Who Is Timon Krause’s Partner? Let’s Dance Star’s Love Interest

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Who Is Timon Krause's Partner
Timon Krause (CC: Facebook)

Who is Timon Krause’s partner? Yes, we are talking about the Let’s Dance star who is currently making headlines, where fans are showing their eagerness concerning his love life. Looking at how famous, and talented he has become, not to forget to mention his good looks, the speculation is pretty much obvious. So, what do you think? Before that, let’s briefly discuss a bit about who Timon Krause is. 

Before being a part of Let’s Dance 2023, Timon Krause used to serve as the mentalist and book author. Born on 28 June 1994, Timon hails from Moers, North Rhine-Westphalia. When it comes to his education, he studied philosophy at a renowned educational institution in Amsterdam. Back in 2014, Timon Krause earned the title of ‘Dutch Master of Mental Magic.’ 

Little did you know, Timon is also regarded as the Best European Mentalist. That’s all because of his immense hardcore practice with mentalism. Not to forget to mention, only one date has been fixed for his “Mind Games” program, this year. It is reported to take place on 10 August. Not to forget to mention, Timon previously starred in Joko & Klaas gegen ProSieben.

Coming back to Timon Krause’s personal life, the Let’s Dance star likes to keep it low-key. He doesn’t prefer flaunting his love life and stays tight-lipped, whenever asked, during the interviews. As it seems, he always shows up busy with his work. What do you think? If you are looking for who Timon Krause’s partner is, here is what we know. 

Who Is Timon Krause's Partner
Timon Krause: The Let’s Dance star (CC: Youtube)

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Timon Krause’s Partner: Who Is She? 

Talking about his love interest, Timon Krause’s partner is reported to be Sarah Fuchs. Who is she? Well, Sarah is a professional photographer and prefers keeping herself away from the media’s attention. Both live in Berlin together and seem to have just celebrated their fifth anniversary. 

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Timon Krause’s partner, Sarah Fuchs also seems to be a private person. Both are perfect match. As mentioned already, the Let’s Dance star always seems to be busy, while traveling across the world, for his mind game tours. With her, he often posts pictures on social media, from which it’s evident how they are badly in love with each other. 

Because of how well they have maintained secrecy, we are unsure if Timon Krause and Sarah Fuchs have exchanged their vows. What about their fifth anniversary then? Nowadays, the couple also celebrates their relationship, each year. It can be that as well. We wonder if Timon is married. But, one thing is confirmed. The Let’s Dance star is happily taken and is leading a blissfully happy life with his partner. 

Who Is Timon Krause's Partner
Timon Krause (CC: Youtube)

After knowing about Timon Krause being already taken, some of you may get a bit disappointed. Well, we need to accept what’s true, no matter how harsh it is. It’s not just his handsome looks but also his cute dancing skills that have lately mesmerized thousands of people, worldwide. 

Best Wishes to Timon Krause for the upcoming days of his life. We would like to learn more about his relationship with Sarah. Make sure, you follow Timon, on his Instagram account, for more updates.

As the days pass by, we are hopeful that Timon would reveal more about his long-time partner, Sarah. On the other hand, we believe Timon would achieve more success. It is understandable that he has earned quite a lot at this very young age. Things are great, as of now. It’s just the beginning. 

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