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Money Heist Korean Remake: What We Know So Far

Money Heist

The year 2021 is not only bringing new Kdramas but also a remake of some famous shows. Well, Money Heist is one of the most intriguing and exciting series that caught the attention of the audiences upon its airing. But, sadly, the show is coming to an end soon this year. However, there is also a saying that another door opens when one opens. Very soon, Money Heist is getting a Korean remake on Netflix. Thanks to the streaming platform that fans will get one of their favorite show once again.

Over the past years, there is a rapid increase in the consumption of the media from South Korea and especially the K-Drama series. Netflix has also put lots of effort into securing and premiering some of the latest and best dramas. They also have made the original Spanish crime-drama series as one of its original after the airing of one of its seasons on television. Now, their latest adaption and addition of the same series is bringing more worth to the library of Netflix. Moreover so, it is one of the favorite shows of everyone with lots of planning and plotting. Although there are not many details revealed on the Korean remake, let us go through what we know so far.

Money Heist

Money Heist: Korean Remake

Alex Pina is the original creator of the Money Heist. So far as we know, he would not be engaged in the production of the Korean remake. But, he is very excited about the series getting a Korean remake. He said that developers from Korea were involved for years in promoting their own audiovisual and language. He finds it fascinating that the creators of Korea found its attraction in the La casa de papel’s world for adaption. They have also become an example to thousands of worldwide viewers and managed to cross their cultural borders like in the series. Another fact that delighted him is the action that will get filmed in the Peninsula of Korea.

Netflix also said in a statement that Money Heist’s international popularity led to the remake. The same is also proof that remarkable works can get made in various languages and cultures. However, the Korean remake does not have a release date yet. According to many sources, the same is scheduled for release this year. Netflix also usually takes more than one year to premiere any series after its announcement.

Money Heist

Production & Cast

The screenwriter for the upcoming Korean remake of Money Heist is Ryu Yong-Jae, and the director will be Kim Hong-Sun. There will be a collaboration between two production companies for developing the series, Content Zium and BH Entertainment. It will be a Netflix original series whose Korean name is Jongiui Jib. Reportedly, the series will have only twelve episodes. There is no confirmation for all the cast of the series and casting is yet to take place. Revelation only took place about the production and development team for the series. The upcoming months may reveal the cast details. But, one can expect lots of faces in the series for different characters.


The Korean remake of money heist will involve the same amount of suspense and thriller as the original one from Spain. There will be a heist and crime with a criminal gang headed by a mastermind professor for guiding the team. The only thing different will be the places and faces of the cast. Money Heist drama is also narrated from the viewpoint of one character, Tokyo, who takes part in the heist. But, she almost blew the whole perfect planned heist due to her emotional feelings. The Professor also falls in love with the police officer in charge of the crime.

Until now, the whole original series has portrayed the two biggest heists that they have planned in two different banks. It is yet to be seen whether the Korean remake can portray the same amount of excitement or not. The title for the Korean remake will also be given at a later date. The original Money Heist is also soon coming to an end on Netflix after the airing of the fifth season. 

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