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KinnPorsche Episode 13 Release Date: Will Porsche Confront Mr. Korn?

KinnPorsche Episode 13
KinnPorsche Episode 13

KinnPorsche Episode 13 is coming soon to reveal the truth behind Porsche’s parents’ death! The latest episode is a rollercoaster ride for viewers. At one point, Kinn and Porsche enjoy their intimacy, while at the next point, they get crushed by reality. Porsche learns how Kinn indirectly pressured him to be his bodyguard using his family house. He thought Kinn deceived him from the beginning. However, when he confronts Kinn, Porsche discovers that it was all Kinn’s father, Mr. Korn’s planning.

Deceiving from the start is not the whole truth. After all, Mr. Korn admits that he knew his identity and his parents’ car crash. The episode reveals Mr. Korn was friends with the driver, and thus to correct his mistake, he wanted to take care of Porsche and his brother. Although the dispute doesn’t solve completely, Porsche decides to forgive the criminal. Meanwhile, Kinn follows him and lives with Porsche at his place and not at the main house. Later his uncle meets Porsche and shows him a picture which confuses Porsche more. With two sides clashing, how will Porsche uncover the truth behind his parents’ death in KinnPorsche The Series Episode 13?

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Recap Of Ep 12 – Mr. Korn Deceives Porsche

Episode 12 of KinnPorsche The Series reveals Porchay skips the interview exam so he wouldn’t get to see Kim anymore. He even changes his color as if to accept the new one who would live without Kim. Meanwhile, Vegas and Pete’s relationship begins to change. Pete even gets an opportunity to escape, but he eventually decides to stay by Vegas’ side.

KinnPorsche Episode 13 Release Date

Pete and Vegas Cr: Be On Cloud

On the other hand, Porsche unexpectedly discovers how Kinn deceived him so he would accept his bodyguard job. However, later learns that it was Mr. Korn’s order. Therefore, both lovers confront Mr. Korn, who reveals the truth behind Porsche’s parents’ death.

According to Mr. Korn, his friend had crashed into Porsche’s parents’ car, leading them to death. Therefore, after finding out about Porsche’s identity, Mr. Korn wanted to help him and his brother, so he coerced him to take this bodyguard job. After learning the truth, the pissed-off Porsche leaves the place, and even Kinn follows him. While Kinn lives at Porsche’s house, Mr. Korn comes and gives Porsche the photo of his parents’ killer. Eventually, Porsche gives up on his revenge seeing the driver has his own family, and he doesn’t want to ruin it.

By the end, Kinn asks Porsches to start over again with no secrets. However, the table turns when Porsche’s uncle gives him a photo revealing Mr. Korn knew his parents even before the accident happened! With the new secret out, how will Porsche face the bitterness of reality, which may ruin his relationship with Kinn in KinnPorsche Episode 13?

KinnPorsche Episode 13 With Eng Sub

Porsche’s uncle and Porsche Cr: Be On Cloud

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Preview Of Ep 13 – The Truth Behind Porsche’s Parents’ Death

The preview of KinnPorsche Episode 13 is already out! It focuses on Vegas and Pete’s story. While Vegas and Pete get closer, Vegas’s father confronts him and questions his behavior. After all, the main family has been trying to track down his son. Therefore, the upcoming episode will bring another problem in Vegas and Pete’s story showing how their relationship ends. 

Meanwhile, Porsche will try to find the truth after seeing his parents and Mr. Korn in one photo. Since Mr. Korn’s story doesn’t match the picture, Porsche will get to the bottom of this case. However, after finding the truth where his and Kinn’s relationship stands, only time can tell! Therefore, KinnPorsche The Series Episode 13 will show how Porsche confronts Mr. Korn to know the truth behind his parents’ death! 

KinnPorsche The Series Episode 13

Porsche, Kinn and Mr. Korn Cr: Be On Cloud

KinnPorsche Episode 13 Release Date

KinnPorsche Episode 13 will be released on 2 July 2022 at 11 pm ICT on iQIYI. After meeting his uncle, Porsche learns that his parents knew Mr. Korn while Mr. Korn had told some other story. So to know how Porsche uncovers the truth, watch every new episode of KinnPorsche The Series every Saturday. 

Watch KinnPorsche The Series Ep 13 With Eng Sub Online- Streaming Details

The Thai BL series KinnPorsche is airing on iQIYI at 11 pm ICT for domestic viewers. Meanwhile, in the other nations, Ep 13 will be out on the same day at 5 pm in the UK, 12 pm in the USA, and 9:30 pm in India. In Australia, the same episode will drop on 3 July 2022 at 2 am. Furthermore, to stream KinnPorsche The Series on iQIYI, you need to buy their subscription plan, which may vary according to different countries.

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