How to Watch To Your Eternity Season 2 Episodes? Streaming Guide

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To Your Eternity season2
Fushi fighting the bear to save March

Yoshitoki Oima leaves no chance to play with our emotions. She breaks our hearts into a thousand pieces with her works. While the audience was still recovering from the after-effects of A Silent Voice, she wrote another heart-wrenching piece called To Your Eternity. After the release of the first season, anime lovers questioned all their emotions and sobbed like a baby.

While the audience was still recovering from the first season, the season two release was announced. This season will hurt more than heart breaks. Hold onto your tears and start shielding your heart because, like season one, the next season is going to be more dramatic.

To Your Eternity twists and churn your every emotion, and it was very clear from the release of the first episode of the first season you can’t afford to bond with any character of the series because it will hurt you more.

They all end up dying the most unfortunate deaths. To Your Eternity is based on a story of an immortal being, Fushi, created by a god-like creature called the Beholder. It can take the form of any living entity and use its respective abilities at will. 

Unlike A Silent Voice, To Your Eternity mainly focuses on the main characters’ future, not their past lives. Fushi becomes a moral being after interacting with different humans during his journey.

Oima has the best ability to bring different and complex human emotions into her characters. To Your Eternity received lots of awards and appreciated its production worldwide. It also received constructive criticism for losing its core value in some of the first season’s episodes but mainly received positive responses.  

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To Your Eternity Season One: Summary

Fushi is cast down to the human realm by the Beholder, where he ends up forming bonds with different people while wandering different parts of the earth. He soon discovers that he has the power to take anyone’s form at his will after they die if, before dying, he had made any physical contact with them.

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Fushi turns himself into various forms until he meets Joaan, a white-haired boy who lives with his wolf. After Joaan dies, Fushi takes his form and starts moving toward Ninannah, where he meets a young girl called March, who is way more mature than her age. 

To Your Eternity season2
Fushi takes the form of Joaan.

  March teaches Fushi basic human language and actions. March was offered as a human sacrifice to a large white bear called Oniguma, but Fushi fights the bear and saves March. March, along with her older sister-like figure Parona, decides to leave with Fushi.

 March dies while trying to save Parona from Hayase’s attacks, who also has imprisoned Pioran. In between all this, Hayase comes across Fushi and develops a weird obsession with him, and decides she has to have him for herself. After March’s death, she turns into a spirit, and Fushi parts ways with Parona and leaves with Pioran.

Pioran takes him to his hometown called, Takunaha, and Fushi starts speaking like a child. There was warned by Beholder about the creature called Nokker. It’s a plant-like creature that can steal Fushi’s memories and souls. Fushi ends up killing it and regaining all his memories. 

To Your Eternity season2
Fushi with his friend Guru

In Takunaha, Fushi meets a disfigured boy called Guru, who gets into an accident while saving Rean, the daughter of the local lord. Guru saves Fushi from another Nokker attack, and they become friends. For four years, Fushi does not change his form to live like a normal human being. Later, Guru is killed by an armored Nokker, which leaves Fushi heartbroken.

Guru turns into a spirit like March, and Fushi decides to leave Takunaha for good. Pioran, who could not leave him alone in the world, decides to follow him. Cruel and obsessed, Hayase can’t let go of Fushi and cooks a plan to lure him into her trap so that she can have him with her forever.

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She pays a girl name Tanori to lure Fushi and Pioran to her prison ship, where Pioran gets captured, and Fushi has to win the gladiatorial tournament to free Pioran. At the last level, he faces his worst enemy, none other than Hayase, and she tells him that it is her who is also called Parona, which makes Fushi very furious, but Hayase defeats him, and she captures him.

She even tries to rape him, which makes Tanori feel bad for Fushi, and she and her friends decide to free him. Nokker finds Fushi and attacks, but he saves himself and leaves Hayase for an unknown island with the other Nokker. But she was saved by a man, and she even killed him. Fushi reunites with Pioran and travels to an uninhabited island but soon discovers that Pioran is suffering from dementia. 

To Your Eternity season2
Fushi is living with Pioran in an uninhabitable land.

This really breaks the heart of the audience. Fushi is only left with one good friend but will also lose her soon. Pioran, on her death bed, requests the almighty and powerful Beholder that she wishes to be next to Fushi even after her death. Beholder ensures her, and she turns into a spirit who is later reborn as a beautiful horse and continues to be next to Fushi as a dutiful animal for the next four decades.  

To Your Eternity Season 2: Release Date

After the heart-wrenching first season, fans were waiting for the announcement of the second season. The official trailer was out a few months, and since then, it has left the audience with utter anticipation of when it will release. 

It was officially announced to be released on 23 October 2022 worldwide. We should start grabbing all the tissue paper from the nearest supermarkets because this season, it will be more dramatic and intense.    

To Your Eternity Season 2: Where to watch?

Need a good cry session, and you need to watch the second season of To Your Eternity. For all those fans who are still searching for where to watch season two, do not worry. We can help you out. All the episodes of season two, To Your Eternity, will be available on its official streaming platform Crunchyroll.

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 All the episodes will be available on both Japanese dubs and English dubs in Crunchyroll, according to your preference. But if you still haven’t seen the first season of To Your Eternity, then you can also find it on Netflix along with Crunchyroll.

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