Andor Filming Locations: The Star Wars Spinoff Series

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Andor Filming Locations (Credit : Disney)
Andor Filming Locations (Credit : Disney)

Let’s find out the Andor Filming Locations. Andor is a spinoff series of the most famous science fiction universe Star Wars, which is created by George Lucas. Andor was created by Tony Gilroy, and it is the prequel to the movie Rogue One.

The show describes some of the events that happened 5 years ago when the spy Cassian Andor joined a rebellion to become a revolutionary. He came to know about his powers that were hidden from him, and by doing so, he was able to make a difference in the surrounding lives, which were full of danger.

In this show, we saw the making of a Rebel alliance to fight with the Galactic Empire and how different planets and the people that live on the planet are involved in that. The fans who were from the Star Wars franchise loved this show from the beginning to the end.

It was an action series, and there were many different locations in which the show was short and very beautiful. The fans wanted to know what were the shooting locations so in this article, we will get to know all about the shooting locations of the show.

The whole location of the show was in Scotland and England, and some of the important locations in this country were Essex, Derbyshire, Dorset, London, Buckinghamshire, Bute, and Argyll.

Andor Filming Locations

Black Park, Buckinghamshire, England

Black Park served as a location of Andor for a very long time. Some other movies that were shot in the same location are The Force Awakens and The Rise Of Skywalker. This Park has been used for dual shots in both the resistance base and the mid-rim planet of Takodana in which Rey, Han Solo, Finn, and Chewbacca met Maz Kanata.

This Park was seen for the first time in episode 1, titled Kassa, which shows the different grounds and the vegetation of the Kenari village in which Andor grew up. Cassian is seen later that he is not from the outer rim planet of the fest, but in reality, he is from Kenari, which is a mid-rim planet that was later abandoned where an imperial mining accident happened.

Coryton Refinery, Essex, England

Coryton refinery is considered one of the greatest oil refineries in England and stopped operation in June 2012 when Petroplus, who was the owner, filed for bankruptcy. The location on Andor is given new life as the Ferrix terminal and some of the planet’s most commercial regions.

Writer Tony Gilroy (Credit: Disney+)
Writer Tony Gilroy (Credit: Disney+)

Glen Tilt Park, Perthshire, Scotland

Aldhani planet scene was shot in the Scottish highlands, and it also served as an inspiration for this planet. We saw Cassian and Luthen go there when they ran from the ambush which happened at Ferrix. Glen Tilt Park, situated in Northern Perthshire, served as the location of Aldhani scenes.

The main reason being this area was at the hills and the vegetation of the highlands that were the perfect fit to show a grassy planet that would be responsible for distributing the Galactic Empire.

Cruachan Dam, Argyll and Bute, Scotland

The Cruachan Dam is also used as Filming Location in Scotland. It is a Scottish reservoir that is used for the shooting of Nasma Klain River Dam and also for the Empire Garrison Vel in episodes 5 and 6.

Brunswick Centre, London, England

The brutalist aesthetics in the Brunswick Centre, which is located in London, is used to depict the oppressive apartment complex in which the mother of Syril lives.

Diego Luna as Andor (Credit: Disney+)
Diego Luna as Andor (Credit: Disney+)

Winspit Quarry, Dorset, England

Suppose you have watched Doctor Who; you must already know that Winspit Quarry because it is not new for a show as a shooting location. Some other shows that were shot in this location are Destiny of the Daleks and The Underwater Menace.

The Star Wars movie series has also shot many scenes in this particular area, and when the trailer of this show came out, this particular area was shown as a place that has been guarded with heavy military facilities.

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