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How Did Michael Gerson Die? The Idealistic Speechwriter Falls Victim To Cancer

Michael J. Gerson (Image Courtesy - Google Images)

Last Updated on November 25, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Cancer has claimed many great people in the world. The fatality of this disease is still a major concern for many. There are indeed great stories where people have won the battle against cancer. However, American President George W. Bush’s chief speechwriter and one of his closest friends/advisers, Michael J. Gerson, could not win against cancer.

He has been an integral part of George W. Bush’s political administration. He composed various signature addresses and flourished an influence on the domestic policies of the former American President.

One of the revolutionary addresses included the second inauguration of George W. Bush, asking for neo-conservative intervention and building nations around different countries in an attempt to spread democracy as a political instrument to third-world countries. However, the question that still arises is, how did Michael Gerson die?

Michael J. Gerson’s Wondrous Career in Politics

After his tenure in the White House(2000-2006), he became a Policy Fellow for One campaign and a neo-conservative operative columnist for the Washington Post. Along with that, he was a visiting fellow for the Center for Public Justice and a senior fellow in the Council on Foreign Relations. His opinions and speeches were anticipative of situations and developments to come in the future.

Michael Gerson and George W. Bush ( Image Courtesy – Google Images )

Karl Rove stated in a phone interview about Michael Gerson that people in Washington D.C. walk passed by him; where he would frantically scribble on a pad with a pencil without realizing that his words would change the history of the world.

Michael Gerson’s contribution to the presidential campaign of George W. Bush can be described in a simple yet powerful line that is still now celebrated in the country; in the 2000 denunciation, George W. Bush said, “the soft bigotry of low expectations” in the education policy, was a masterstroke from Michael Gerson. He focused mostly on domestic policies like education and faith-related initiatives for George W. Bush.

However, after the horrific terror attacks in September 2001, he became a confidant in Bush’s foreign policies regarding wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was instrumental in pushing democratic reforms in the Middle East along with medical and economic development in the continent of Africa.

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A Man of Ideas: Michael J. Gerson

Michael J. Gerson was among the earliest and vital critics of Donald J. Trump in the Republican Party. He would often use his column to create a united Trump haters group and excoriate the people who supported Trump’s ideology and methods. He was never completely inclined to either right-wing or left-wing ideologies. He had his own ideals and followed what he believed.

His wisdom can be seen in one of his interviews. For one instance, he said in an interview with The New York Times in 2005, “I [Michael Gerson] think the reality here is that scrubbing public discourse of religion or religious ideas would remove one of the main sources of social justice in our history”. After that, he went on stating that an appeal to justice is necessary that is rooted in faith. He believed that without the appeal, abolition, civil rights, pro-life movements would not materialize.

President George W. Bush with his Council

How did Michael Gerson Die?

The history-making speechwriter of George W. Bush, Michael Gerson, passed away at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington on 17th November 2022 at the age of 58. He was diagnosed with Kidney cancer in 2013. After a battle of 9 years, recently developed complications made it tough for the popular columnist of the Washington Post to survive.

After his death, George W. Bush paid tribute to him by stating, “….His brilliant mind was enhanced by his big heart. As a result, Mike harnessed the power of the pen to not just write about good policy but drive it”. The tweet below has the whole speech:

His craftsmanship and idealistic toughness have made revolutionary changes in the policies of the United States. The daring yet anticipative political moves towards the Middle East and Africa gained a much stronger for America in the world of politics.

His ideals greatly helped George W. Bush maintain a stronghold in the whole world. Even though his physical demise had come, his ideals and wisdom will be studied and followed by every country for years to come.

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