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RV Filming Locations Revealed: Where Were The Stunning Scenes Shot?

RV Filming locations
RV Filming Locations

Remember the road comedy film RV? We are here to talk about RV filming locations. This movie will make you realize how much it is important to take some time out and spend that quality time with your friends and family. The movie RV is a very light watch but will surely make you question how much importance you give to your important relationships in life. This fun watch is now one of the pioneer road trips movies ever.

Don’t you just love when a movie just pushes you to pack your bags and go on a long vacation? Yes, we understand. (cries in adulting and jobs) While making such plans is not quite possible in the fast-moving modern world. You can certainly watch a movie about it. And more fun, we are here to transport you to RV filming locations.

What is the movie RV about?

We apologize for this halt, but a snack break is a kind of important on a road trip. Before jumping to RV filming locations, let’s talk about what this movie is about. RV is the famous name for the 2006 movie Runaway Vacation. The movie is based on a beverage executive Bob Mruno who is played by an amazing Rob Williams. Bob is unable to connect with his dysfunctional family, which consists of his wife and two spoiled brat children.

The family rents an RV and decides to have a two-week trip from Los Angeles to Colorado Rockies. The family encounters various bizarre communities of campers and puts up with them as a family. The movie teaches important lessons in family values and knowing the worth of your loved ones.

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RV Filming locations

We are sorry if we tempted you to take a cross-country trip with your family with that plot, but things have to be said. While we cannot take you on vacation physically. We can transport you to RV Filming locations right from your chairs.

RV Filming locations

RV Filming locations

The movie was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia. Southern Alberta is another filming location for the movie RV. The lake scene of the movie RV is very famous. Halting by a lake in the middle of a road trip is a must, we might add. Wondering where was the lake scene shot? That was shot at Shasta Lake in Vancouver, Columbia. Now a movie titled RV must have used a lot of vehicles and equipment in the production. According to sources, the movie used a total of six look-alike Georgetowns and two identical vintage buses. These were  2005 35-foot Forest River Georgetown 359.

While most of the movie is about the journey of the family between the highways of Los Angeles and Colorado, the movie was actually shot in Vancouver. The very first set that was set up for the movie was in Nevada Campground. The Richmond Sandunes is also one of the locations where the exteriors of the movie were shot.

That was it on RV Filming locations from our side. Stay tuned for more such updates and content!

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