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Preview: Date A Live Season 4

Date A Live Season 4 Release Date

‘Date A Live’ is rom-com sci-fi anime that has been adapted by the light novel of the name name. This light novel was Illustrated by Tsunako and written by Kōshi Tachibana. The light novel series ended on March 19, 2020, with 22 volumes. Whereas a manga adapted from it, soon saw its end after the 4th volume. It started in 2012 but, mangaka Kakashi Oniyazyu suffered from health problems causing the series to be canceled. When ‘Date A Live’ Season 1 came out on 6 April 2016, it was quick to become popular. And later the anime was even renewed for a second and third season. Now, the fans of the anime are waiting for the fourth season, and rightly so, they can rejoice as the release is quite imminent.

‘Date A Live’ starts off with an explosion that took place thirty years ago, known as Spacequake. The show is quick to describe the world as one plagued with Spirits that have been responsible for this phenomenon. This Spacequake caused a huge disaster, killing almost 150 million people when it first struck Eurasia. But even now, nothing has changed as Spacequakes still take place as one hits Tokyo.

Shido Itsuka, the protagonist of the series, who lives with his sister, rushes in to save her during this Spacequake but he gets caught in the middle of the havoc. During this, a girl comes to him who was a powerful being from another world. She was a spirit and they were the cause for the Spacequakes. Shido learns that there are two ways to stop a spirit, to kill them or make them love you. That in itself was a life-threatening date that would be relied upon for the safety of people on Earth.

Shido and Kotori

Later, he finds out that his sister Kotori is a recruit of Ratatoskr, an organization that works to seal Spirits’ powers to save mankind. But, there is another group too known as the Anti-Spirit Team that is determined to annihilate Spirits. Ratatoskr intends to stop Spirits but in no way they want to harm them. Unlike them, Anti-Spirit Team plans to annihilate the spirits from existence. This struggle between the groups becomes interesting as Shido becomes the focal point of the plot.

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‘Date A Live’ Season 4 Release Date

‘Date a Live’ Season 3 ended on 29 March 2019 with its 12 episodes. As for Season 4, the anime was announced to be in production. This was again met with another leak provided by Spytrue on 11 October 2020, who claimed that ‘Date A Live’ Season 4 was in production and was set to release in Spring 2021. But as of now, neither J.C. Staff nor any other company has officially confirmed for the production to be ongoing. Therefore, the release date cannot be confirmed to be true as of yet. If the above leak is to be considered true for the fourth season to be released in Spring 2021, an announcement should soon take place. If not, it may be released at a later date in the year.

Shido and Kotori

Still from ‘Date A Live’ Anime.

The delays in productions might have been caused due to the ongoing pandemic. However, Mangaka, Kõshi Tachibana had tweeted on 16 March 2020, that the main story had now been complete but he refrained from giving any details on the release date. Now that the lockdowns are easing up, it is only a matter of time before the ‘Date a Live’ returns with Season 4. The coronavirus has definitely caused delays but we can expect ‘Date A Live’ Season 4 to release somewhere around the spring or summer of 2021.

Where to watch ‘Date A Live’?

Episodes by ‘Date A Live’ were available on Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, AnimeLab, Netflix, and Funimation. So, it can be presumed that Season 4 will also be airing on these platforms.

‘Date A Live’ Season 4 Preview

Judging from the previous seasons, ‘Date A Live’ Season 4 is expected to adapt light novel volumes 13 to 15. However, they might go to the previous volumes to entail fluid storytelling. As Shido meets his 9th Spirit, Nia, he plans out a way to make her fall in love with him. For this, he takes her to an otaku date. But, as it happens, Nia makes it very clear that she has never fallen in love with anything but 2D things. Nia’s angel is omniscient, a being that has knowledge of everything in the world from every existing and created timeline. Also, judging from the light novels themselves, Season 4 is expected to focus more on the story arcs about Mukuro Hoshimiya and Nia Honjou.

Shido and Kotori

Nia Honjou

The prospect of ‘Date A Live’ Season 4 is both welcomed and dreaded by its fans. At first, the anime was produced by AIC Plus+, later which was handed over to Production IMS, and later, it was handed over to J.C. Staff. So, as there is no announcement yet, the fans have no idea which studio will be producing the 4th season.

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