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Why Did Stavros Halkias Leave The Cum Town Podcast?

Why Did Stavros Halkias Leave the Cum Town Podcast?
Why Did Stavros Halkias Leave the Cum Town Podcast?

Stavros Halkias said he wants freedom and wants to do whatever he wants to do. Cum Town is a comedy podcast hosted by New York comedians Adam Friedland, Nick Mullen, and Stavros Halkias. It started out in 2016. On June 25, 2022, Stavros Halkias took it to social media to announce his departure from the show, leaving a lot of supporters and fans upset and not knowing what would the future of the podcast would look like.

So, why did Stavros Halkias leave the Cum Town podcast? We will try to answer this question. But let’s advance an answer, it’s a little complicated because it has to do with Halkias’ personal ego, fame, and aspirations. And those aspirations are in direct confrontation with what he’s been doing in the podcast. Now, without further ado, let’s take a deeper dive at why did Cum town leave the Cum Town podcast unfinished.

Why Did Stavros Halkias Leave the Cum Town Podcast?

Stavros Halkias will now fly solo because he wants to do his own thing.

What Is The Cum Town Podcast?

The cum town podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by comedians Nick Mullen and Stavros Halkias. The show features a variety of guests, most of whom are comedians, and covers an array of topics, including sex, relationships, news, and pop culture. The cum town podcast has been praised for its frank and open discussion of sex, and has been called “the most explicit podcast on the internet.” The show has also been praised for its humor and ability to appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Who Is Stavros Halkias?

Tavros attended the public Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, where he played football. He attended The University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He stated on the podcast Digression Sessions that he was only a few credits away from graduating. Halkias began performing stand-up comedy while a student at UMBC. He also hosted a monthly comedy concert at the venue. He afterward relocated to New York City. He has since been on several podcasts and radio programs. He has co-hosted the basketball podcast Pod Don’t Lie with Sam Morril since 2019. The well-known comedian released his first comedy show, Live At The Lodge Room, on his YouTube channel in 2022.

Why Did Stavros Halkias Leave The Cum Town Podcast?

For one part Stavros Halkias seems to be focusing more on his stand-up career. Just recently he dropped a comedy special titled “Live at the Lodge Room”, which sits over two million views. Coupled with a few appearances on other podcasts, the man decided to let it rip and sideboard his colleagues from Cum Town and let everybody know just how unhappy he was at the Cum Town podcast. Furthermore, Halkias wants to have more freedom. And he simply felt that the podcast was too constraining.

In three different podcasts and networks —MSG Network, IFC, and Comedy Central— Halkias expressed how unhappy he was, that he didn’t like doing the podcast anymore and that the Cum Town podcast would simply stop running. Yet, on June 25, 2022, he decided to call it quits. Now, will Cum Town replace him? Or is it the end for the trio? One thing is for certain, there will be a before and after for Halkiass, Mullen and Friedland if that podcast concludes. It’s the show that put them in the spotlight and sent them into stardom.

Why Did Stavros Halkias Leave the cum town podcast?

Stavros Halkias in a podcast

Will the Cum Town Podcast Continue After Halkias Departure?

Though Halkias said goodbye to the Cum Town Podcast, there are still two other members and a loyal audience. So, it’s very probable that Nick Mullen and Adam Friedland will pick up things from where they left off without the fat comedian. Moreover, it won’t be the first time the two of them record a show without him being present. But it will be the first time for them that they will have to take the podcast as a duo instead of a trio, the format that made them rise to fame. With this, we conclude our coverage of this topic here at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention, keep browsing our website for more entertainment-related content. Happy streaming and see you soon.

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