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Divorce Court Season 24 Episode 81 & 82: Release Date & How To Watch

Divorce Court Season 24 Episode 81 & 82
Judge Star Jones will be returning With A new Case!

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

A show that offers advice and rulings on divorce cases, the syndicated television program Divorce Court, has become one of the most-watched court-based shows, along with People’s Court, Judge Mathis, and Paternity Court. The series has had multiple reruns over the years and the version of Divorce Court as we know it now had been released way back in 1999. Notable Law alumni featured on the show include Lynn Toler, Mablean Ephriam, and many others.

The most recent change in the presiding judge was seen on August 22nd, 2022, when Judge Faith Jenkins decided to leave the show, possibly due to her pregnancy. She was replaced by the very talented and well-known motivational speaker, Judge Star Jones. Star Jones is a writer, businesswoman, and women’s equality enthusiast who refuses to bow in the face of complex situations. Being a Heart surgery survivor herself, Star Jones now aims to help couples deal with their broken relationship and offer advice. 

Ever since Star Jones began presiding on the series, the show has seen a rise in its viewers. Fans of the show describe it as an addictive series, that occasionally offers relatable relationship advice. The currently ongoing season, Season 24, started airing earlier this year in August 2022. With her values & opinions of Race, gender, equality, and politics, Judge Star Jones hopes to provide a safe space for all the couples going through a tough time.

Divorce Court: Are The Cases Real?

The setting of the show isn’t in an actual courtroom, but rather an arbitration-based studio. The previous seasons used a completely different method of presenting the cases, by hiring actors, who would play the part of the divorcing couple. When other courtroom shows started adapting arbitration, which involves legitimate enforcement, Divorce Court soon followed the same format.

Divorce Court Season 24 Episode 81 & 82

Divorce Court’s Studio

This meant that the show was not just a skit, but an actual case hearing where the opinions and rulings of the judge could be accepted by courts. The judge could also choose to delay the ruling, providing the couple some time to sort out their differences and get back together. If the couple wished to go forward with a divorce, Judge Star Jones could decide how the assets will be split.

Divorce Court Season 24: Recap Of Previous Episodes

The previous episodes of Divorce Court feature the case of Ashley Dix and Marcus Dix. Ashley felt that Marcus was using the excuse of working out late, but was secretly cheating on her. There was no love left in their relationship anymore, and any confrontation would just be brushed away.

Marcus Dix admits that he ended up being involved in infidelity, but that doesn’t mean he was not there for his family when they needed him. He hoped that Judge Star Jones would help Ashley understand that he wasn’t a complete cheater and did sacrifice his share when the situation called for it.

Divorce Court Season 24 Episode 81 & 82

The next episode talked about the case of Tashawna Hall and Malcolm Hall. This case was a bit serious, as Malcolm, the husband, had been living a whole different life while pretending to be a good husband to Tashawna. Though the cheating has been occurring for a long time, she only got to know about the situation after both of them were married. Although Tashawna wants to end the relationship completely, Malcolm hopes she would offer him redemption as he didn’t want to break off his marriage. 

Divorce Court Season 24 Episodes 81 & 82: Release Date

These episodes will be released on December 7th & 8th, 2022. New episodes of the arbitration-based series are aired Monday to Friday, with a single episode lasting for about half an hour or more. The 81st episode will feature a continuation of Tashawna and Malcolm’s dispute.

Episode 82, set to air the next day, would feature the case of Beth Collins and Jeffrey Collins. Jeffrey seems to not care at all about his wife and kids and was discovered at a strip club. Jeffrey claims all he needs is some help, but Beth is unwilling to support him till he finds a suitable source of income.

Divorce Court Season 24 Episode 80: How To Watch?

This show is aired on Fox Television and other syndicated channels at around 1:00 pm ET & 12:00 pm CT. The time varies with each state. On-demand episodes of Divorce Court can be streamed on YouTube TV or Fox’s Website. Viewers from America can also watch the series on Hulu or Tubi TV

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