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The Forbidden Flower Ending Explained: What Happens to He Ran?

The Forbidden Flower
Xiao Han and He Ran from The Forbidden Flower (Credit: We TV)

Curious to know how the Chinese Drama series, The Forbidden Flower ends? Then you have come to the right place. Released in 2023, The Forbidden Flower has won the hearts of all romance-genre lovers and Chinese drama fans worldwide.

The drama, filled with gorgeous leads, stunning cinematography, and an intriguing plot, keeps the viewers hooked until the end. So, what The Forbidden Flower is all about? The show encircles the life of He Ran, an 18-year-old girl full of spirit, who once visits a barber shop and meets a man with a soothing voice, Xiao Han. She immediately gets attracted to him because of his charismatic nature and soon decides to track him down to get to know him more.

Gradually, even Xiao Han starts liking her, and the dreamy tale of their love begins. However, He Ran suffers from a terminal disease, which may lead her to the deathbed, and that is why fans started suspecting that the end of their love story will not be happy. So,  what happens at the end of The Forbidden Flower? Is there a happy ending to the drama? Let us find out.

What Happens At The End Of The Forbidden Flower?

In the finale episode of The Forbidden Flower, He Ran and Xiao Han’s love story begins to move forward, and day by day, they start falling deep for each other. Every scene of the finale episode brings a rollercoaster of emotions as He Ran’s last days to come nearer, and Xiao Han tries to fulfill all of the wishes of He Ran that she dreamed of with him.

The Forbidden Flower Episode 24

He Ran and Xiao Han from The Forbidden Flower (Credit: We TV)

Xiao Han, who cannot resist meeting his beautiful girlfriend, waits for her near her house, while He Ran’s best friend tells her that her boyfriend is waiting outside. He Ran rushes to meet Xiao Han, tells him that she has not even brushed her teeth, and asks why he came to meet her early in the morning. Xiao Han tells He Ran that he has brought a gift for her, which he wanted to give her. He Ran gets shocked and happy at the same time while being grateful for having Xiao Han as her boyfriend.

Throughout the episode, Xiao Han plans multiple surprises for He Ran. He takes He Ran on a date on the beach where they discuss how they first met at a barber shop at, caught each other’s eyes, and how they have come a long way that they are finally together and spending the most amazing time of their lives.

After spending a romantic time the whole day on the beach, Xiao Han and He Ran arrive at the house at the same beach, where Xiao Han plans to do something big that He Ran is unaware of. Xiao Han quickly runs towards the house’s owner, brings the keys, and takes He Ran inside. While sitting on a bench at night, Xiao Han and He Ran look at the beautiful stars when Xia Han tells He Ran that they haven’t seen the most beautiful star yet, which is certainly He Ran.

Xiao Han puts a ring on He Ran’s hand and proposes to her. He Ran yes, and the preparation for their marriage began. The couple chooses a stunning location for their wedding ceremony. However, before going, He Ran meets Han Yu to let him know she is getting married.

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The Forbidden flower Episode 24 Recap

Han Yu hugs He Ran for the last time (Credit: We TV)

Han Yu feels heartbroken and tries persuading He Ran not to marry Xiao Han. He Ran to him why she loves Xiao Han, and happily, she is looking forward to spending her life with him. Han Yu asks for one last hug from He Ran and wishes her the best for her future.

Fulfilling the traditional wedding ceremony, He Ran and Xiao Han finally becomes husband and wife. However, things start getting harder for them as they realize that He Ran would die anytime now. He Ran for a promise from Xiao Han that he would not fall in love with another girl as he told her that she would remain in his heart forever. She also asks Xiao Han to cry after her death and to live his life to the fullest.

Is there a Happy Ending in The Forbidden Flower?

One year later, a manager from the art studio reached Xiao Han’s place to purchase the painting which belonged to He Ran for a long time. The painting was made by the prominent painter, Mr. Twinkle.

The manager lets Xiao Han know that Mr. Twinkle’s paintings are loved by many worldwide, and they get auctioned for a big amount. Limerence is one of his artworks that is admired by all his followers, and he wants to put it on auction.

He Ran and Xiao Han - The Forbidden Flower

He Ran and Xiao Han’s Wedding Ceremony (Credit: We TV)

Xiao Han asks for Mr. Twinkle’s Chinese name and soon gets to know that the painting is made by He Litao, which brings back He Ran’s memories in Xiao Han’s mind. Considering how precious the painting must have been for He Ran, Xiao Han rejects selling the painting to the manager of the art studio.

Looking at the blooming daisies in the painting, Xiao Han remembers the moments he spent with He Ran and goes to the place where he proposed to her. Watching the flowers blooming in joy, Xiao Han hears He Ran calling him, and the drama ends.

The end of The Forbidden Flower does not fully depict whether He Ran is dead, but Xiao Han’s constant sorrow at the end hints that she may have died. As fans already knew that The Forbidden Flower would not have a happy ending, the creators tried their best to keep the ending ambiguous to Let viewers decide the ending. 

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