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5 Best Fortnite Skins Of 2020

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Fortnite was one of the few things that had a great 2020. The game saw a surge of players, amazing events, and some epic collaborations with other games. The new seasons that rolled out came with some of the goofiest and the most fun inducing features and upgrades. The best part of the upgrades and this year for Fortnite was the added skins. Numerous amounts of skins were added to the game frequently. Not just any skins, some of the world’s most favorite characters, some of them you wouldn’t ever expect to see in this game. From the looks of it, Fortnite seems to be the only game that has brought this many other characters and stories from other franchises. From Marvel to John Wick to even characters from company exclusive games like God Of War and Master Chief.

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Yes, the loud-mouthed mercenary was one of the first Marvel characters to make his debut into the massively popular Battle Royale game. He came as a part of the season 2 update.

Deadpool came around when millions were still playing the game; it still is. His entrance shocked everyone as, at the time, Deadpool was also a character with a cult following.

With his entrance into the game, fans from both franchises collided to experience the character; Epic Games benefitted from this. This shows how much thought goes into their collaborations and skins; a single skin got them a massive surge of players in 2 days. Every single Deadpool fan downloaded the game to try out their favorite superhero in action.


The character is so well made; the suit, colors, and everything is highly detailed and picture-perfect to how the character is supposed to look. People fell in love with this skin, making it one of the best the game has seen to this day.

To get this skin into your arsenal, the player had to complete various weekly challenges, hard ones too. So a lot of players did actually go on never to acquire him.


A free Marvel skin, so a free DC skin is also very much needed. The players wanted, and Fortnite delivered; Aquaman was here as part of Fortnite Chapter: Season 3.

The whole season was based around water, fishing, boats, swimming, water fighting, etc. So who better to act as the mascot for the season than the king of the seas, Aquaman.

This character, like the Deadpool one, had various weekly challenges associated with it. It also came with 2 different types, where you could have the hero wearing normal clothes or the gold shiny armor, which everyone would choose.


The character is so well designed, just like every other character Fortnite releases. The character is not based around the comic version, but the Jason Momoa version from the 2018 movie.

Like what happened with Deadpool, the game saw a surge of players just because of this character. Aquaman was living up its hype when the skin got releases, with movies coming out, Justice League, and so on. People had already fallen in love with Jason Momoa as the hero and now a Fortnite skin based around him, everyone went crazy.


The iconic character has also made it’s way to Fortnite. Wolverine is undoubtedly one of the best and the most popular skins available on Fortnite to this day.

He came during Season 3 as part of the Battle Pass. Ever since his arrival was confirmed, the audience couldn’t hold their excitement, who can! He is one of the most iconic comic book heroes. With such an amazing skin coming, Epic Games had to make sure that they got it right.

Without a doubt, the developers got everything right to the dot. The skin was so well made, the clours just popped, and the anger on his face was visible from the screen. Fortnite also made sure to keep 2 of his skins, one from the comics and one from the movies as well. This decision made everyone so happy, from the statistics people have been using the comic book one more than the movie one.


This wasn’t the only thing; his claws were also part of the deal. Of course, how can you expect to have Wolverine and not have his claws! That’s like having Batman and changing his color to pink.

His claws could be picked up mid-game as an item. They can be found randomly around the map, just like how you get the other items; it can also be equipped by defeating the other character. The claws work as an excellent melee device in a short-range. The animation that goes with it is just splendid.


When you think of Fortnite, Ninja is a name that comes rushing into your head. Sometimes it really does feel like Ninja is the face of Fortnite; he actually is.

The streamer has singlehandedly broken numerous records with the game. Ninja became an icon through twitch shortly after the game’s release; he went on to be a hugely vital part of Fortnite. The streamer was everywhere, from TV Shows to interviews, to concerts to even being sponsored by Red Bull. He is also a huge reason for a part of the game’s audience.

The millions of players Ninja pulls in towards the game through his stream, and other methods are sometimes more than what some other games even have. So it was obvious that the guy had to get his own skin, he was literally the face of the game, and he is also one of the game’s best players.


The Ninja skin dropped; he went onto comment on how happy he was and how he couldn’t believe how similar it looked. The character repped his iconic blue har, blue clothes, the black pants, the yellow bandana, and logo. This skin was also the first-ever nonfictional skin to be added to the game, pointing to future releases of such personality skins.


This is the skin that took every single person by surprise this year. No one expected this from each of the companies. Kratos, The God Of War, made his way onto the game.

This was the skin that was also met with the most controversy. This was only because the God Of War franchise fans didn’t like their iconic character being roped into a funny game. Kratos is known for his anger, his rage, the fact that he is never smiling, his scary attitude in general.

Kratos is one of the most OP characters in the game; he is also the most loved. He has wiped every single God from the Greek pantheon with his hands, even Zeus! So to have this beast of a man in Fortnite dancing around and shooting people with weird guns, the fans didn’t like it one bit.


For the first time in history, Kratos, an exclusive character for Sony, has made his way onto other devices. No one thought such a day would ever come.

The skin itself is perfect; it comes with a variety of different variations and well-detailed rendition. Kratos looks much slimmer and slightly cartoonish, but all in all, it’s an excellent rendition.

But of course, Kratos being the biggest exclusive character that Sony has, there has to be some benefit for the PS players, or else they themselves would go into Spartan Rage and annihilate everything. People who play on the PS5 with his character gets a different style unlocked, Kratos with golden armor.

With 2200 V-Bucks, the players can get the skin with a ton of other goodies. They are a new special glider, a Mimir back bling, the iconic Leviathan Axe. The axe has it’s own features and comes with an emote of its own. The emote is called the Freezing Burst emote; it’s an amazing animation that has to be seen to admire.

The Mimir back bling is also noteworthy as it’s an enjoyable and detailed addition. People who have played the God Of War on PS4 will only understand the skin completely and how incredibly detailed it is. Controversy aside, it’s perfect skin, and players who play both the games are over the moon.

These are just 5 of the amazing skins that are available on the game. This year alone, we saw a huge amount of skins get added to the game, ranging from The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda to even Master chief. These were our favorite ones, which are yours?

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