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Black Summoner Episode 12 Release Date: Kelvin’s Adventures Continues!


The year 2022 is filled with so many surprises for anime fans. Each month is coming up with so many cool announcements and making fans even more excited than before. Since the beginning of the year, anime fans have got to see their favorite characters on screen, and the same thing is happening till the end. The last few months of the year are going to be even more exciting than before.

At a time when fans have so many options in choosing anime, Black Summoner has a different spot in fans’ hearts, and the series is performing great on the screens. Each episode brings so much excitement to fans. As of now, 10 episodes of the series has released so far and the 11th one is just around the corner.

Fans have very high hopes for the upcoming episode, and that’s the reason, they have started to ask questions regarding the forthcoming episode, i.e. episode 13. To save our readers’ precious time, we have decided to put every single piece of information they need to know regarding the Black Summoner episode 12 release date and spoilers in this article itself. Make sure to read the article till the end.

Black Summoner is a Japanese animated series that features the major protagonist of the series Kelvin who finds himself in a whole new world after waking up. He realized that his past memories had been traded off with supernatural abilities. Kelvin is summoned by the Goddess, and later, he starts living his life as an adventurer. However, his journey with Kelvin won’t be a piece of cake. He met with many foes along the way, and he must tackle all of those to keep moving.

Black Summoner Anime Cast:

Kuro no Shoukanshi, also known as Black Summoner is one of the successful ongoing series, and the credits for this should be dedicated to the talented people who worked around the clock to make it happen. Talented voice artists include Uchiyama Kouki, the one who voiced the series’ major protagonist Kelvin. Efil is voiced by Iwami Manaka, whereas Sera is voiced by Suzuki Minori.

Melfina is voiced by Ueda Reina, whereas Clotho is voiced by Landi. Ange is voiced by Inagaki Konomi, whereas Rion is voiced by Miyamoto Yume, and Gerard is voiced by Akimoto Yousuke. Victor is voiced by Tobita Nobuo, and Alex is voiced by Morishima Shuuta.

Black Summoner Episode 9 Recap

Kelvin summoning a new hero!

Hiraike Yoshimasa is the director for the series, whereas Roberts Aaron is the ADR director. Suzuki Minori performed the theme song for the series, which is loved by millions of fans, and Ooshima Miwa handled the character design.

Black Summoner Episode 12 Release Date & Spoilers:

Kuro no Shoukanshi episode 12 is all set to release on 24 September 2022 for the Japanese as well as the International audience. The raw format of the episode will release at 06:30 PM IST. You will get the subbed version, around 8:00 PM IST on the same date.

It is very difficult to predict the spoilers of the upcoming episode at this point in time. Due to the limited data, it would be very difficult to pinpoint the exact outcomes of episode 13 right now. However, we will update you in case of any major updates regarding the episode or anime so make sure to follow us for all the anime and manga news. 

Black Summoner Episode 10 Release Date Details

Black Summoner Episode 12 Release Date Details

Anime Similar To Black Summoner:

If you have loved Black Summoner so far and want to enjoy the other anime with some traits in common, you might give the mentioned anime, a try. These anime series are not exactly like Black Summoner but you will feel the familiar vibe while watching these series. This includes Arifureta: From a Detour to the World’s Strongest, Death March to Parallel World Rhapsody, Cautious Hero, etc. 

Black Summoner Episode 10 Expectations

Kelvin and Rio from Black Summoner

How To Watch Black Summoner Episode 12?

Episode 12 of Black Summoner will be able to stream on Crunchyroll. You can binge all the past episodes here as well. Crunchyroll is the home for thousands of other popular anime series as well and you can access all of them with just your single subscription. Crunchyroll also lets you read thousands of manga with just your single subscription. You can also purchase anime merchandise from Crunchyroll’s dedicated anime store at very good prices.

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