Who Is Cate Blanchett’s Boyfriend? The Love Life of Thor Ragnarok Star

Who is Cate Blanchett Dating?
Cate Blanchett.

From portraying one of the strongest villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hela, to portraying Katherine Hepburn in The Aviator, Cate Blanchett has mesmerized us over and over again. The actress’ versatile and precise performances cannot be appreciated enough. Now 52, Cate Blanchett continues to present her characters in the most gracious way. In her active years in the industry, Cate Blanchett has worked as an actress, producer, and also a theatre director. There is no one who does not recognize Cate Blanchett. Even outside her enormous fan base, she was loved and appreciated by all. Many people are quite curious about her love life. Who is Cate Blanchett dating? What is her dating history? Such questions continue to arise from time to time about the actress. Searching for your answers about Cate Blanchett? Well, we have you covered.

Cate Blanchett radiates with glamour. She is a strong-willed woman and an inspiration for many. Cate Blanchett is considered one of the most exquisite actresses. She has been nominated 7 times for the Academic Award, out of which she has won twice; once for the movie The Aviator in 2004 and the second time for the movie Blue Jasmine in 2013. Other than that, she has also won the BAFTA Award, Golden Globe Award, Screen Actor Guild Award, and many more. Behind the lens, she is an activist, lending her voice to social and environmental issues every now and then. With her way of life, she is truly a role model we should look up to.

Coming back to her love life, who is Cate Blanchett dating? Well, here is everything we know about the actress’ love interest.

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Who is Cate Blanchett Dating?

Cate Blanchett is currently in a real-life married relationship with Andrew Upton. The couple met in the 90s and have been married for over two decades. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? The award-winning actress and her equally talented playwright husband have been giving the world the Hollywood couple goals for over 22 years. But, guess what? This wasn’t the smoothest love story. In fact, the Hobit actress even narrated to the wonderful Ellen DeGeneres on her show about how the whirlwind romance swept her off the floor. Needless to say, her funny bone is a surprise as compared to her intense roles. 

As per Blanchett, she had known Upton for 17 years before they actually started dating, and until the night they began this journey, they weren’t particularly fond of each other. It was only on their first night together that the duo realized how they felt for each other. And, like a very romantic movie, they shared a kiss while playing poker. 

Cate blanchett with husband Andrew Upton
Cate Blanchett with husband, Andrew Upton.

The actress further revealed that it was day one when they played poker and shared drinks. By the third date, they were even more clear that their compatibility was more than they had analyzed. It was after three days when Upton told her that he was hungry. So, Cate prepared the worst meal of her life: trout stuffed with walnuts and goat cheese. Nevertheless, Upton ate it and asked her to marry her. She said yes, and now they are one of the hottest couples in Hollywood. 

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About Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett is an Australian actress who has played several multidimensional characters. Her movies always show her in a wide variety of roles which proves what a versatile actress she is. Her debut was in 1993, and pretty soon, she aced roles in movies like Bordertown (1995) and feature films like Paradise Road (1997). Two of her best movies in the 90s were; Thank God He Met Lizzie and Oscar and Lucinda, both released in 1997, giving her a grand reputation. However, her breakthrough came with the 1998 movie Elizabeth in which she played the lead role of young Queen Elizabeth I. The movie ended up giving her her first Academy Award Nomination and a Golden Globe Award for best actress.

Cate Blanchett
Cate Blanchett

About Andrew Upton

Andrew Upton is an Australian playwright and filmmaker. He has worked on a variety of television shows as well as movies in the UK, USA, and Australia. Some of his best works include Stories of Lost Souls, Gone, and Bangers. Upton married Care, and together, the couple has three children and a production company called Dirty Films. Andrew Upton also acted in two movies, The Last Time I Saw Michael Gregg and Journey’s End.

andrew upton
Andrew Upton

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