Scream 6 Ending Explained: Will Sam Be The Ghostface In Scream 7?

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Scream 7
Sam holding Ghostface mask (CC: Paramount)

Scream 6 follows the survivors of Scream 5 as they move from New York to college. Everyone’s doing OK, for the most part. We have the twins Mindy and Chad trying to move on from Scream 5 and trying to be a part of the core four. Which Speaking of we have Tara, trying to not allow the events from the previous film to find her.

But then that leaves us with Sam who’s not doing that well as she’s traumatized after killing her boyfriend Richie in the last movie. As we know that was self-defense. But then you add that she might have enjoyed it, which I enjoyed, that the film has carried over her mental state from Scream Five into this new film. But then to make matters worse, the Internet has become convinced that Sam set up Richie and was the one that actually made all the killings and Scream 5.

Scream 6 Ending Explained

So that brings us to the Scream 6 Ending, which was definitely paying homage to Scream 2. And there are so many different homages to all the different various Scream movies, but definitely a Scream 2 vibe. And the film even mentions how much this feels like Scream 2 with the characters in college, the Randy and Evan scene. But then this scene right here taking place on a stage in a theater was literally taken out of Scream 6.

But again, I appreciated all the Easter eggs and the references to all the other films. But getting into the scene we are at this abandoned movie theater that Richie has converted into a shrine for Ghostface and we get the reveal of the actual killers and they are revealed to be Richie’s family. Starting off, we have Richie’s father, Wayne Bailey, who was the detective in the movie

Scream 6 Ending Explained
Ghostface in the bodega (CC: Paramount)

Now, I’m going to put my hat in the ring as far as who was the Ghostface killers and the killing moments of this movie. I believe Wayne Bailey was the Ghostface killer in the Bodega scene. Because #1, the way that the Ghostface killer was able to handle that shotgun, to me seems like the police would be able to do that because he’s obviously had the training and doing so.

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Then that brings us to Richie’s brother Ethan, who I do believe was the Ghostface killer in the apartment scene. Because Quinn was accounted for it. We know that the detective wasn’t on the scene at the moment. So I definitely believe that that was Ethan in the apartment.

Leaves us with Richie’s sister and that is Quinn, who I definitely think was the Ghostface in the Gale scene. And I think she even says so much so in this finale when she says it felt so good stabbing Gale. So let me know what you all think the different Ghostface killers were in the movie.

Who Killed Sam’s Therapist?

But then I can’t put my finger on who was the therapist killer. Who killed Sam’s therapist? And this is where I want to kind of share a little bit of a theory with you all. And I think it would have been cool if this happened. But we all know that the killer was leaving the mask behind after they killed someone. And when they killed Sam’s therapist, the killer left the 2011 mask which was a part of their plan leading up to the finale.

After killing the therapist they took Sam’s file and I assume they did so to put that file online to kind of build more fuel on the fire of the conspiracy of Sam being the killer. But wouldn’t have been so interesting if they’d left the killer a mystery in that scene. Making us believe as an audience that there’s maybe a secret killer that they didn’t reveal and might be the killer in Scream 7.

Scream 6 Ending Explained
Sam’s Therapist (CC: Paramount)

Or stick with me here. Wouldn’t have been cool if they would have left it up for us to think that maybe Sam killed her own therapist? I mean, there’s a little bit of substance behind that, if you think about it. Because the therapist was gonna report her after they had their conversation in that opening scene. So something to think about if Sam had killed her therapist. But let me know who you all think was the actual killer when killing Sam’s therapist in that scene.

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Scream 6 Ghostface Reveal Similar To Scream 2

But we find out that they have all been driven by grief, very similar to Mrs. Loomis and Scream 2. And Wayne taking advantage of his kids was very similar to her taking advantage of Derek.

But we learned that they were actually the ones to start the rumor that Sam was the killer and they even took on the secret identities to become the roommates of our core four. And Richie’s father, who again was a police officer, which made it so easy for him to get so close to the victim.

So a lot of the stuff made sense. But if I’m being honest with you all, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this actual Ghostface killer reveal. One, because it did feel so familiar to Scream 2. But also, with Richie’s death being so well known in public, I just found it so hard to believe that no one was able to piece together the connection between Richie and his family, especially with his dad being a cop.

And also the film even alludes to how Gale, such a great reporter, I would have thought that she would have made those connections that he was actually connected to that family.

Scream 6 Explained
Gale on the phone (CC: Paramount)

But honestly, also, I wasn’t the biggest fan of acting at that moment. And then if you look at their plan on how they were gonna frame Sam and killing her sister and then killing her, to me just didn’t really make that much sense.

And also, the whole angle of Richie’s family being in complete denial of him being a serial killer. And then hangs the father of Richie, acknowledging that he knew his son was the killer. And that he helped him and building the Ghostface shrine in the first place. I’m just gonna say it, it wasn’t my cup of tea.

Sam Will Be The Ghostface In Scream 7?

But it was actually kind of safe for me in this Scream 6 Ending because we see some of the best kills in the movie where Tara is taking the knife and twisting it in Ethan’s mouth. And then followed up by Curry throwing a TV at him. This was a call back to Stu’s death in Scream 1. I love that kills so much, by the way.

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But then we topped that with seeing Sam claiming her second and third body since Scream 5 with her shooting Quinn clean in the head. And then having the best final girl dressed up as a Ghostface killer moment of this franchise as she kills Bailey and stabs him a crazy amount of times. This I think was good because it was probably making up for all the craziness that his family put her through.

At the film’s end, we see Sam has agreed to allow Tara to live her life independently. And we also see Tara agrees to go to therapy and she needs because there’s a lot of stuff going on in these last two movies.

Scream 6 Explained
Sam and Tara (CC: Paramount)

But we also find out that Chad, Mindy, and Kirby were all taken to the hospital as we see Sam staring at her father’s Mask. She ultimately throws it on the floor, and I’m very curious if anyone will pick up that mask.

Scream 6 Post Credits Scene Explained

Then in the Scream 6 post-credit scene, we see Mindy declaring that not all movies either post-credit scenes. This I thought was hilarious because the continues the monologue that she had about how this film was dealing with the rules of horror and different franchises. So I do like that post-credit. But I would have thought they would have added a really darker post-credits scene. It would have been pretty cool.

Here’s my little pitch. I personally would have loved to have seen, where maybe where you get Cindy in the mix with her visiting Gale in the hospital? Or since we know, Cindy isn’t in the movie, which we’ll talk about in a second.

What if we would have had Gale in the hospital recovering and then you have a new Ghostface killer coming into the hospital and killing her? That would have been pretty dark. But at the same time, it probably would have been very similar to how Dewey died in the hospital.

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