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Hulu January 2021: All Shows & Movies Trailer & Plot

Hulu has now come up with a whole list of every television show and film they are about to drop off on their platform in January of 2021. The major highlights from the list provided by them include the Austin Powers trilogy as well as Blade Runner.

We also have Cloverfield and Shrek along with Star Trek Beyond. Also, releasing on Hulu in January is a wide variety of animated series such as the dubbed version of Boruto season 1 as well as One Puch Man season 1. As for the list, here we have it at your fingertips.

Releasing on the 1st of January 2021

Save Yourselves

Jack as well as Su are the couple in Brooklyn who, just like a variety of their friends, are entirely dependent on technology and thus, find it pretty hard to put their phones down. Although, later in the scenes we witness that they get constantly feared about the impact of this mindless scrolling on their connection with each other. Thus, they decide to head over to an isolated cabin located in the woods. They promise to detach themselves from the outside world for a week. Here, at this place, they find themselves protected against all the texts as well as the push notifications. Also, they become blissfully unaware of the time when aliens attack the earth. All this while, we witness a lot of strange events happening, and thus, this couple has to figure a way out back to their civilization. Or we must say, what is left of their civilization.

Like a Boss

This story throws the entire spotlight on two female friends. They both have very different ideas in life to start a beauty company along with each other. One of these ladies is totally practical while the other one wants to gain her fortune while living a pretty lavish lifestyle.

Releasing on the 13th of January 2021.

Everyone is Doing Great season 1

We have witnessed that Seth and Jeremy have enjoyed the success of Eternal. It is a hit American drama about vampires. The story is set five years after their show comes to an end and they lean on each other while awkwardly trying to pass through the problems in their lives as well as love in a late coming of age.

Releasing on the 15th of January 2021

The Ultimate Playlist of Noise: Premiere of the Hulu Original film

The screenplay of this film has been penned down by Mitchell Winkie. The story lays down all their focus on Marcus. He is a senior in high school who is obsessed with audio. Later in the scenes, we find out that he will have to go through brain surgery which will leave him deaf. Although, this guy tries to seize control of his fate by trying to record The Ultimate Playlist of Noise. This is a bucket list of all the sounds he completely adores in this world. Once he sets out to do this, he comes across Wendy who has a very charming nature. She is a struggling musician who is trying to flee to New York City for her chance at a life-changing opportunity. We witness that together, they both try to check off his list while paving their way across the country. Later, painful revelations force Marcus to stand in front of his reality as well as his future without any sound.

Endlings season 2, the premiere of the Hulu Original show

This show is set in the year 2041. This is when Julia and Johnny with Tabby as well as Finn are continuing to help Ling Ling can be considered as their extraterrestrial friend from all the fantastical endlings. They also get some help from their foster father, that is, Mr. Leopold as well as an animal activist, that is, Dr. Abiona Maina. All this while, the group gets closer to retrieving the remaining of the creatures who are actually the last of their kind. This is how they accomplish their mission. On the other hand, we witness that Ling accidentally shows Tabby a vision of all of their quest failing potentially. This is when the team learns that the power of Ling just does not allow the aliens to access not only their pasts but also their future.

Releasing on the 22nd of January 2021

Derek Delgaudio’s In and Of Itself – A Film Special Premier of this Hulu Original

This is a new sort of lyrical poem that tells the story of a man fighting in order to witness the illusion of his own identity. Although, later he finds out that identity itself is a sort of illusion. This is an intimate and powerful exploration of what it all means to be and see. In this film, we all can witness the major attempts of Derek Delgaudio to find an answer to one simple deceptively simple question. It is, ‘Who am I?’ All of his journey through life has started to expand to a collective experience. These events force us all to confront all the boundaries that our identity has set for us.

The Sister Season 1, Premiere of the Hulu Original show

The entire series is based on major questions. It asks us about how far can a person go in order to keep a secret from spreading. It all happens one rainy evening when Nathan is surprised by an unwelcoming face from his past. Obviously, this guy has never been able to forget the worst night of his existence. It happened to be a party that ultimately lead to the sudden and highly surprising death of a young lady. Although only Nathan, as well as Bob, are aware of what has actually happened. Bob can be considered as an eccentric old acquaintance. All this while, the pair have decided to keep all the mystery just the way it is. Well, after years when Bob appears on the doorsteps of Nathan with a piece of horrific news, this all threatens to tear the whole world of Nathan apart. This is because Nathan has developed his own set of secrets now. These are some of the secrets that can sort of destroy everything that he has always desperately fought to create for himself as well as his family. The show is made up of four parts. The screenplay of it has been penned down by Neil Cross. The plot has received its major inspiration from the novel by Burial which is also written by the talented Neil Cross.4

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