Are Michael B Jordan And Tessa Thompson Dating in 2023?

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Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson
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Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson were involved in an onscreen romance for eight years, spanning three Creed films. Nevertheless, like with any relationship, even imaginary ones, there is an effort to be made to maintain the spark alive.

Thompson said in an interview with Refinery29 that she and Jordan went to couples counseling in character as Adonis “Donnie” Creed and Bianca Taylor in preparation for Creed III and that the process benefited them in their real-life relationships as well.

Playing Characters in Creed: Their Own Romantic Thing for 9 Years

 Thompson added something along the lines of “The wall between characters and ourselves collapses when we add so much of our own sentiments to the character roles in general. I’ll add that this was our first time in couples therapy as these individuals that we portray, which is unique.”

We represented people in Creed for over 9 years, which had become our own romantic thing.

 Whilst it was supposed to be a character-building tool as they performed their Creed roles during therapy, Thompson did add that the effort they were putting in via the sessions began to grow, blending fiction with reality and becoming more realistic. “We’re also considering our own relationships.

 Michael B Jordan and Tessa Thompson
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 We’ve been producing these movies for eight, nine years, and we’ve seen each other go through different stages of our own love lives.”

Thompson remarked how much she and Jordan have grown throughout the nine years they’ve been shooting the three Rocky sequel films—Creed (2015), Creed II (2018), and now, Creed III.

Therapy Is A Must For Healthy Relationship

Thompson goes on to say that therapy may help “refine conversation and find out how someone behaves,” even in a seemingly good relationship. Thompson claims she and Jordan have “seen one another through different stages in their own love relationships” after working on such projects together for years. “As a result of which, we know a little bit about one another’s lives.”  

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 Michael B Jordan and Tessa Thompson
A still from Creed III

We discussed it and exchanged our thoughts. As a result, counseling began at work and progressed to become more personal.

It was also an opportunity for us to speak with a couples therapist and learn about some of the issues that young parents face when attempting to balance their own hopes and objectives.”

Creed III Moral Is About Therapy

Jonathan Majors as Adonis in Creed 3 Thompson described Creed’s closest mate turned enemy Damian as “a big commercial for treatment,” referencing her character Bianca’s path of dropping her boundaries near Adonis.

Michael B Jordan and Tessa Thompson
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Thompson said something along the lines of “I feel Creed III’s moral is telling everyone that they should seek therapy there’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Individuals should generally approach therapy as themselves, but it appears that going disguised works equally as well.

Tessa Thompson and Boxing?

While the duo may have learned a lot about their friendship and on-screen chemistry, Thompson insists she knows nothing about boxing.

‘I’ve learned nothing about boxing because I feel that each and every time I work on one of these movies, I learn something only to forget it,’ she chuckles.

Creed III
A still from Creed III

‘I simply end up watching it, and I become so immersed that all thoughts of skill and sports go out the window, and I’m just shouting at the greased men fighting, so I don’t know anything at all about boxing anymore.’

I would consider myself a decent boxer, and I mean it truly. I believe that if I practiced, I might be rather excellent. I’m not very good at face-punching, but I’m really excellent at bag stuff.

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