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Simon Kinberg’s The 355 Starring Jessica Chastain

Preview And Release Date: Simon Kinberg's The 355

For the all-woman spy film lovers, Jessica Chastain starring, The 355 is coming in January 2022. To save the earth from anarchy, Universal Pictures has put female spies into action. Simon Kinberg, the producer of Dark Phoenix, directed The 355, the female-led espionage thriller film with the screenplay of Theresa Rebeck and Kinberg. Universal Pictures just launched their first promo. The Movie was announced in May 2018 that Kinberg will be filming along with Kelly Carmichael for the release of Chastain Production.

The movie will be produced under Richard Hewitt as the Executive Producer of the movie. The Film is estimated to have a budget of more than $75 Million. Originally the movie was supposed to release on 15th January 2021 but due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, the movie is postponed for release in 2022. Fans were really excited to see Jessica Chastain and her girl gang and expected the release on the OTT Platform but the makers dropped a bomb and postponed the date straight for one year. Here’s everything you need to know about The 355.

Preview And Release Date: Simon Kinberg's The 355

Release Date

As we all know that because of this global pandemic and shutdown of cinema halls no movies were released in the cinema halls in the last few months or we can say almost a year. Moreover, some movies had postponed their release dates to 2021 or 2022. Unlike every producer the makers of The 355 spy had also planned their movie to release in theatres that’s why they postponed it to 2021. It was their full-proof plan that it was made final that the movie will release in summers 2021 but due to some problems they have again postponed it.

So, for all the movie lovers, get ready because The 355 movie will be released on Friday, January 15, 2022, for y’all to see it. This is the final release date till now as the creators said that they have invested a huge amount of money in this film and releasing such a big scale film this time can cause great losses to them which they do not want to bear and hence they postponed it again. We know the fan was really excited for this movie but ow again they have to wait for long to watch this film in theaters.

Preview And Release Date: Simon Kinberg's The 355

All The Lead Cast Of The 355 Film

Plot & Trailer

The Powerpack Movie is already a blockbuster because of its amazing star cast. The film consists of five female investigators from remote foreign organizations who have joined forces to deter a multinational organization from collecting a missile that could kill the entire planet. The women’s band would create a steadfast allegiance that could save the world or ruin the riches and glamour of Shanghai from Parisian cafés to Moroccan markets.

An official trailer of around 2 minutes is also released by Universal Pictures on their official YouTube Channel and within a few weeks, it got more than a million views and this gives you a clear picture that how excited the fans are to watch this film but its again and again postponement are making the fans really sad and disappointed but nothing can be done but the creators have officially announced that this is the last time they have postponed it and now its the final release date. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet then you can watch it here.


Certainly, this film featured a group of female spies of diverse nationalities. It’s really amusing to see five stunning women as lead actors in this movie. Let’s have a look at who these women are and which role do they portray in the movie. Jessica Chastain, depicting Mason Mace Brown, is an Oscar-nominated actress who will serve as a CIA agent for wild cards. Diane Kruger is a rival of the German Fade star, and she will play the part of Marie.

The Oscar winner, Lupita Nyong’o, the MI6 ally, and the tech specialist have played the part of Khadijah. Penelope Cruz, winner of the Oscar, will play the part of Graciela as a trained psychologist in Colombia. Also, there is a male star cast as well which includes John Douglas Thompson as Larry Marks, Oleg Kricunova as Pyotr Khasanov, Hiten Patel as Ahmed-Imam, Sebastian Stan as Nick, Leo Staar as Grady, Emilio Insolera, Edgar Ramírez, Jason Wong.

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