The Ark Episode 9: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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The Ark Episode 9: Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

The last episode saw the sad news that Felix receives of his family’s passing occur while the team discovers a lone traveler on Ark Three. More significantly, they learn what struck their spacecraft because Ark 15 was hit by the same energy that struck Ark Three. Evelyn Maddox appears to have been busy building arks in addition to the initial 12.

This post will reveal The Ark Episode 9’s release date and staging guide, but before we get there, a quick review is also given here. Lt. Lane (Reece Ritchie) was pacing behind Lt. Garnet as she yelled to the Ark Three crew. Garnet calls out, but no one responds.

To Eva’s (Tiana Upcheva’s) dismay, Lt. Brice (Richard Fleeshman) volunteers to examine the purportedly abandoned vessel carefully. To reassemble with the rest of the group, Brice and Eva do, however, go back to Ark One. Garnet permits Brice and Lane to assemble a team to inspect Ark Three. To begin with, look for survivors.

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A quick recap

Lane thanks Garnet for saving their lives once more before he leaves. He regrets categorizing her based on the DNA of her clones—these two wild kids. They seem to be sending me signals that may not be professional, given that she is his boss. Brice gets the shuttle ready to travel to Ark Three once more in the interim.

The Ark Episode 9
A still from the recap. Credits: Syfy

Eva follows him and chastises him for agreeing to participate in yet another risky assignment. Eva, listen; you are not his caretaker. He’d rather leave on a high note than sit around doing nothing. Just let him be! Cat tries to cross the bridge sneakily, but Alicia and Garnet catch her. The best friend Cat claims to have is expected to be on Ark Three.

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She wants to confirm her friend’s survival. Garnet commands her to watch from the plebs’ observation area. Angus then queries Cat as to whether Garnet is on the bridge. He wishes to give her an aloe plant as a token of appreciation for her efforts and to heal her burns. Cat picks up a torch that Angus is carrying for Garnet.

She implores Angus to reject his crush on Garnet in favor of a girl his age. Eva activates life support on Ark Three as the gang looks in horror at the multitude of dead lying around at their feet. Lane observes their seeming suffocation. While aboard Ark One, Garnet overhears their chat and gives the crew the command to split up and complete their different tasks.

After stepping aboard the bridge, Lane tries to access the ship logs using his codes. Unfortunately, he cannot do that. When Brice and Eva look for the slumber bay cryo pods, they learn that the ship lacks them. Instead, a sizable staff quarter with bunk beds is included. While exploring the captain’s quarters, Sasha (Milo Cvetkovi) discovers a bottle of alcohol.

Of course, he takes a sip. The dead captain unexpectedly drops out of a cupboard and lands on Sasha. Then an alarm sounds and a screen shows a danger in that area. Brice and Eva are called by Sasha, who informs them that everything is venting.

In an instant, Eva and Brice move to set Sasha free. After Harris’s passing, Eva picked locks. Fortunately, she saves Sasha before he runs out of oxygen. Sasha is unconscious when Brice gives him CPR, and it works to bring him back to life. Success! Pavel (Pavle Jerinic) examines the Ark’s three crew members’ bodies. He sends Garnet and Alicia on Ark One these images, and they recognize the travelers.

None of those above passengers are meant to be on Ark Three, claims Garnet. They weren’t included in the first crew manifest. Felix regrettably finds his husband Robert’s dead body. Felix is shocked before his thoughts turn to their daughter Catherine. She is missing. He requests that everyone on the ship with him keep an eye out for a young girl.

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The Ark Episode 9
A still from the recap. Credits: SyFy

Lane comes across a lone traveler trying to crack a lock. He goes after them. He takes off their headgear. As Lane twists Kelly Fowler’s fractured arm, Samantha Glassner (as Kelly Fowler) yells out in anguish. The team, according to her, is antagonistic.

In a sense, she was at war with them. According to Brice and Eva, Kelly’s adversaries were all overdosing in the med bay. Kelly remembers that her friend Ross is alone in the mess hall, so she and Lane rush to find him.

The Ark Episode 9’s release date

The Ark Episode 9’s release date is March 29 2023. The Ark Episode 9 will air via SyFy at 10 pm in the USA. The fans from across the world can stream the show at the following times:

  • For the Australians: (30th March) 2 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time
  • For the Germans: (30th March) 3 a.m. Central European Time
  • For the Indians: (30th March) 8:30 a.m. Indian Standard Time
  • For the Britishers: (30th March) 3:20 a.m., Greenwich, meantime

The Ark Episode 9: how to watch

At the times specified above, Peacock Premium will broadcast The Ark Episode 9. For the fan to watch the show, it costs about $5.

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