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Smiling Friends Season 2: Release Date & Everything You Should Know

Smiling Friends Season 2
Smiling Friends Season 2

Michael Cusack and Zach Hadel’s Smiling Friends Season 2 release date was announced for Adult Swim! The Aussie-American adult animated television show dropped back in 2020 as part of April’s Fool Day content series. It gathered so much traction that it became a favorite. The production company ordered a sophomore season! Not even the creators were expecting it!

The zany, stoner-æsthetic cartoon sophomore season will release this week, and we’re bringing you everything we know about this production, where to watch it, the voice cast, and much more, so jump with us as we tell you all about it, let’s get this show on the road without any further ado!

Smiling Friends Season 1 Recap

When she needs assistance smiling for a portrait, a princess from the nearby Enchanted Forest calls the Smiling Friends. Pim and Charlie agree, but a hobbit-like forest dweller named Mip diverts their attention. Due to Charlie’s multiple quests, despite his initial lack of interest in them, Pim accidentally kills Mip in a jealous struggle.

Smiling Friends Season 2

Smiling Friends, the sophomore season is here!

He and Charlie steal the box that Mip intended to give the princess in his memory out of guilt, only for the princess to reveal that Mip was actually her stalker and that the box is actually a bomb, which she throws out the window to prevent it from detonating and killing them all. The princess, however, beams when she hears of Mip’s passing. In a post-credits scene, Charlie is back at the office and experiences an allergic reaction to a “potion” that Mip had advised him to consume while on a quest and claimed to be a headache remedy.

Frowning Friends!

Moving in across the street, a rival business known as the “Frowning Friends,” run by two lookalikes named Grim and Gnarly, becomes very successful at spreading doom. When Grim and Gnarly start making the town miserable, the Smiling Friends’ reputation is tarnished, and Pim and Charlie’s attempts to correct the situation are ineffective. The boss has a psychotic break as the company’s profits fall. He makes an attempt on Grim’s life, forcing him to plead for his life in front of his supporters, disproving his nihilistic worldview, and leading to the dissolution of the Frowning Friends. After the Boss gets Grim and Gnarly to smile for the first time, passing “Renaissance men” on horses kill them.

Christmas Eve!

Pim and Charlie are assigned to locate a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. They argue until a Christmas tree falls on Charlie and gruesomely kills him because of the latter’s negative attitude. He awakens to find Hell frozen over because Satan is going through a depressive episode. After arriving at his castle, Charlie makes a pact with Satan: if he can make Satan smile, he must return Charlie to Earth. When God (Gilbert Gottfried) saves Charlie and reveals that the entire ordeal was a test, God (Satan) realizes that torturing Charlie gives him pleasure and tries to back out of their agreement. God then sends Charlie back to Earth, nude, during his funeral. The entire episode is narrated by an elderly Glep who tells his grandson that Christian Hell is real and that the story is true. He also wishes the audience a happy holiday.

Smiling Friends Season 2

Can the sophomore season be as funny as the debut?

Smiling Friends Season 2 Possible Plotlines

As Charlie Pim and Charlie Pim strive to make their clients happy and address their problems, we follow their story in the first season. The customers are Mr. Frog, Enchantress, and Ketchup Packet. The fifth Smiley Friend is made by the two of them, Smormu and others. Charlie was killed when the tree fell on him, as revealed after the first season. He is cast into hell and makes an effort to encourage Satan.

We might learn what happens to Charlie if Smiling Friends returns for a second season. We might also gain more insight into how the Boss and Smiling Friends Inc. approach rivalry. Satire, awkward but funny moments, and current-event-related satire will all be present in abundance. For instance, in the first season, they discuss topics like the culture of cancellation and mental health. What the characters are doing to support one another will be intriguing. This generates good vibes and is motivating. This is why viewers adore the program. They cannot wait to see Smiling Friends season 2!

Smiling Friends Trailer

Voice Cast

Michael Cusack voices Pim, Alan, Pim’s Sister, Pim’s Dad, Pim’s Mother, Mr. Frog, Grim, Ketchup Packet, and The Witch are among the notable cast members who are returning to voice their roles. Chris O’Neill as Smormu and the auditioning father, and Marc M. as The Boss. Additionally, David Dore plays Party Bro and the Forest Demon this time around, and Erica Lindbeck keeps playing Assistant Mustard Packet, among many other characters.

Where To Watch Smiling Friends?

If you want to watch Smiling Friends, you must get Adult Swim. You can get it with your cable subscription. Or, if you prefer, you can watch it online via the Adult Swim app, its website, or Hulu.

Smiling Friends Season 2 Release Date

Smiling Friends will release on Saturday, August 6, 2022, on Adult Swim at 00:00 hrs, Eastern Time, United States. The upcoming episode title is “The Smiling Friends Go To Brazil”. With this, we conclude our coverage of Smiling Friends’ sophomore season here at Otakukart. Happy streaming, and see you soon!

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