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Revontuli Coast Release Date: Everything about ‘The Hunter’: Call of the Wild’s New Game!

Revontuli Coast Release Date
Revontuli Coast Release Date

The Revontuli Coast in Finland is now included in The Hunter: Call of the Wild’s hunting grounds. As shown in The Hunter: Call of the Wild’s Revontuli Coast teaser trailer , Finland is one of the most stunning nesting grounds in Northern Europe, The Revontuli Coast, which is north of the Baltic Sea, will soon encourage you to go across a large archipelago abounding with animals. Brown bears, elk, and white-tailed deer are just a few of the large animals that live there.

Peak bird season is quickly approaching, so we thought we’d use this chance to share some of the sights and activities available in the new habitat with you. Revontuli Coast offers activities for everyone, whether they are interested in learning about the various biomes or honing their bird-hunting techniques.

Revontuli Coast Release date & Info

The Hunter: Call of the Wild announced the launch of their new game on Twitter on June 16. On June 28th, The Hunter: Call of the Wild’s brand-new reserve, Revontuli Coast, will launch across all platforms. The Hunter: Call of the Wild is an extension of The Hunter, the premier hunting game from Expansive Worlds, which has more than 6 million players registered and has been in active use for seven years.
New gamers can now enjoy hunting thanks to Avalanche Studios & Expansive Worlds. The Apex – Avalanche Open World Engine, an award-winning platform created over a decade of creating intense action games, is used in the construction of The Hunter: Call of the Wild.

Revontuli Coast Release date & Info

Revontuli Coast Release date & Info

Currently, theHunter: Call of the Wild is available for $29.99 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam).

Game Description

The Hunter: Call of the Wild has officially released the trailer for their new game, Revontuli Coast. The Hunter also released a description of the game along with the trailer. Let’s go through the description of this new game!

Welcome to Finland, the unassuming home of some of the most beautiful hunting grounds in Northern Europe! The Baltic Sea’s northernmost edge is home to the large and sweeping archipelago known as the Revontuli Coast, which invites you to explore. You’ll hunt a variety of waterfowl, geese, and upland birds during peak chicken season. Among the larger animals found here are Brown Bear, Moose, and Whitetail Deer. As you go through this region of the “country of a thousand lakes,” experience the excitement of hunting your target beneath the ethereal Northern Lights and learn about exhilarating new seeking opportunities.

Revontuli Coast Release date & Info

Revontuli Coast Release date and Info

Gameplay and Features

There are 19 diverse animal species on the Revontuli Coast. We are beyond thrilled to have the largest roster we’ve ever had in reserve. Upland hunters have exceptional prospects thanks to the release, a revamped waterfowl system, and the fact that most of the species in the reserve are ducks and birds. Large game like moose and brown bear also frequent the reserve if that’s not your thing. Additionally, Revontuli Coast has a flexible water layout blind. While in the water, you can use this useful item to elude ducks, waterfowl, and upland birds. A very helpful tool!

Revontuli Coast Gamplay & Features

Revontuli Coast Gamplay & Features

Discover intricate animal behaviour, dynamic weather patterns, complete day and night cycles, simulated ballistics, incredibly lifelike acoustics, scents conveyed by an advanced wind system, and much more. The integration of all systems heightens immersion and awakens your inner hunter. In addition to having excellent hunting opportunities, Finland is home to the magnificent northern lights. This breathtaking display of swirling waves in the sky is simply breathtaking. Make sure to sometimes look up while trekking along one of the reserve’s many trails at night.

The Hunter: Call of the Wild also provides unique multiplayer features in addition to a comprehensive single-player experience. Participate in competitive and cooperative modes with up to 8 buddies (or complete strangers!). Enjoy a variety of in-game tasks and occasions. Sharing your experiences can help you gain some bragging rights because hunting is more enjoyable and interesting with buddies.

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