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One Piece

Oden transformed the lawless land of Kuri into a habitable place. Kozuki Sukiyaki gave him the title of the Daimyo of Kuri. Sukiyaki is the Shogun of the last past 40 years Era. Oden thinks that out at sea, there are extraordinary things that are beyond his imagination. He wants to travel around the sea and find out what is there. While near the port, Whitebeard has arrived with his pirate crew.

His ship is broken, and he asks why there is a sea and an island here. The villagers saw them and heads back to the village and report that they saw the pirates near the port. Oden heard that, and he heads out to see them. The news about the pirates spread all over the Land of Wano. Oden arrives at the port, and Whitebeard thinks that a powerful man is attacking them. He draws his sword out. Oden also attacks with two-sword style, and their sword clashes producing a flash of huge lightning. 

One Piece Episode 964 will be released on Sunday, 28 February 2021, at 9:30 AM JST. More info about One Piece is accessible on CrunchyrollFunimation, and Netflix.

Previously on One Piece Episode 963

Oden and Whitebeard started to change powerful blows, and Whitbeardsaid he must not underestimate him. He jumped up and said Whitebeard is the man that he has been waiting for. He must allow him to ride on his ship, and he unleashes Oden Two Sword Style: Paradise Waterfall. Whitebeard notices that Oden is not holding back, and he unleashes that super-powerful punch move.

Whitebeard v.s Oden

One Piece
One Piece

The air got frozen and changes into the glass when the two clashes and Whitebeard increase his super move. When the glass breaks, Oden got sent flying after receiving a powerful jab on his face. Whitebeard stood in front of Oden and said he told him to leave since he is annoying him. Kinemon arrived and said, how dare you point the sword at him. He is Kuzaoki Oden the Daimyo, and Whitebeard started thinking about the title Daimyo.

Marko told Kinemon that he would make him pay for talking back to his Pops. The two crew gets ready to challenge each other, and Oden said it is his dream to explore the world. Oden’s crew comments that the pirates must leave this country now, or they will suffer the consequences. Oden asks Whitebeard to sail with him, and Kinemone can’t believe that. Oden bows in front of Whitebeard and begs him to sail with him, and he wants to see the free world.

Kinemon is surprised that for the first-time, Oden is bowing in front of someone. Whitebeard replies that he wishes he can, but his ship is destroyed. Oden said they could repair it quickly and sail together. Whitebeard agrees, and they started to fix the ship quickly. While the ship is being repaired, Oden and Whitebeard started to get along. They started to enjoy drinking booze together. At the same time, the three minks cook for the rest of the crew. 

Moby Dick

Whitebeard notices that Oden is not the type to serve under someone. He asks him said on his own since his group is also uncontrollable. Oden comments that he has tried sailing a dozen times, and he failed. He has zero experience in navigating the ship. Whitebeard told Oden to give up and do his job as a Daimyo. Oden replies that this country is so restrictive. Kinemon comments that the Land of Wano has a law that strictly bars people from leaving the country. 

Oden is now the Daimyo of Kuri, so it would be inexcusable for him to break the law. Whitebeard thanks Kinemon for telling him that. Oden said he doesn’t care about the law, and Whitebeard said Oden has a duty in this country. Kinemon took Oden away, and they lock him inside his room so that he won leave Wano. The next day Oden sneaks out and beg Whitebeard to take leave with him. He spent two weeks begging Whitebeard to sail with him. 

One Piece
One Piece

After two weeks, Whitebeardannounces that Moby Dick’s repairs are complete. He told everyone to get ready and set for a sail. Oden realizes that it is his last chance, and he sneaks to in the evening. Meanwhile, the ship is leaving at the port, and Whitebeard knows that Oden will sneak out. Marko notice that Pops likes Oden, and he teases him. Whitebeard pretends like he is not interested in Oden, but he admits it in front of his crew.

Three Days Challenge

He is worried that if they take Oden, it will be like they have kidnaped the royalty. Suddenly Oden wraps the chain at Moby Dick and yells atWhitebeard that he is coming with him. Whitebeard challenges Oden to hold on to the chain for three days. He will let him in on the Moby Dick. Oden accepted the challenge, and two days 22 hours passed, but Oden left the chain after hearing a woman’s voice. He went and saved the woman who was screaming.

One Piece Episode 964 Preview

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You can find out here on this link: One Piece Episode 963 how Oden became the Daimyo of Kuri. 

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