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Olgami Chapter 159: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

Olgami Chapter 159
CC: Olgami Franchise

Olgami Chapter 159 will take longer than usual to come out as another season has come to an end for the series. Han has come on a long journey from just being a driver who got involved with the supernatural.

Yansu sent her life down a spiral after he killed her friend and later turned her into a vampire. To say things are complicated between them would be an understatement; they are enemies trying to hunt each other and live for another day.

Things in the series start to get complicated as more and more people start to get involved. One of the characters that made things complicated in particular was the child Grim. Grim was an emotional support for Han, and she thought of him as a little that she must protect at all costs.

The relationship between the two developed as the series went on, but Grim’s existence made Han question her humanity. Grim is a Half-Human Half-Vampire that can deal with things Han had a hard time dealing with. His existence was the one that made her subconsciously accept her weakness as a human being.

Olgami Chapter 159

CC: Olgami Franchise

Olgami Chapter 158 Recap

Olgami Chapter 158 had been out for a few months, and the issue has left quite an impression as the new sage of Han, and Yansu is about to begin. They have been Prey (Han) and predator (Yansu), enemies, and associates, and now they are about to cross the boundary of lovers. Or so it seems, throughout the series, one thing has remained, Yansu’s ability to manipulate. One would think that his vampire abilities would make him dangerous, but his words bring trouble for everyone.

Yansu, his usual self, tried to push Han to her moral limits and see what she would do when met with an old face. Han has some idea on how to deal with Yansu after being in the bout with him for so long.

However, the person she met had been part of Han for some time, and at a critical time, they abandoned her. To Yansu, this was all drama that he usually craves, and if Han chickened, he would have something to tease her about. But Han dealt with it harshly, albeit she didn’t kill her.

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Olgami Chapter 159 Spoilers

Olgami Chapter 159 will continue further in the story after Han has been through another breaking point at the demise of Yansu. Her recent encounter left an exploitable mark on her by the vampire, and he made sure that he would get her crying again, a contrast to how she was acting before.

Yansu likes being the one to be with the power, not physical power but psychological prowess. He toys with people to feel better about himself, and his manipulative tactics make sure that he gets to have his way. As for Han, she is in for another abyss as she almost lost herself to Yansu in just a few exchange words. Would she have recovered by the time we see her again?

Olgami Chapter 159

CC: Olgami Franchise

What is the release date for Olgami Chapter 159?

Olgami Chapter 159 will come out as part of the next season after the break. The author is a little burnout from all the work and is on a break for a short while. They will return with more chapters ready in the future so as to avoid an abrupt break in the future. We expect the manga to continue from April 2023 again.

For the time being, you can read (or binge read) Manhwas that are similar to Solo Leveling; the series is getting adapted for anime and will be available on Crunchyroll in the future. You might also use these Rom-Com manhwas that are good for a change of pace. 

Where to read Olgami Chapter 159?

Olgami Chapter 159 will be available to read on Webtoons. For a series similar to this, read our article about Oshi No Ko, a series that explored the life of a reincarnated man who has been reborn as the child of his favorite Idol only to see her getting killed later on. You will also like to read about Boy’s Abyss, the series tells. 

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