What Happened To Darrell Ward? Ice Road Truckers’ Death Cause Revealed

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What Happened To Darrell Ward
Darrell Ward (CC: CBS)

Do you know what happened to Darrell Ward? Yes, we are talking about the Ice Road Truckers star, who still makes headlines for various reasons, despite his death. That’s how prominent he has always been. Darrell was always fond of being a truck driver. He passed away several years ago. Still, not everyone knows the cause of his sudden demise. What went wrong? Before that, let’s briefly discuss Darrell Ward’s prominence. 

Starting from the basics, Darrell Ward was an incredible television personality who rose to fame after appearing in Ice Road Truckers. The show aired on History Channel. He joined the show in Season 6 in 2012. In case you don’t know, Darrell used to hail from Deer Lodge, Montana. Right before joining the show, he had an experience for more than three decades of driving from Montana to Alaska. That too in bad weather. 

Being Darrell Ward’s follower, you must be well aware of his motto. It said, “Any road, any load.” Well, it fits his personality too. Besides truck driving, he was very much into hunting, fishing, and dirt biking. 

Coming back to Darrell Ward’s sudden death, the Ice Road Truckers fans were left in shock. It was a premature death, as he passed away at the age of 52. But how did it happen? Did Darrell suffer from any illness? If you are looking for what happened to Darrell Ward, here is what we know. 

What Happened To Darrell Ward
Darrell Ward: The Ice Road Truckers cast (CC: Us Weekly)

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Darrell Ward’s Death Cause: What Happened? 

No. Darrell Ward didn’t suffer from any illness. Then, what happened? The Ice Road Truckers star passed away in a plane crash. So, it was an accident that took him away from us. The incident took place on 28 August 2016 at Rock Creek, Montana. 

Talking more about the plane crash incident, Darrell Ward was on his way. He was in a single-engined Cessna 182 Skylane, along with the pilot, Mark Melotz. It was the time when the plane was about to take a landing attempt at a nearby airstrip in Rock Creek, Montana. Not to forget to mention, it departed from Missoula nearly 53 minutes before the crash. 

Darrell Ward was very much entertaining and outgoing. Because of his nature, people loved him a lot. Initially, nobody could believe the news of his tragic death. Darrell was indeed one of the significant members of the show. Everyone from the channel was badly devastated by his loss.

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It was reported that Darrell Ward traveled on that day to meet his fans at The Great American Truck Show in Dallas. Little did you know, the TV star was about to shoot a pilot for his new documentary. Talking a bit about the show, it included the recovery of plane wrecks. 

Well, Darrell Ward was very much inclined towards his family. The truck driver loved his kids and grandkids quite a lot. His family members were badly shocked when they came to know about his death.

It still feels very bad to accept that Darrell Ward is no more alive. However, his legacy is still believed to be existing. 

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