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Echo 3 Ending Explained: Is Amber Okay?

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Echo 3 Ending needs an obvious explanation, and we are here for the same. The series throws light on the genres of action as well as comedy. Mark Boal has created the show. The plot is inspired by an award-winning series from Israel called When Heroes Fly and throws light on the character of Amber Chesbrough.

This lady is a scientist from America, and he is currently working in Columbia on her creations and inventions. At the show’s start, we see her working on the infamous research in order to find the cure for addiction among the countrymen.

Although soon, she gets kidnapped by the militants who do not want this research to get completed. Thus, in order to save Amber, we see her husband and brother unite. Both men work in the US Army Delta Force.

Her husband’s name is Prince, while her brother is Bambi. The two guys are actually in a very vulnerable position right now with their job, given the fact that a recent mission killed their leader. Well, the last episode saw a lot of changes in all three characters, and here is what we saw at the end.

Echo 3 Ending Explained: Is Amber Okay?

A still from Echo 3; Credits – Apple Tv

Echo 3 Episode 10 Recap

Back in Echo 3 Episode 10, we saw that Amber had been rescued from the claws of her abductors. Although her life is back at a normal pace is very troubled as she is not able to adjust and adapt to the same properly.

Everyone is just trying to help her get back in shape and good health of mind and body, but her psyche is unresponsive. In order to be safe from the enemies, the trio is currently in Cartagena, where they think no one can find them for the time. However, Amber has almost forgotten everything related to her past after this traumatic event.

Prince is feeling very emotional after seeing his condition of Amber. As for Bambi, he understands the whole situation and knows that Amber will take a lot of time in order to come back to her normal self, and right now, the two men can only be supportive of her.

As for the Venezuelan government, they have denied having any associations with the attacks at all and said that these are a result of the attack from Colombia. The authorities try to hide it under the blanket of terroristic actions.

Although, we then see that Violeta is keeping track of all the things and is handling the situation well. As for the Colombian government, they also deny the attacks and blame Venezuela for the same amidst the political games happening in the countries.

She is also tracking Bambi and Prince and, after witnessing Amber with them, feels really sorry as, at one time, she, too, was in such a situation. Later, we see that she still has to do her job and thus asks the two men to leave the country, seeing Amber’s condition. It is because they have caused huge havoc in both countries without thinking of either’s future and people.

Echo 3 Ending Explained

Meanwhile, dealing with the whole Amber situation, the men think about Violeta’s choices as well and decide to go back to make things right. Well, this was the last episode, and we expected some action, and they gave us some. During Echo 3 ending, we saw a whole shootout scene which got pretty brutal by the climax.

It all started when the men spotted soldiers from Colombia’s army. They plan to go back to America after acquiring an airstrip. As Prince is trying to get Amber and their whole lives to normal, we see that she announces the biggest thing. She says she can never love him the way he does, and their relationship does not make any sense now.

Obviously, Bambi can not say or do anything to make matters better, and thus, he only watches from a distance. Well, we do not know what will happen next in their lives as there was no answer provided on TV. In order to understand what happens with their lives, we must wait for Echo 3 Season 2.

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