10 Best Dark Fantasy Manga For You to Read

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Dark Fantasy
Sung Jin Woo Cr: Solo Levelling

Manga, we have been talking a lot about manga and its genres these days so how can we forget about one of the most amazing ones out there, that is the Dark Fantasy Manga genre. Today we will talk about the 10 Best Dark Fantasy Manga to Read.

A type of fantasy known as “dark fantasy” includes grimier and older themes. This manga frequently has aspects of explicit violence, graphic sex, or horror. Additionally, Stableford proposes that “dark fantasy” should be used to define supernatural horror that takes place entirely or mostly in “secondary worlds,” as opposed to supernatural horror that is mostly or entirely located in the real world.

A story presented from a monster’s perspective or one that offers a more favorable opinion of supernatural beings typically associated with horror are both examples of dark fantasy. It is often used as a euphemism for paranormal horror to distinguish between horror tales that do and do not have supernatural elements. The dark fantasy would apply to a narrative about werewolves or vampires, whereas horror would apply to one about a serial murderer. It is best described as a subgenre of fiction that aims to “incorporate aspects of horror fiction” into the formulae of traditional fantasy stories.

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Dark Fantasy Manga
10 Best Dark Fantasy Manga For You To Read

10 Best Dark Fantasy Manga For You to Read

Dark fantasy settings, where terrible battles and frightening creatures are common, have an odd allure. It’s upsetting, but you can’t take your eyes off of it like you can when you’re watching a train accident. These 10 dark fantasy mangas are ideal for late-night reading when the distinction between reality and fiction is a little hazier.

10. Uzumaki

In the town of Kurouzu-Cho, where odd spiral-related phenomena have started to happen, Kirie Goshima and Shuuichi Saito reside. Many people in the community are afflicted with a destructive and all-consuming preoccupation with spirals. The spiral doesn’t seem to want to allow Shuuichi and Kirie to leave the town, despite their desire to do so. It is chock-full of terror, curses, and irregular turns.

Dark Fantasy Manga
Uzumaki Junji Io

9. Hellsing

Alucard is the most potent vampire, and humanity will need his assistance to confront a tremendous evil.

The head of a group tasked with eliminating supernatural threats to the nation, including the undead, is Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. Alucard, a vampire who has pledged allegiance to the Hellsing family, and the household butler, Walter C. Dornez, are in charge of watching over her. Seras Victoria, a police officer, and more regular and enigmatic vampire assaults are both introduced in this chapter. It is up to Hellsing to bury the dead where they belong after discovering the dark reality behind the attacks.

If you enjoy vampires, medieval settings, bloodshed, gratuitous violence, and violence, you’ll enjoy Hellsing.

Dark Fantasy

8. The Promised Neverland

The orphans of Grace Field House believe their lives are perfect. Two of the brightest in the orphanage decide to defy the institution’s only rule—don’t leave the orphanage—and in doing so, they learn a dreadful reality about themselves. The youngsters must completely utilize the knowledge that Grace Field House has been so carefully fostering to outsmart their adversaries if they are to have any chance of escaping their horrific fate.
The Promised Neverland is for you if you enjoy psychological thrillers, battles against the devil, and survival situations.

Dark Fantasy
The Promised Neverland

7. Black Butler

This is for you if you enjoy demons and nineteenth-century aesthetics. Due to a previous tragedy, Ciel Phantomhive is now the “Queen’s Watchdog” and in charge of the Phantomhive household. Even though Ciel is still a little child, his adversaries quickly come to understand that he is a brutal force to be dreaded. He is accompanied by Sebastion, a demon with amazing powers who serves as his butler.

Together, the two face the paranormal secrets and perils that loom over England as they gradually learn the truth about the enigmatic circumstances surrounding Ciel’s parents’ deaths. One of the greatest dark fantasies of all Handsome some and their gruesome demonic powers will sway you for sure and if not there is more to it. With Black Butler, you are in for one hell of a ride.

Black Butler
Black Butler

6. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is well-known to everyone. The perfect episode is made up of steaming hot scenes and the stench of blood. Only those who fantasize about blood should use caution; those who imagine wine to be blood should not. Yeah, I know my humor is broken.

Before a tragedy transformed Ken Kaneki into a half-ghoul, he was a typical university student. Ghouls are supernatural beings that live among people and hunt them using their superhuman prowess while also devouring their flesh. Some of the amiable ghouls in Ken’s city assist him in adjusting to his new life, but not all of them are as ready to accept him into their community. From this point on, his life is turned upside down as he becomes embroiled in a battle between his new friends and a group dedicated to fighting ghouls. He is now the focus of ghouls from all around Tokyo, which only makes matters worse.

Dark Fantasy
Tokyo Ghoul

5. Berserk

He gets betrayed just when he felt he had found a leader in whom he might have faith.

Guts overcame a difficult upbringing to go on to become a well-known mercenary. Guts are currently on the run from demons after one of the only people he thought he could trust betrayed him and his allies. Guts embark on a vengeance-seeking mission to eliminate the person who caused him and so many others’ suffering and tragedy.

The greatest villains were once children. Be it anime or be it manga they like this trope.

Dark Fantasy

4. Attack on Titan

The tale centers on Eren Yeager, who swears to wipe out the Titans after they destroy his community and take his mother’s life in a world where humanity is compelled to live in cities encircled by three giant walls to defend them from enormous man-eating humanoids known as Titans.

Attack on Titan’s story revolves around a society that exists behind three walls. According to local lore, it is the last place on earth where people still reside. Its citizens have been made to think that more than a century ago, the appearance of humanoid giants known as Titans, who attack and devour humans on sight, drove humanity to the verge of extinction. In over a century of peace, the last survivors of humanity have withdrawn behind three concentric walls, and the idea of leaving is discouraged. The military of the nation uses Vertical Manoeuvring Equipment, a set of grappling hooks installed on the waist, along with gas-powered propulsion, to fight Titans.

The actual history of the Titans and the existence of mankind outside of the island of Paradise were revealed as the series went on. The fact that I did not fail my exam Eren made me do it(cries in the corner alone).

Dark Fantasy
Attack On Titan

3. Made in Abyss

Riko is an orphan whose mom is a renowned Cave Raider, an intrepid traveler who risks entering the enigmatic Abyss, which not only contains odd items but also condemns those who do. Riko finds a robot that one day resembles a little child and names him Reg. Riko gets word from her mother later that she will be waiting for her at the bottom of the Abyss. Riko, who is willing to take any risk to find her mother, travels with Reg toward the treacherous Abyss.

Dark Fantasy
Made in Abyss

2. Pandora Hearts

Oz starts to understand the real reason he got into The Abyss as he strives to get out of it.

The Abyss is a world where terrifying creatures called “Chains” can be found. It is mentioned in children’s scary stories. Oz Vessalius, the Vessalius family’s heir, didn’t believe in the Abyss until the Bakersville Clan sentenced him to the Abyss during his coming-of-age ceremony for a crime he didn’t commit. To get away, Oz strikes a deal with a Chain named Alice who can transform into a human. Oz joins a mysterious, tragic, and hopeless world to go home.

Dark Fantasy
Pandora Hearts

1. Death Note, Darkest of all Dark Fantasies

Do I even need to say why or how this is in the first place? The name is self-explanatory, and the only hottest of all ships L and Light.

Justice’s future in the world will be decided by the conflict between Light and L.

A smart and dissatisfied high school student named Light Yagami finds a Death Note that was left behind by the death god Ryuk. The purpose of the notebook, which is to kill those whose names are put in it, is explained in the notebook. Light first had his doubts about its skills, but he soon comes to see that they are real. He takes the name “Kira” and decides to use the Death Note to put criminals to death to bring justice to the world.

But not everyone concurs that he ought to have the authority to choose who lives and who dies, so L, a renowned investigator, is added. If one of them wants to come out on top, they must employ every trick at their disposal to outsmart the other. The nerds already know the author is the smartest while you argue over who is the smartest.

Dark Fantasy
Death Note

These were the 10 best dark fantasy manga you should read. They are worth your time and your sleepless nights.

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