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Kingdom Chapter 666 Release Date, Leaks, Spoilers, Where to Read Manga Online?


Ri Shi, Ka Ryo Ten, and Kyoukai are still deciding whether Kyou Rei should be the Hi Shin Unit’s new member. While they are still talking in private, Kyoukai explains Kyou Rei’s purpose to them. She reveals about their tribe’s ritual and asks the two if they know about it. Ri shin and Ka Ryo Ten agrees and adds that each family sends their representative to fight in a free-for-all.

Whoever wins becomes the next Shyuu, and Kyoukai reveals how she killed the Shyuu, Yuuren. She explains that she hid her for the tribe not to find the truth to make another family ritual to replace her. But later, the rumors spread out after she died and Ri Shin ask if another ritual has been held. Kyoukai agrees and makes Ka Ryo Ten start wondering about Kyou Rei. Kyoukai started to reveal the truth about Kyou Rei. Take a look below.

Kingdom Chapter 666 Release Date and Recap

Kingdom Chapter 666 will be released on Sunday, 3 January 2021. This Manga releases a new chapter every Saturday or Sunday if it gets delayed. The last chapter of the Kingdom was delayed. It may happen to the next one. Let’s find out more about Kingdom below.



Previously on Kingdom Chapter 665

Kyoukai reveals that after the ritual, Rei was the winner, and she becomes the new Shyuu. Back then, it surprises everyone as she continues to kill her enemies single-handedly brutally. Her enemies used to surrender ended before her and beg for mercy. They noticed that a bloodthirsty lunatic is here. Zhao sent reinforcement in numbers during the battle, but still, they snatched a huge victory with Rei’s power.

They celebrated like never before since it was a long time for them without getting a victory, they kept on losing. The army keeps on doubting Rei since they can’t turn an eye on her unchecked violence. They were also worried that Rei and her allies don’t listen to orders; they just go for a kill. Some of them are happy that she is sweeping their enemies.

Kanto’s Decision

Kanto reveals to other soldiers that Rei is still a young girl, but she does more than a hundred of them alone. Kanto is worried that she is even killing the enemies who have surrendered and drop down their swords when they are in the battle. They ask Kento what his decision since they have another strong person as Kyoukai. Kento replies that it is better not to allow her to join them and tell her to leave. He thinks that it will make things even if they do that.

One of the fat soldiers tries to defend Rei that she is strong; she has done a lot for them. Kanto refuses to listen and state that letting her stay will destroy the Hi Shin Unit. He yells at them that Rei has to go no matter what. Meanwhile, a girl finds Rei struggling to use muffling techniques. Rei coughs and reveals that she has learned it from watching Kyoukaiand the girl reveals that she is Kou.

Kou said that she wanted to thank Rei for saving her on the first day, and Rei is surprised that she just came to say that. After being asked what else, Kou said that it would be nice if she joins them. They will enjoy sharing happiness and get to know the Hi Shin Unit. Rei asks if she is not afraid of her, and Kou said that she is, but they will be comrades from now on.

Weakling Kou

Rei pins Kou with the tree closing her mouth with her hand. She tells her not to look down on her since Kou is the weakling. Rei comments that Kou knows nothing and she is can kill her anytime. Rei continues saying that Kou doesn’t know what they are fighting for, and she doesn’t deserve to be alive. She unleashes her blade and starts to hurt Kou’s neck. She asks Kou if she can’t feel her sharp blade’s cold, and Kou can’t reply since her mouth is covered.

Kou started shedding tears, and her family came calling her asking where she is, and Rei lets go of her. She tells her that she has escaped death for today, and Kou bows in front of Rei. Later Rei killed her enemies and helped Hi Shi Unit break through the Kouta forest and rejoin the front lines. The Hi Shin Unit couldn’t accept her behavior since every day she does everything on her way. Day by day, Rei’s recklessness becomes more severe.

Rei’s Purpose

The news reached Ri Shin, and he decided that he will let Kyoukai decides and have the final say. Ri Shin tells the commander that Kyoukai must rest for three days, and he will give them an answer after that. Sugen said that she doesn’t care about who Rei is, and they can’t allow it to continue. Sugen met with Rei giving her a warning and telling her that she has violated the law of war 30 times.

She warns her that if she does that again, she will be arrested and punished.  Rei said that Sugen is just an infantry commander. Sugen tells her that if she has a problem, she can join the Calvary Unit. Rei said that she would be leaving with her sister. Rei gets angry and tells them all to shut up, or they are all dead. One of the soldiers reveals that he heard that she almost killed Kou three days ago.

The soldiers cornered her telling her to leave, or else they will slay her, and she warns them.  Rei tells them that she will forgive them when the battle was about to start if they kneel before her. Kyoukai interferes and stops Rei from drawing her sword out. Kyoukai reveals that it is her that Rei wants, and she must not raise her hands against the Hi Shin Unit. Kyou Rei reveals that she came here to kill Kyoukai. The soldiers are surprised that Kyoukai is aware.

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