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Pointless Season 28 Episode 2: Release Date and Streaming Guide

Pointless Opening Theme
Pointless Opening Theme

One of the most watched British television quiz shows, Pointless, premiered on August 24, 2009. Within the first few episodes of its launch, this show gained so much popularity that a new season of Pointless has been announced and will begin airing its episode on 12th September 2002. With new episodes coming out one after another, Pointless has caught the attention of the viewers. Since the release of the new episode, the audience has been curious and eager to know when the next episode of Pointless Season 28 will be released. 

In this article, we will learn more about this show, and the rules of the game and therefore answer the question in demand: When will Pointless season 28 episode 2 release? We will also look into the various streaming options available to watch this series.

What’s Pointless all about?

British television quiz program Pointless is created by Remarkable Television, a Banijay subsidiary, for the BBC. Alexander Armstrong is the MC. The victorious team is then eligible to participate in the series’ cash jackpot. Each episode has 4 teams of two persons searching for the right yet difficult solutions to 4 matches of basic intelligence questions. Every inquiry made on the program is factual in nature and was made by a jury of 100 people in a previously conducted public poll.

Alexander Armstrong from Pointless

Alexander Armstrong from Pointless

Each survey respondent who provided a proper response receives one point, and the goal is to receive the lowest possible score. The best answers are those that are “pointless,” or correct answers that no one who was surveyed provided. The prize grows by £250 for every useless response given throughout the main game, and the duo that advances to the last round has three opportunities to win it by providing one such answer.

What are the Rules of the game?

Each of the 100 participants will get 100 seconds before the program to address questions that will be posed to the competitors. One point is awarded to each individual who provided that response. Teams must earn a point as minimal as possible to stay in the round since the group with the maximum points gets eliminated at the end of each round. When they respond inanely, money is deposited into a jackpot that may be won at the conclusion of the show.

The only time the teams can communicate during these rounds is if there is a tie between the highest total points scored by two teams and further answers are needed to break it. All of the surviving teams points are set to zero for the subsequent elimination round, and the procedure is repeated.

When will Pointless Season 28 Episode 2 Release?

Pointless season 28 episode 2 is scheduled to release on Tuesday, 13th September, 2022, with its subsequent episodes releasing every following day. The official Synopsis of Pointless season 28 episode 2 goes as follows: The quiz where participants attempt to receive the fewest number of points possible by utilizing their basic knowledge to arrive at the unheard-of solutions. Alexander Armstrong and Sally Lindsay serve as the hosts.

Still from Pointless Season 27

Still from Pointless Season 27

In forthcoming episodes, Alexander will be joined by Alex Brooker, Sally Lindsay, Stephen Mangan, Lauren Laverne, Ed Gamble.  and Konnie Huq.  Richard will still check in on Saturdays once a week to ensure that everything is running smoothly, but apart from that, Alexander will be the one welcoming new Pointless pals and guiding them through the process.

Where to Watch Pointless?

Pointless is  available on BBC One and Britbox. For 7 days, you can sample BBC Select without charge. The subscription costs only $4.99 per month after the free trial. Britbox provides yearly and monthly membership options. Annual memberships are always less expensive than the monthly option over the course of a year compared to monthly subscriptions. Talking about the prices, Bribox costs $7.99 a month, or $79.99 annually. You can watch any BritBox show you want as long as you have a membership.

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