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Top Films With Twist Ending That Will Blow Your Mind

Films With Twist Ending
Films With Twist Ending

Movies with twist endings go all the way into the future. We know how surprising everything gets at the end. The adrenaline rush, the fear, the plot, and just as everything is about to finish, the whole story changes. It’s like banging your head against the wall but in a good way. These movies are our favorite after thriller films. Twists can be too powerful or impactful. The whole film makes you believe one person, from the point of view of either the narrator or the main character. But it all comes crashing down in the end when the truth is revealed. It is so hard to trust literally any person in the movie if you already know it has a twist ending.

It is obvious that a twist ending thrills the audience like none other. Well, there are times when such an ending does not work. Either the director or the story makes it too obvious that everything we are seeing thus far is bound to change. It is when too much pressure is cast upon the entire plot to work. Twist ends only work when they are genuine and when everything is going smoothly.

Every plot detail should be presented without a deal about the future. The audience shall not sense it coming. That is when two endings work. I like to think of it as bait, a bit from the crew members. Just when we are lured into the film and comfortable with the plot, with a potentially happy future, that is when the twist shall be unleashed. It traps the audience just fine. Sometimes, even if the entire movie has a mediocre plot, a twist ending will support it in the long run.

Twists are generally involved in genres such as horror or thriller. But with an innovative approach, movies such as that romance and comedy can pull it off as well. Well, in order to charm you in, we too have collected the top 10 films with a twist ending in them for you.

Top 10 Films With Twist Endings:


I swear to god, no one saw it coming. The film starts with two gentlemen being locked up inside a room that seemingly does not have an escape. One of them is a doctor, and the other is a common person who works as a professional cameraman. He takes assignments to spy on people. Although, one evening, he gets kidnapped, and when he wakes up, it is in this escape room.

We are led to believe that the two are trapped inside, and the host, Jigsaw, a man who enjoys building these rooms and testing its pawn, is watching them. A peculiar detail about this room is the fact that a dead body is lying between them. Neither of the two men can reach it because of the chain their leg is tied with. At one point, the doctor even convinces himself to cut off his leg just so he can escape. Throughout the room, there are details about their past which are presented in the form of hints.

Top Films With Twist Ending

A still from Saw of Adam

It appears as if Jigsaw has been watching them too closely before taking the game to the next level. This movie gives us a realization of the psychological death trap. Not to spoil the ending or anything for those who have not watched, Saw will literally give you chills down your spine when you know what was the biggest clue given to them all along. There are other details about this trap room provided in the sequels of Saw. Although, this first movie is considered the best Saw film to date.

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The Sixth Sense

This might feel like a repeated option, but we are telling you, this is the father of the top films with twist endings. M. Night Shyamalan has directed this insane project which has the power to blow your mind off. As for the story, it begins with us seeing a child psychologist. He has a patient he is treating. This particular patient claims that they can talk to the dead with ease. What unfolds next is a series of events supporting the claim, and the audience is already entrapped by this plot. Until the ending comes.

Obviously, we are not here to destroy the best part of the film for those who have not watched it. And honestly, if you are one of them (who have not watched this movie yet), what in the seven hells are you guys doing till now? No offense. The film was so successful that it made more than 672 million dollars throughout the world upon its release. To remind you, it was made on a budget of just 40 million dollars.

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This film which was released in 2000, is enough to give your brain a tacky massage full of plot twists and turns it could have never imagined. The main character is a person with a bad memory. When I say bad, I mean the worst. He can not remember things about his recent past. Now his wife gets killed while he was injured during the incident. In order to take revenge upon whoever did this to him, the man shall rise above his illness and find a temporary cure to go deep into the investigation. He takes help from people around him whom he trusts.

In order to remember the developments of this case, we see him making tattoos of every lead he has had in the past few days. He also takes polaroid pictures to keep a track of everything. Whenever his memory goes away, he starts fresh once again and reads down the documents he has collected. In the end, when he literally an inch away from catching the killer, the whole plot, the entire development changes.

We will not give you any spoilers about the end, but if you have already watched the film and wondering about what the hell happened in the end, we have covered it as well. Christopher Nolan has directed this project. Upon its release, the film was a huge success. The director also won a variety of accolades and recognition among thrill fans. This was obviously not his first film, but the one that brought him international attention.

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Seven, stylized as Se7en, is one of the top films with twist endings. I swear, once you start watching the story, it immediately makes you hooked it its plot. The lead characters in question are two detectives, that is, David Mills and William Somerset. Brad Pitt does the role of David, whereas we have Morgan Freeman do William. Given the ensemble cast, the film was obviously made on a bug budget.

It was able to gross more than 327 million dollars against its 33 million in initial productions. So, the story is all about a serial killer. What this psychotic man does is use the seven deadly sins as a motif while he murders. All his victims have been found in a specific position with a specific symbol. Initially, none of these murders seems to connect, but when breaking down the cause, it becomes clear about the seven sins.

Top Films With Twist Ending

A still of Brad Pitt from Se7en

William is on the edge of retirement, and maybe, this is his last case. The two men venture on a journey to find the man who has been killing people so ruthlessly. Well, what happens, in the end, is only for you guys to see. I bet you won’t be able to believe your eyes after watching it.

Where to Watch

  • On-Demand – Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play, Apple iTunes


Yet another film with a twist ending, we see that Identity belongs to the era when these types of films were a trend. In the early ’00s, it was obvious that the Hollywood film industry was experimenting with various genres to establish their hold, and twist endings were big. With films such as the Saw franchise releasing in that age, we can deduce it was surely a genre of that era.

Now, Identity focuses on ten people who are now locked inside a hotel. These people are getting killed one after the other and will have to use their wits and intelligence in order to defeat the system and escape. The film is set in a reverse chronological order where we have seen the end first, and now we will see how the events that have led to it take place. The inspiration behind the plot lines in the novel written by Agatha Christie is called, And Then There Were None.

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Fight Club

It is a franchise that began with this little film. Fight Club became a blockbuster as soon as it was released, and its events are still relevant in 2022. If you are a Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan just like me, you know how much Jake Peralta talks about the film throughout the show. Well, the story focuses on a group of outcasts. They have formed a Fight Club in order to spend time with each other and learn how to fight?

Nevertheless, we see that they actually become a group that is resilient to corporate America and is trying to bring down the toxic work cultures. The leaders of this club are Tyler Durden and the Narrator. David Fincher has directed this project. After seeing the fan’s reactions, Fight Club has been declared as a cult classic, with people loving the whole trajectory of events and the story. At the end, when the plot comes to one character and one character only, the entire film makes sense.

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The Game

This classic tale was released for the people in 1997 and has never left our minds since then. The plot shows us Nicholas Van Orton. This man works as a financier who is also a workaholic. After a series of events in his life that are quite traumatizing, such as the suicide of his father, the man does nothing but work because every time he takes out time for himself, he gets flashbacks from that horrific moment of his life.

Soon, his 48th birthday arrives, and his brother Conrad tries to help him celebrate. He gives him a ticket to a game that is bound to change his future. Trusting his brother, Nicholas goes to the venue, but everything is not what it looks like. Nicholas feels trapped and has to escape the company which runs the game. We are not going to spoil the end for you until you watch this film with your own eyes.

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Escape Room

This film was released in 2019 and had so much impact on the watchers personally. If you haven’t watched it yet, I beg you to go to the platforms mentioned below and stream the film online first. Adam Robitel directed this crazy film which gives us a joyride through every emotion that is possibly present inside a human body. We follow a group of people who get a ticket sent to them in the most creative format.

Also, it should be known that this ticket, inside a puzzle, is only sent to those who can actually solve it. This means that the host knew about their personal lives, much like how Jigsaw kept a close watch on his victims. Well, only one player among them is supposed to emerge victorious. In the end, everything changes, and we will not tell you how because it is the biggest spoiler.

Top Films With Twist Ending

A still from Escape Room 2019

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This 2016 entry in the twist-ending films is enough to give you chills. Amy Adams stars in the lead role. She is seen working with the US Government in order to communicate with the aliens that are probably hanging above the Earth’s surface. Well, it does not take time for the film to take a bitter turn with chaos breaking out. These cannot be managed by just anyone, and we see the characters struggling throughout the plot. Louise is trying her best in order to be there while communicating with the aliens and making offers back and forth.

Although, some of these scenes give him flashbacks of her traumatizing past, and we shall see how her relationship ends with her co-worker with a surprise waiting for you all in the end. During the scenes, we see that Louise is going through flashbacks of a time when she had a daughter herself. But maybe these are not flashbacks, and maybe these are flash-forwards? In order to settle down the uneven plot, I guess you will just have to watch the film.

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