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The Rings Of Power Is One Of The Greatest Shows Of 2022, You Need To Watch It

The Rings Of Power Is The Greatest Show
The Rings Of Power Is The Greatest Show

Television will never be the same after The Rings of Power. That isn’t an exaggeration; the series’ symbolic shoulders are simply bearing that much weight. The fact that Jeff Bezos of Amazon spent roughly $1 billion on the first season alone has received a lot of attention. It’s unlikely that any streamer will ever consider investing that much money in a single show again if this adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s book fails to become a hit. But if it is a success, then it’s possible that studios will spend more and more in the future in search of the “one series to rule them all.”

In the first two episodes, you can see every penny that Amazon spent on The Rings of Power. The scale of the story being presented is beyond what the word “epic” can fully express. Tolkien divided Middle-earth’s history into various eras and mapped much of it. The Second Age, which is most remembered for being the time when the One Ring and other title rings of power were made, is when The Rings of Power takes place.

The Rings Of Power Is One Of The Greatest Shows Of 2022

I had my doubts about this show before seeing the first two episodes, but now I have changed my mind. The scope and scale, as well as the pure beauty and magnificence, of what showrunners  J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay have created are just stunning. It is indeed a masterpiece and a wonderful return to Tolkien’s stories. Nevertheless, there are a lot of reasons to watch the show if you want to immerse yourself in a brand-new, high-budget fantasy that is a little bit more suited for families than HBO’s Game of Thrones spinoff.

The Rings Of Power Is The Greatest Show

The Rings Of Power Is The Greatest Show – Galadriel Jumps off

The Rings of Power dives into a well-known setting while introducing us to an altogether new cast of characters. We are taken to new places and witness a world that is many thousands of years in the past, but there are some familiar names because of the longevity of elves. Dwarves, men, and elves all have distinct cultures, and even the hobbits we are familiar with and adore do not live in the Shire. Among the well-known characters are Galadriel and Elrond. By the time of the LOTR Fellowship movie, these two were developed pillars of the elven population, but in The Rings of Power show, we see them in their youth.

This is just a glimpse of Amazon’s series’ enormous scope. Each location has been meticulously crafted, from the wild Sundering Seas to the majestic halls of the dwarven lords. It’s obvious how much money was spent on making these locations appear as magical as possible. The Rings of Power does a wonderful job of keeping you aware of the impending threat and gives the impression that Galadriel may be putting together a possible Fellowship of her own. Although the show’s namesake rings do not appear until later on, there is still more than enough to keep viewers entertained, with fascinating characters, political schemes, difficult survival situations, and more.

The Rings Of Power Is The Greatest Show

The Rings Of Power Is The Greatest Show – The Aftermath Of The War

Over all of this, we hear magnificent orchestral melodies from a soundtrack that is so lush and exquisite that listening to it is nothing short of breathtaking. It’s every bit as stunning as the cinematography and VFX, luring you note by note into the vibrant, rich tapestry that is The Rings Of Power. The show’s producers have created people who we care about, in addition to the show’s epic grandeur. All the qualities of a good story are present, including danger, humor, heroism, and mystery, and they are all driven by the numerous hobbits, elves, dwarves, and men who we can’t help but fall in love with, just as we did with Eowyn, Gimli, Sam, and Gandalf before.

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Why You Shouldn’t Miss The Rings Of Power

The Rings of Power has a movie-like scale. I’ve never seen a TV show with such a stunning visual. The outfits are incredibly detailed, and the special effects are amazing. A wonderful feast for the eyes, Middle-earth and The Rings of Power are filled with shimmering elven cities, enormous underground dwarven settlements, golden-leaved forests, and freezing landscapes.

Characters That You Care For

The lack of effort put into creating likable characters in a lot of TV series is one thing that really annoys me. This often results in flat villains. And because of this, sometimes we simply don’t give a damn about anyone, including the heroes. However, The Rings of Power has already made me care about characters like Nori, a Harfoot, or Arondir. I have already become interested in the characters that were presented in the lengthy two-episode debut, like Durin, Bronwyn, Galadriel, Elrond, and others. A sense of humor is important in any excellent story, and some of these characters are pretty entertaining.

Elrond and Galadriel

The Rings Of Power Is The Greatest Show – Elrond and Galadriel

Characters In The Rings Of Power

We have a story with characters we instantly want to root for, whose destinies are tied to deep mysteries, grand adventures, and the relentless tide of history, in addition to the glory of this Golden Age of Middle-earth with its sparkly elven citadels and sunken dwarven halls still normally busy with industry. Along with Galadriel, we meet an early age Elrond Half-Elven, an advisor to the elven king and a diplomat. Unlike the older statesman he later becomes, he is charming and friendly from the start.

Arondir, an elf soldier, keeps watching over a human population in the deep depths of the Southlands, which will one day be known as Mordor. All but Bronwyn, who has won his heart, see his race as an invading force. The nomadic Harfoots, who were Hobbits long before the Shire in the west was founded, also roamed the hills and valleys of Middle-earth. Young Nori, who longs for adventure and always seems to get into trouble, gives her father and their leader, Sadoc Burrows, a headache. The Harfoots are just as lovable as their Lord of the Rings cousins, and their houses are just as warm as a Hobbit hole.

The Rings Of Power Is The Greatest Show

The Rings Of Power Is The Greatest Show – Poppy meets The Strange Man

We meet prince Durin and his wife, Disa, in Khazad-dûm, the bustling dwarven mountain hall, and get to witness the dwarven kingdom in all its former glory, long before it was destroyed by fire and other ancient evils. In contrast to The Lord of the Rings’ ruined, almost post-apocalyptic world, Middle-earth is currently experiencing richness and happiness. But there are some signs of change,  ominous signs. A the end of episode 1, we see a shadowy stranger falls from the sky. A leviathan explores the ocean’s depths. A community burns in the darkness, with no sign of its attackers. And a strong elven smith is working on his greatest creation—a way to tap into ancient forces and make Middle-earth even better.

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A Good Adaptation

Many people feared that this adaptation wouldn’t be loyal to Tolkien’s writing. That is true, in a way. Amazon has adapted the annexure to The Silmarillion, but the only way to achieve this and make it an appealing TV show is to make some changes. Some people are really worried about the diverse casting and say that this implies it has a “woke agenda”—a claim I think, at best, flimsy. The good news is that this series sticks to Tolkien’s themes, if not his exact words, at least in its first two episodes. The Rings Of Power contains themes of friendship, loyalty, bravery, honor, and the need for good men to stay alert when evil comes knocking on their doors.

The Rings Of Power Is The Greatest Show

The Rings Of Power Is The Greatest Show – A Good Adaptation

Music Is Just Awe

Beyond the production’s enormous size and scope, there is the music. The Rings Of Power’s title theme was written by Howard Shore, who also wrote the score for the Original Lord Of The Rings trilogy, while Bear McCreary handled the rest of the scoring. It enriches the show in an incredible way, bringing layers of drama and emotion that otherwise wouldn’t be present.

According to McCreary, creating the score was similar to “writing a symphony.” The score was recorded in London and Vienna with a 40-vocalist choir and a 90-piece orchestra, the latter of which sang in the languages Tolkien invented for this world. He said that whether you are seeing an epic montage, a huge battle, or simply two Harfoots talking in the woods, they had the greatest orchestra that could fit inside the Abbey Road or AIR studios backing them, in addition to the best soloists in the world and a sizable choir.

Mystery That Keeps You Thinking

Without giving anything away, I can say that some of the mysteries that were introduced in the first two episodes will leave you guessing and should lead to some entertaining fan theories and discussions over the course of the following six weeks. One of these mysteries is a mysterious stranger that a few of our heroes meet and who may or may not be related to The Lord of the Rings.

The Rings Of Power

The Rings Of Power – Mystery That Keeps You Thinking

Then there is The Enemy—Sauron—who, as we all know, is capable of changing his appearance at will. Is it possible that he is already there, disguising himself as one of the characters to stay hidden? Another benefit of an adaptation that doesn’t hesitate to make some adjustments to the original stories is that these and other mystery elements should keep the show interesting.

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