A Town Called Malice Episode 3: Release Date & Streaming Guide

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A Town Called Malice

A Town Called Malice Episode 3 release date is what fans are hoping to know more of after everything that we saw in A Town Called Malice Episode 2 on the 23rd of March 2023. The series throws light on a crime thriller drama show which originated in Britain. Nick Love has created the show for Sky Max. The show has only recently started airing on the channel but all the episodes are already made available on NOW.

As for the show, we see that the story is set in the 1980s. The light is thrown upon the Lord Family who quit crime a long time ago. Although, they are still feeling nostalgic about the power they had earlier. Then we see the youngest son of the family named Gene. He feels very disappointed in his family as he feels as if they do not give him enough credit for the killer instincts he has.

We see him with his fiance Cindy as he flies out of the country to a place named Costa del Sol in Spain to avoid trouble since he was involved in a gangland battle. Although, the couple here finds themselves skinny deep in the local crime industry. Also, things get even better and his family comes to Spain as well in order to reclaim their days of criminal glory.

Back in the most recent second episode of the show titled Daddy Cool, we saw that the shootout at Ernesto has not gone unnoticed and thus Detective Alfonso with his team is trying to investigate the same. The detective asks Gene and Cindy some questions and the two lie to him about their relationship with Tony. Actually, the two are trying to take over the hotel and overlook the development of the same.

A Town Called Malice Episode 3 Release Date
A still from A Town Called Malice

A Town Called Malice Episode 2 Recap – Daddy Cool

Gene finally breaks the ice and tells his family about Tony. Albert is especially sad after the whole tragedy and comes to meet him with Mint Ma, the mother of Gene. He also comes along with his brother Leonard as well as Carly, his sister-in-law. The couple in Spain is hoping to make the visit of Mint Ma and other family members brief and short. Although, the matriarch has something else in the plan. She is thinking of expanding the operations here in Spain as well.

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Later in the episode, we see that Luuk and Metin who used to be friends with Tony, decide to execute an armed robbery in order to balance the sides. It is this revealed that Ernesto is actually not dead but was just injured heavily. Given the fact that it could backfire upon Cindy and Gene, she goes to visit him to strike a deal. Although Ernesto starts attacking her instead and this forces Cindy to kill him.

As for Albert, he is thinking of selling all the assets that Tony once owned. Although, after talking with Gene, it is revealed that Tony was a huge liar, and this angers Albert a lot. After all this drama, the Lord family has decided to leave Spain but Luuk and Metin take them all, hostage. As they fight against the two, they also find out the whole plan that Gene and Cindy had in mind.

A Town Called Malice Episode 3 Release Date

A Town Called Malice Episode 3 release date is on the 30th of March 2023. It will drop out Sky Max at 9 PM British Summer Time. New episodes of the show are released every week on the channel on Thursdays.

How to Watch A Town Called Malice Episode 3

In order to watch A Town Called Malice Episode 3, all you have to do is tune into Sky Max wt the date and time that we have specified above. Also, the episodes can be streamed online through NOW. International fans will need a valid VPN for the same and be aware of the time schedule.

  • India – 1.30 AM Indian Standard Time (31 March)
  • Britain – 9 PM British Summer Time (30 March)
  • Australia – 7 AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (31 March)
  • USA – 4 PM Eastern Standard Time (30 March)
  • Canada – 4 PM Eastern Standard Time (30 March)

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