucky and the pandemic dies down slowly, then we could see the series releasing sometime in 2022. Filming hasn’t yet started, it is expected to start sometime next month.

So if you haven’t watched this dark and fun take on superhero stories then this would be a perfect time. If you have then why not check out some other shows to pass the time. Like we said we can only expect to see the third season sometime in 2022, but with the abundance of series and movies available to watch a year is easy to pass.

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