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BTS Cozy Up In The New Preview Of Winter Package 2021

BTS winter Package 2021
BTS drops preview of BTS winter Package 2021.

BTS is here to warm up your hearts this winter. The seven-member boyband has dropped the preview of 2021’s winter package. And it’s everything you need to see. The preview video came out a couple of hours ago and is already getting Armys love and attention. The boys look extra cute in the new winter package melting everyone’s heart. We are sure that we already feel warm just by looking at the video. The video was uploaded by BTS’s official youtube channel, “BANGTAN TV.”  So, you can head over there now, and watch the small video by yourself.

Besides rocking fluffy sweaters and jumpers, the septet also gives a glimpse of them being looking dashing in all black attire at the start of the video. It’s like a complete treat for the Armys. And this is not even the complete clip. We wonder how adorable the complete package film would be.

BTS winter Package 2021

BTS Winter Package – 2020

Every year BTS releases a package that includes clips of them vacationing and goofing around. Also, they share their photoshoots with them. The band releases both Summer and Winter packages. And their photographs, clothes, and activities are matched accordingly with the theme and place. Previously, the boys have shot Summer and Winter Packages at places like Saipan, South Korea, and Finland.

Now, let’s go ahead and check out the clip from their newest edition.

BTS Winter Package 2021.

On January 26, BTS dropped a preview from their new Winter Package. Despite being the cutest thing among the BTS fans right now, it will soon become the hottest topic.

The video starts with all of them looking straight in the camera, wearing black from head to toe. As soon as the viewers get lost in their eyes, the seven of them lit up a match-stick, making them look hotter. And one, two, three, and the boys turn into soft fluffy bears. Thier duality is a serious issue. 

BTS Winter Package 2021

BTS Winter Package- 2021

All of the members turned into their cute Avatar, as they dress up in mufflers, beanies, and winter clothes. The scene becomes more adorable as soon as their new hit, Life Goes On, starts playing in the background. With all giggles and jokes, the seven roam around in the snow and laugh with each other.

Right after the snow, the place change, and the boys also change their attire. In front of the windmills, they walk hand-in-hand as the family they are, and the song continues. A close-up shot of each member is also featured in the video, and honestly, BTS has never looked this cute. Jungkook’s long hair with mullet is also trending online. The “makne” of the group debuts his mullet, and the fans are internally screaming after witnessing his new look. Furthermore, we can’t forget teal blue highlights in one of the shots.

BTS winter Package 2021

BTS makne Jeon Jung Kook debuts a new look.

At the end of the video, the scenery changes again. The boys are now sitting in a group beside a fireplace and a guitar. Namjoon, being the proud leader he is, looks at his members as he sits on the side. However, the others and laughing and busy teasing each other.

BTS Winter Package 2021 is shot in Gangwon, South Korea, as mentioned in the video. You can watch the video down below.

BTS: Other Than Music

BTS is known for its music worldwide. At the moment, they are the best boyband in the world, and we don’t see any reason not to believe it. With their music, lyrics, social messages, and the power to heal others with music, they surely deserve to be number one.

The boys love thier fans and keep on blessing them with new content. Whether it’s Vlives, Twitter interactions, photoshoots, MV’s, and songs, they always keep in touch. Apart from this, they also provide Armys with thier real self with clips in the forms of Packages and variety shows like Run BTS. BTS has completed more than Run BTS episodes, and if you want a good laugh, we will recommend you to watch them.

BTS consists of seven members- Kim Nam-Joon/Rm, Kim Seok-Jin, Min Yoon-Gi/ Suga, Jung Ho-Seok/ J-Hope, Park Ji-Min, Kim Tae-hyung/V, and Jeon Jung Kook.

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