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Choco Milk Shake Episode 3: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Choco Milk Shake Episode 3 preview
Choco Milk Shake Episode 3: Release Date

The Choco Milk Shake episode 3 release date has finally been announced, and fans want to know everything about it. But before we move on to the Choco Milk Shake episode 3 release date and how to watch Choco Milk Shake episode 3 online, here is a little about the plot of Choco Milk Shake. This drama is produced by the LGBT film production company, Strongberry.

A man on a quest with his dog and cat is the subject of the drama “Choco Milk Shake,” which is a boys’ love fantasy romance drama. While some people might find the plot strange, most show fans thought it was highly compelling. What matters if a cat and a dog go through a rainbow bridge and then return as humans?

After losing his parents when he was 20, Jung Woo now lives alone and works part-time in his uncle’s store. One day, two people who claim to be Choco and Milk break into the house! They were the reincarnations of Choco and Milk, whom he had raised from childhood until they were killed in a high school accident. The two’s arrival launches a new beginning and the search for love.

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All You Need To Know About Choco Milk Shake’s Premise

Choco Milk Shake is said to be directed by Ahn Ji Hee. According to the makers, a Boys’ love story from Korea is now on track to dethrone Thailand as the undisputed king of creating Boys’ love and Gay romance stories and series.

Choco Milk Shake Episode 3 preview

A still from Choco Milk Shake

The show will center on Jungwoo and his two dogs, who experience strange transformations and start to appear as people in front of him. While Choco and Milk have brought warmth into Jungwoo’s formerly lonely life, the drama shows how Jungwoo adjusts to the new situation and develops a new romance with Choco.

What Happened In “Choco Milk Shake” So Far?

We see that the introductory episode introduces us to two men. These two odd men One day just burst through the doors. They identify as Milk, Jungwoo’s childhood cat, and “Choco,” his childhood pet dog. Because Milk and Choco follow him everywhere, Jungwoo goes mad.

When Choco and Milk finally arrived at Jungwoo’s workplace, he began questioning why Milk and Coco had returned as people. Can Jungwoo put his trust in these oddly attractive men?

Everything Fans Need To Know About the Characters & Cast Of Choco Milk Shake 

Following the release of only two episodes, Twitter is buzzing about the new Korean boys’ love drama, Choco Mik Shake. Fans have been won over by the BL drama’s swoon-worthy cast and amusing storyline from the beginning. So who is in the cast, and what characters are they playing? Here is everything you need to know.

Ko HoJung will be seen as Jung-woo. A regular young man named JungWoo suddenly lost both of his parents in an accident. He now takes part-time jobs to help pay for his living needs. Choco and Milk, the dog and cat he raised when they were pups, reappearance in JungWoo’s life as two men.

Choco Milk Shake Episode 3 preview

Jung Woo from Choco Milk Shake

Kim SeongHyeok will play the part of Milk. Milk is a charming man who formerly believed himself to be extremely precious. Lee Jae-in will play the part of Choco. Choco was once a dog, but now he is a man. He cares for Jung-woo. Park SeungBin will portray the character of Uncle. The uncle is a playboy and a gentleman in personality.

When Is The Choco Milk Shake Episode 3 Release Date?

So when is The Choco Milk Shake Episode 3 Release Date? The Choco Milk Shake episode 3 Release Date is Tuesday, November 1, 2022. Choco Milk Shake episode 3 will be uploaded on Youtube at 6:00 pm KST. This Boys’ love drama will air every Tuesday and Thursday. 

Pacific Time: 2 am PT, November 1 
Central Time: 4 am CT, November 1 
Eastern Daylight Time: 5 am ET, November 1 
British Summer Time: 10 am BST, November 1 
Europe Time: 11 am CEST, November 1 
Indian Standard Time: 2.30 pm IST, November 1 
Philippines Standard Time: 5 pm PHT, November 1 
Japanese Standard Time: 6 pm JST, November 1 
Australia Eastern Daylight Time: 6.30 pm ACST, November 1 
Singapore Standard  Time: 5 pm, November 1 

Where To Watch Choco Milk Shake Episode 3 Online?

Choco Milk Shake episode 3 and all the episodes will be uploaded at the time listed above on Strongberry’s Youtube channel. Happy streaming!

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