Unidentified Mysterious Girlfriend (UMG) Review: A Perfect Blend Of Sci-Fi And Romance

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UMG series
UMG series poster Credits: GMMTV

UMG: Unidentified Mysterious Girlfriend is a Thai TV series written by Mook Jarinee Thanomyat and Methus Sirinawin starring Nanon, Namtan, and Milk Pansa as the main leads mew, Fahsai, and Erng. The series is airing on GMMtV network every Sunday; the third episode will be released on 26th March 2023. You can catch the series on YouTube.

To have your first love disappear for a long time and then suddenly come back is mysterious, but to have her come back in the same attire is more mysterious. Anyway, the reappearance of a girl after ten years and her change in demeanor cause worry and curiosity. The series will try to find the reasons for all the questions that may arise when encountering such a situation. 

Recap of Unidentified Mysterious Girlfriend (UMG)

The series begins with a little boy trying to get a toy for a little girl from the claw machine. As the story progresses, we know that the little boy is Mew and the little girl is Erng, Mew’s childhood friend and first love. Then the scene switches to the future where Mew, now grown up, helps a girl out because a boy with her seemed to make her uncomfortable. This results in a fight between the two men. 

But, the Fight and an assignment they have pending lead Mew and his friend to the mystery club, where the club members are interested in Aliens and Monsters that do not exist. The advisor of the club is their professor, Kit. And the other two club members are O and Fahsai(the girl Mew rescued at the beginning of the episode). 

UMG series, Mew and Fahsai meet again. (Credits: GMMTV)

The club members introduce themselves and their area of interest; Fahsai’s main focus is to prove the existence of Aliens; meanwhile, O believes in monsters. They both believe the mysterious disappearance of a girl is related to either of these.

When the disappearing girl is mentioned, we can see Mew getting frustrated. Finally, he leaves the club after disproving all their reasons for believing in the existence of monsters and aliens.

Later, Fahsai meets Mew in the arcade again and finds out that he got fired for getting into the Fight, and Fahsai feels thankful and apologetic. He convinces him to get food with her and swears she is not here to convince him to join the club. 

Finally, after a bit of chemistry and sparks of a possible romance, we see him getting shaken up, and then she suddenly takes his picture. The next day we realized that the picture that Fahsai took was of her filling out his application form to join the club without his knowledge. 

As planned, the five go to a nearby forest to watch a meteor shower, hoping to get footage of aliens or monsters. It is believed that aliens use meteor showers as cover to explore the earth. 

They reached the place and set up camp, but the professor had to leave immediately, so the four were left alone. Since there is plenty of time before the meteor shower, O and Jack nap. 

Fahrai decides to explore the forest and find evidence of the existence of Aliens all on her own, Mew tries to stop her, but she tricks him. Then in the red light, she sees a figure that doesn’t look human, so she thinks it’s an alien. Turn out it was just a made-up alien trap to scare people off. 

Then she comes across an abandoned building deep in the forest and braces herself to face any attack. But, instead of aliens, she gets scared by Mew, who finds her. 

Fahsai gets suspicious of Mew because he found her right at this spot and asks him if he was the boy who got rescued the day the girl went missing ten years ago. Yes, he is. 

We then hear about Earng and Mew’s friendship and the circumstances that lead to her disappearance. And how he feels guilty to this day, Fahsai consoles him. 

The next day a mishap happens, and the duo gets lost, and Mew injures his leg. Meanwhile, Jack and O, who wake up late, realize they slept through the alarm. Jack gets a phone call from Mew stating they are lost. 

We also see, again, sparks of romance fly between Mew and Fahsai as they try to find their way to the campsite. They finally find a way through marking in the tree made by Erng and Mew when they were kids and reach the camp safely.

 But they could not find O and Jack there, as they went in search of Mew and Fahsai and got lost. Mr. Kit finds them, and the trio encounters a figure with long hair hiding behind the rock. 

Their ghost story is not taken into account by Mew, but in the video cam, he notices that the marks on the trees are fresh. Thus he goes back to the abandoned building, a haven for Mew and Erng when they were kids, and guess who visits him?

Review of  Unidentified Mysterious Girlfriend (UMG)

I am excited to watch how the story will turn out. The show seems to have a storyline to focus on, and that too related to aliens. This concept is something we don’t usually see in Asian dramas, and hence I am apprehensive about it too. I hope they don’t butcher the storyline in the future. 

The acting has been pretty good so far. The only other series that I have watched featuring Nanon is Bad Buddy, and his acting in that is commendable. He is doing a really good job with his character here too. The female lead, recently seen in My Dear Donovan, is doing a good job too. In short, all the actors do justice to their characters.

UMG series cast (Credits: GMMTV)

Also, plus point, Nanon looks cool in his character, especially with those glasses. I hope they don’t ditch it midway. Fahsai is also very cool in her enthusiastic mission to find aliens. But her emotional attachment to the need to find aliens feel weird. 

I also wanted to shout out to Sing, who plays the character O, I was expecting a serious character when I saw him first, but he is doing a funny character. This was unexpected because he did a really good job in Not Me, and his character was a villain, so I thought he would stick to that dynamic.

Drake plays the character Jack; he is the funny character along with O, which provides comic relief, mainly. The chemistry between Fahsai and Mew is slowly building up, and we are not even sure if they are the main couple. The scenes were not funny or innovative, but you get a good chuckle. 

All the characters have good synergy when they get together. I am not sure if the show can be categorized as light-hearted, but there are a lot of funny moments, at least in the released episodes. So it can be watched by weak-hearted ones who can’t stand angst.

Also, I feel a love triangle between Mew, Fahsai, and Erng on the way. This could be an intuition, but I wonder how it will play out. I also await the dynamic and chemistry between Mew and Erng. Because they are each other’s first love, though they were kids, there will be unresolved feelings.

UMG series Episode 3 preview (Credits: GMMTV)

But more importantly, I am extremely curious about what happened to Erng; how was she still wearing the same outfit she went missing? Many questions will be addressed in the coming episodes so that I will tune in for the show. 

Based on my opinion and preference, I will give this show a 4.1 out of 5. I want to give it a 4.5, but it is too early for that commitment. If you are hesitant to watch this drama, do it for Nanon. That boy knows what he is doing. I will be tuning in for future episodes, which is a good sign.

Our Rating: ⭐ (4.1/5).

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