Dylan Llewellyn Partner: Discover Unknown Facts About Dylan’s Relationship Status

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Dylan Llewellyn
Dylan Llewellyn Credit: Instagram.

Dylan Llewellyn is considered one of the best young actors in England; every female fan of the dashing actor wants to know whether the Derry Girls’ boy is dating someone or married. Some people are still unaware of his struggles and personal life. Know about Dylan and his dating history under one umbrella. 

Dylan was born in Surrey, a county in South East England, on September 10, 1992. He went to More House School to cure his learning disorder, dyslexia. His life has always been a mystery because no information is available on the open social media platforms of Dylan Llewellyn’s partner and parents. 

However, some links and incidents reveal something interesting about Dylan Llewellyn’s Partner, and his personal life is present on various channels. The Twitter handle of the actor gives us a clue about his past relationships. 

Dylan Llewellyn
Dylan Llewellyn Credit: Instagram

The famous TV actor Dylan Llewellyn received lots of admiration from fans after appearing in the TV show Derry Girls, a situational comedy show, for Channel 4. He worked as James Maguire in the series. The actor again set the Hollywood industry on fire with his first adult role as PC Kelby Hartford in Beyond Paradise, a drama by BBC Television.

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Who is Dylan Llewellyn’s Partner?

Dylan Llewellyn Partner
Dylan Llewellyn and Nicola Coughlan, Credit: Universal Pictures

Dylan’s dating life has been very mysterious. He tweeted in 2013 that he wanted a girlfriend badly with the hashtag lonely. After that, Dylan was with Nicola Coughlan, an Irish actress and co-star of Dylan in the Derry Girls. However, the actor never confirmed his relationship with Bridgerton actress Nicola. Moreover, he has been silent about his personal love life till now. 

But people assumed that a star who posted about searching for a girlfriend on social media in 2013 would have had one for sure in the past. After all, he is a dashing and talented star, and who would not be interested in such a charming personality?

There’s a rumor that Nicola is dating Jonathan Van Ness, an openly gay star. How could she be in a relationship with Dylan? But the truth is that Jonathan is her best friend, confirmed by the actress Nicola herself. 

According to the media reports, both Nicola and Dylan are single now. The sources say that they dated someone in private. The name of their partners is not available openly. So it would be inappropriate to say that they were a couple in the past. They might be just best friends. Who knows? 

Dylan Llewellyn
Dylan Llewellyn and his teammates, Credit: Instagram

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Dylan Llewellyn Love Controversies 

The gay controversy started when he played a gay character in Big Boys. Some media reports, and social media comments claim that Dylan is gay. Trolls say that Dylan does not have a girlfriend because he is interested in boys.

However, the claim is as fake as becoming the president of the USA for more than two terms, leaving exceptional conditions aside. Dyan is interested in girls because he has asked for a girlfriend and marriage on social media. He was seen hanging out with the co-stars. 

Playing a specific character doesn’t mean that someone is the same in real life. The LGBTQ community was suffering from mental trauma due to a lot of social stigmas attached to being gay. Their partner had to suffer a lot. The show was about accepting masculinity. Why would an actor deny such a beautiful and challenging role?

Dylan Llewellyn and Nicola Coughlan
Dylan Llewellyn and Nicola Coughlan Credit: Instagram

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Dylan Llewellyn Current Relationship Status

It has been claimed by many websites that he had a serious relationship in the past. But there is no solid proof. The actor never discussed his personal life on social media or a tv show. 

The fact about Dylan Llewellyn’s partner is that he is single and unmarried at present. Though he has posted pictures of his siblings, mother, and Co-stars on his Instagram, the information about his girlfriend is not available in the public domain. 

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