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Why was David Letterman Fired From His Show?


Few others can match David Letterman‘s success as a talk show host. David has carved out a lane entirely his own in the world of media, with decades of experience creating an encyclopedic understanding of interviewing and hosting individuals.

This includes his most recent Netflix project, That’s My Time with David Letterman. Despite the fact that David’s new program is performing well, he made some subtle references to getting fired early on in the broadcast, which caught some viewers off guard. So, did David depart CBS before going to work for Netflix? Here’s what we know so far.

CBS producer Robert Halderman was charged with first-degree attempted grand theft after threatening to reveal Letterman’s actions with this former intern, Stephanie Birkitt, if he did not pay him $2 million. Birkitt began working on the show at the age of 21 while still a student at Wake Forest. Letterman was 49 years old at the time. After graduating from college, Bikritt joined the CBS page program and eventually became Letterman’s assistant.

david letterman at his own show

David letterman at late night show

They became friends, and she made her first television appearance in 2002. The issue developed shortly after Birkitt quit her relationship with Halderman and left his house in 2009. It was claimed that she maintained in touch with Letterman while married to Halderman and that the producer blackmailed the presenter using her emails and diary entries.

Was David Letterman fired from CBS? 

David Letterman is poised to retire after 33 years on late-night television, and the beloved host is finally speaking up about his legendary and often stormy career. In a recent interview, Letterman says he had no influence in who would replace over as host of The Late Show, a CBS fixture he has overseen since 1993, and that he is shocked the network did not remove him years ago.

Fans may have been stunned by one of David’s first comments on his debut Netflix show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. The host introduces himself to his guests as “Dave Letterman” at the start of the first episode, adding, “I used to have a show, and then I got fired.”

In a later interview, former President Barack Obama noted, “You and I recently left long-term employment.” “We did,” Obama replied, “but I didn’t get fired.” So, was David dismissed from CBS, which has hosted his well-known talk show for decades? Not quite. Longtime viewers are certainly aware that the presenter occasionally picks on himself with his quips, and this is no exception.

david letterman with President obama

David letterman at late night show

In 2014, the late-night television star announced his departure from The Late Show. His decision had nothing to do with being fired. In actuality, David does not appear to have ever been fired from a television position. David hosted NBC’s 12:30 a.m. show from 1982 until 1993.

Late Night Conversations has had a fantastic and critically acclaimed run. After Johnny Carson retired in 1992, NBC offered Jay Leno The Tonight Show, which he accepted and left the network. He later moved on to work for CBS, and the first episode of The Late Show, which pitted David against Jay, aired in 1993.

The host, a former intern, and a show producer were all involved in a sextortion incident. “Looking back, I think they would have had good reasons to dismiss me,” Letterman said of the 2009 incident. But at the time, I was completely oblivious to what I had done. ‘OK, here’s someone who had an intimate relationship with someone he shouldn’t have had an intimate relationship with,’ it said.

He continued, saying: “‘I mean, who hasn’t?’ That was something I used to tell myself. However, when I saw the waves coming from the epicenter, I realized they could have thrown me away. They didn’t, though. As a result, I owe it to them.”

David is shaking things up again on ‘That’s My Time.’

Fans who were concerned that David’s move from nightly talk shows television to streaming platforms would have an impact on his material quality were pleasantly delighted by My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, his first Netflix attempt. With that first episode, David set a new bar for himself and Netflix by interviewing musicians, movie stars, world leaders, and others candidly.

David interviewing mike mullen

David letterman at late night show

David introduces some of the world’s finest up-and-coming stand-up comedians for conversations, chuckles, and more on That’s My Time. So far, David has interviewed Rosebud Baker, Naomi Ekperigin, and Sam Morril, and he is using his comic skills to teach people.

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